Villain Leage Symbol

The Villain League is a wide-spreading organization of all of Pooh, Simba, and SpongeBob's enemies, united under a common goal: total domination of the UUniverses. Since Dr. Facilier returned after his defeat in The Princess and The Frog, he recruited a few villains, and after corrupting Cobra and Cynder, they grew in numbers, and have become the most wide-known villain team ever. Despite there being other large villain teams across the UUniverses such as The Horde of Darkness and The Scourge among other crossovers, the Villain League is the team that gave birth to all of them as minor excuses to do work beyond their normal scope.

Villain League Villains

The Villain League with Mirage

The Villain Leage with Dark Cynder and Lord Cobra's former form

The Villain League

Darkspawn Villains

But behind the scenes, an even greater threat lurks from behind even the Leader's back. That threat is that of the Darkspawn Brotherhood, an ancient following of deceased villains whose very souls have been mutated by the fiery pits of hell into demonic demons which has existed for billions of years. Since Chernabog's rise into darkness and The First Cartoonian War, their goal has been exactly the same: Total domination of the UUniverses. But an extra goal of theirs is to get free from their hellish prison of the Banished Realms. The Villain League serves them and is currently searching for a way to free them.

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