Viki is an Alternate UUniversal AI from Planet Noel. She is a 'dumb' AI who used to be an entertainer database for Floridia in his times before being a part of Project: Testlancer for the Freetrader Capital of Creed. Since he volunteered to protect Alfa from evils like the manipulative double agent Yesman Chaeron and the out-of-control rogue former Testlancer Agent Metaea, Floridia brought Viki, his only other companion, with him. Since the Warface Gulch was founded by Floridia, Viki has become the perfect way to keep his Reddle and Blume groups on false hopes by being obnoxiously annoying and unhelpful, only sharing this with Floridia, and continues to lead the Reddles and Blumes that will one day become The Dumdums on wild goose chases to protect Creed from the dangers outside his home. She is the AUU version of Red vs. Blue Vic, only more original including gender reversal.


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