Villains Act Symbol

Villains Act Symbol

The Villains Act is an infamous villain empire from the Alternate UUniverses that are responsible for a 14-year period of villain warfare and destruction as there was hundreds of villains and less heroes. Heroes won 25% of the time, and villains won 75% of the time. But aside from that, it's mostly one-sided, and the villains are the side that ALWAYS wins. Though it will later be known that their main intention is to fight against the unfairness of the majority, meaning that it's a faction meant to liberate worlds from an over-pwered majority in faver of the minority, hence why their creed is commenly "To help the minority against the majority", which in term kinda gives them a sympathic edge over their ironic name (which was the point of it in meant to be ironic to those that disagree with them), their methods to do so and who they include will easily mar it to the point that their name, which is meant to be ironic on how the "prosicuted minority" are viewed as villains, ends up looking like an intentional name sake with no attempt to hide who they are and who they may as well be reguardless, helped little that less then enlighten members even embrace their dark nature and further encourage the marring of their ironic well meaning goal. In their commen sake for the persuit of power and self-entitlement in against the goverments and likewise forces that never supplied it to them, whether justifyable or legit act of unfairness, many wars caused millions of lives to be lost, as well as the capturing of many countries and planets. Villain buildup that started the Villains Act took only 10 years, shorter than the time it took in the Original UUniverses. The Heroes Act, meant to search for heroes in the Alternate UUniverses and make them join forces, was meant to counteract this threat, but it was a very slow process. But when the Shell Lodge Squad arrived, they managed to take down the Villains Act, and destroy almost every villain in it. However, many villains survived, and are either planning revenge or are locked up on the prison planet of Oranos.


The History of the Villains Act, the origins in general, is something that is often of huge debate and rumors and there's no current precise origin. There are only theories on how it came to be. The history is so unknown and unclear, many people just assume that it just, appeared literally from nowhere like magic. There's also so many founders that there's no direct one proven most responsible. Some say Darkness Qui is the main founder. Others claim it was a powerful un-banished demon from long ago. Conspiracy theorists say it's all the fault of the AUU Grand Council and that the Act is made up by them to shown they can do everything when they can't and their attempt ended up going out of control. Officially, there's no DIRECT history or official confirmation of the Villains Act, and many just accepted that it's just something that just happened without a reason and it would be fruitless to figure it out. So few would attempt to make a clear, cohesive, explainable origin of the VA. Among them, is Dr. Jenalubla, a criminologist and criminal scientist. His research however, is deemed controversial and thus, is unfunded, and he has little progress made since he can't go to Oranos to interview the VA members, and attempts to review the ones uncaught are either fruitless or dangerous. However, when certain events in the Chronicles series come, like a reveal of a "Dark Founder", he would soon enough be able to make a confirmable history.

VA History Currently Known

The best that everyone can guess is what the rest of the currently unknown founders want them to think is that a rogue Zewinsaur named Darkness Qui has founded it because of a tragedy in her life. Qui (claimed) was born to a priestess mother and a royal guard father, both under the service of the grand Zewinsaur Elders. She was only a yearling during a devastating feud between rival Zewinsaur tribes, her tribe and the one of the Southern West. The violence lead to her father's death, and her mother kidnapped to become a sex-slave. Her father's last words were "If you ever get the chance to gain the power to punish all of your enemies and avenge our family it!...". She ended up being raised by the Zewinsaur monks after the tribe feud was brought to a powerful end, but her mother was long lost. She was trained in the Zewinsaur ways of peace and tolerance, something the Grand Elders always had established between all tribes, and what was used to end the war. The ability to manipulate a multitude of elements, was only so satisfying for so long for Qui thar she wanted revenge on the tribe who took her mother, and her father's life. Secretly, she began to turn to forbidden arts of dark magic, and after learning enough, proceeded to rescue her mother... Sadly, she found out she was long too late, and her mother died of being mated with too much, and was long buried in South Tribe grounds as a way to apologize for causing a feud. Qui, in a fit of heart-broken rage, decimated the entire Southern West tribe, and barely left any survivors capable to be a threat. She had the decency to spare the elderly and younglings, mainly because her carrel was with the Chieftains responsible for making a war, and the tribe's warriors and any of their young and capable families. She threatened to ensure no survivors remain if the next generation dared to threaten her tribe again, with this, the traumatized children bowed to her demands, especially the Chieftain's young prince. However, Qui's victory was bittersweet. As punishment for her actions, The Grand Elders cursed her into a sleep. She was stuck in this sleep until the secret founders of the Villains Act revived her, and asked her to become the new leader. She had accepted, and eventually, the rest is history. Trouble is, later events would expose this to be a made up fraud by the VA to cover up her true origins, shattering what was known, and making it a mystery again.

Unknown VA History

This is the true history and origin of the Villains Act that not even the highest ranking VA member realized had happened and think they were the ones to make it happen. And if everyone ever discovered this truth, it would make them question everything they had ever known, causing major, major controversy, and massive debates would erupt.

It actually started because of a corrupted machine-like god called an Amoral, the creator of the AUU known as The Grand Fate Master. Back then the AUU did somewhat behave like the Original UUniverses, only it barely had heroes or villains. Because the demons here were easily defeated unlike the Original UUniverses, under the control of The Grand Designer, there wasn't many corrupted mortals everyone was aware of. There was conflicts and some self-corrupt villains, but they were defeated quickly. Technology was at it's most advanced, and aside from at least a few wars, it wasn't anything that would cause villain teams like in the Original UUniverses. That was when the Grand Fate Master started to become bored of this. He decided things would be much more interesting if the villains had won a lot more than what little heroes exist. But he knew that like in his cousin's UUniverses, heroes are easily born and made from a villain's chaos, and wanted to make sure something much different applies here. And he gets it in the form of a surviving un-banished Polyzoon god named Faethos, the Invervitraxian spirit of victory and the defeat of battle. The Amoral indirectly made Faethos discover the other UUniverses by accident, and inspired him to make the Villains Act to see various battles in the Alternate UUniverses. However, the Fate Master knew Faethos, by no means, had any truly malevolent intentions, he merely sought to add excitement. The Fate Master ensured prior that Faethos' magic was too corrupt that it only made villains, and Faethos didn't realize it before it was too late that he has put many lives in danger since he founded it, and discovered too late that his powers were too dark due to his inheritance of a race being traditionally evil (Which favored the Grand Fate Master greatly) that it's mostly villains that popped up more, and disasters followed. Because of this, Faethos became afraid of the controversy that followed, and looking at a great punishment, so he had to be a mysterious monstrous master of evil that supposedly died or was nothing but a myth, and to ensure the other founders did not even know of him so only they would take the fall, leaving him to spend eternity to live in shame, fearing this would never be resolved or that it wouldn't be stopped until too many lives are lost, leaving full control for The Grand Fate Master, who he became far too favorable to strictly the villains of the UUniverses he created. He even gave himself an organic physical form instead of the traditional Amoral form so he can enjoy his work unfold, as another supposedly "Unknown Founder", even if it meant letting the weakling Faethos and those unworthy fools take credit for his true importance. He had ensured any hero would either die or would be too insignificant against the overly-powered Villains Act. In a way, he's the "True Dark Founder", and technically responsible for the misfortunes of everyone, even Quidilian, who he didn't have a lot of involvement or direct control on, it was mostly the doing of his unaware "Founders". His paradise for villainy was perfect, and would last until a very, unexpected event concerning some VERY uninvited guests.

Historic Timeline



  • Origin of Xerxes XX's Genocidal Reign (1997-2011)- When the Villains Act began to form, one of their first actions was manipulating a salamander-like creature named Xerxes XX from Planet Carbungia into joining them. They rigged a simple prank into causing destruction to a Hydrocabiais city. The Hydrocabiais were so angry that they went to Xerxes' kingdom the next day, and charged them $100,000 worth of property damage. The Villains Act had stolen their debt money, leaving them unable to be paid. While the two rulers begged forgiveness, the Hydrocabiais did at first, but they then foreclosed part of their kingdom, and executed the two rulers for protesting. Their actions had left Xerxes XX angry that the 'adorable creatures' he trusted so deeply had done something like this, and after taking over the throne with help from the Villains Act, he had taken back the foreclosed sector by force, and sent the Hydrocabiais there into concentration camps. After abducting Qui from her home UUniverses and turning her into Darkness Qui who would later be used to powerhouseised the VA, Xerxes had declared a genocide of all Hydrocabiais, and hundreds of Hydrocabiais were either killed or worked to death in concentration camps. He declared that any Hydrocabiais must be arrested on sight. But when he attacked the same Hydrocabiais city that opposed him and took away his parents, he ends up killing the parents of a Hydrocabiais named Xandy, who attacked him and drove him off. She had swore to protect her species at all costs ever since. She was the toughest Hydrocabiais to catch, and her growing strength and paraphernalia ensured that. She freed Hydrocabiais from concentration camps, and she even saved other lives from Xerxes. This went on for the entire Villains Act. But when some mysterious heroes eavesdropped onto the planet, they had helped stopped Xerxes, and he was killed by the mystical diamond he used to achieve his goal for abusing it's power.
  • The Birth of the Villains Act (1997)- After the successful corruption of Xerxes, The Villains Act started spontaneously and no one knows how it came to be. But when it did, it's origin started on Peerbon. While the Villains Act started out as a small army that was being built up for 10 years and took over certain parts of Peerbon, the news started spreading all over the AUU, making certain villains all over surprised. The growing empire started gaining money through taxes, and they needed someone to be the prime commander. Since they found that their best choice was the Zewinsaurs, and that none of them would join, they soon had Xerxes to go to a world that was discovered with the use of the Interdimensional Portal. As a result, they captured Qui during Gaul's invasion of the Dragon Realms, gave her plastic surgery, and wiped her memories, manipulating her into becoming the prime commander of the Villains Act.
  • The Conquest of Peerbon (1997)- With Darkness Qui as their prime leader, the early Villains Act empire grew in size, and after crushing the Human Protection Agency, and even overwhelming the Legion of Dominant Races' Federation forces, they were able to completely conquer Peerbon, enslaving it's people and building over a hundred fortresses, factories, and converted all cities into villain territory. They even built hundreds of spaceports for invasion forces, and installed radar-jamming devices, shield generators, and started getting ideas of creating alternate forms of armies. They even had some help getting rid of the one species that was more than capable of taking them down: humans. A human named Grand Duke Kafar-Ja was able to trick them into fleeing into the Tranquility Zone where they would establish their own new world, leaving the Legion devastated and confused. With them out of the way, the Federations gave themselves power over certain parts of the AUU, and created the AUU Grand Council to serve as their public means of communicating with their good people. Thus, after an infamous event involving Perdoon's most beautiful neighter as a means to show the universe that they're more then just another upriser group, war propaganda was made all over the AUU that the Villains Act, which had already begun taking control of several other worlds since the infamous "Tragity of Jenovis", found itself as a worthy challenge.
  • The Warobot Project (1997-1998)- On the last month of Peerdon's conquest, the idea of making alternate armies had just got some sources. The Villains Act Council was just formed, and a certain member named Bloggle the Ancient had just gotten the idea of choosing robots as the first army source. Aside from his scientists' first idea being a series of robots called the Warlord Series, which was too expensive to produce, an entirely different and cheaper low-budget series was created. Thus they made the 'Warobots'. The Warobot Project was the very first successful idea of an army that the Villains Act saw them to have grand potential. They were only known to have one unit, a basic model that can turn from an unassuming form into a combative form called a 'Manbra'. They were good while it lasted in some conquest of near-by planets and colonies. However, due to their lack of strategy and adaptability, after their final service in the Conquest of Nimboo, a newer series took over.
  • The Annexing of the The AUU Currency Troupe (1997-2011)- Apawn the Humans recent evacuation, the currency troupe was left in leaderless chaos after Chairman Nogg Agaches were among the ones who had to evacuate. Thus, in thanks to Secret Founder A, A.K.A. former member Chairmen Aggics, he reveiled all the secrets of the Troupe that allowed an easy control of the troupe. However, the smart accountent members made sure some of the richer assets of the troupe were frozen and thus kept the VA from really being well funded, even though there were assets that didn't get frozen in time, at least they prevented the VA from automaticly bankrupting the AUU, at least for the time being, again, cause of Aggics who unapologenicly gave the VA the ability to unfreeze the assets over-time since the annexing, slowly but surely making the annexing a worthy investment, although sometimes the VA had to be intentionally slow on unfreezing those assets, espeically during times of rising rebelions and the Tex Era. By the time of 2010, though some more impourent assets were still frozen, a vast majority of the AUU's fundings came under VA control. Thankfully, before Aggics can see more assets unfrozen, the VA was disbaned by 2011, forcing Aggics to play it safe and go while the going was good, where two years after the Troupe was recovered by the Grand Council that would begin a massive recovery.
  • The Tragity of Jenovis- (1997)- The VA recently succeeded in the complete conquest of Peerdon, and at the time they were taken seriously enough, but were viewed and treated no differently then any other rising fanactic group due to the fact that conguring a world in the way they did, wasn't really anything new. Wanting the universes to have proper respect to them as more then just another gang of uprisers, while at the same time get them to have more reshorces then what Peerdon would give, knowing it'll be used up sooner or later and wanted to be conservitive about it. The claiming of Ergo wasn't enough as it was a wild planet and that it's tecnecally legal to claim wild planets. And even when slaves were immagrated to make it a sentient being/creature owned planet, it didn't really changed anything as again, it was nothing already done by upriser groups before them. Then, came the discovery of Peerdon's neighters in Jenovis. It was both an extrememly beautiful planet that never provoked anyone and that it was heavy in the reshorce department. So, the planet was perfect to make an exsample of their firece power AND to score extra reshorces while they're at it. Thus, began the Tragity of Jenovis, an invadtion so trumatic and extreme, the details of the event are actively censored by the media even to this day. But what is explained, is that the VA showed no mercy for the peaceful reptile planet and turned their home to an industrialised far-cry to the beautiful tropical planet it was, and even today it is still being repaired of it's damages, while the natives that didn't get killed off and turned slaves for as long as the va would last since then were made to become refugees and leave for new homes in other worlds, still broken and sadden by the loss of their former home. Keep in mind that this was Pre-General Tex days and the VA were at the time very unbashed by being extreme. So yeah, the Universes took them ALOT more seriously all right, to the point that alot of systematic goverments would automaticly declare war at the first sight of a VA ship. So in getting what they wanted in being taken seriously, the VA were in a position that they will have to adapt to times where they will be more challnaged then ever before, and adapted, they did.
  • The Gampus Usurp (1997)- In a relitively over-looked Post-Jenovis event, the VA also tookover the Gampus, a desolate desert planet with a similar climate to Mars, that has no life and a small amount of water. This was originally going to be a human colony where the humans would make some acquaintance with the Kubas, and also protect them from danger. However, they were unable to do so due to the Villains Act, in having caused them to evacuate, this planet remained unterraformed. Instead, the Villains Act took over the terraformation attempt and tried to take over the planet themselves and enslave the technologically-limited Kubas until they were stopped by the Federations. Ever since, it was decided to leave this planet alone until the humans returned to finish the job.
  • The Echepo Attempt (1997)- In the following aftermath of the VA having proven their capability for damage, the VA desided to conjure up a mock invadtion attempt just in case the AUU ended up forgetting about Jenovis and ambitiously targeted Echepo. A jungle planet with very tall trees and massive treetop villages. This is a world that was given to the Uonans by the Naroudans, and was previously a colonizing choice for the Naroudans. This world has satisfied the Uonans for decades, and has only been attacked by the Villains Act once for the Uonans to be made slaves out of until they were protected by the Naroudans. The Mock invadtion intentionally used an incompident under-trained newly promoted commander and only a small but still imposing armada of Warobots as a means to test out the AUU's capability to take it seriously, and apawn the surviving cowerdly rookie commander's return with how the the forces of Echepo were very decisive on protecting the planet, that was more then enough proof that the universes took them seriously.
  • Birth of the Nerushock (1997)- It all started with the annexing of Sheyeter, a mountainous plateau planet filled with massive grasslands, a massive biosphere, a purple sky, and Teadr 2 cities with bronze metals and virtual rooms, holographic display and propaganda, a 65% abundance of plants, and flying vehicles. This planet is known to be the sight of several Interuniversal War battles, and it was briefly taken over by the Villains Act, before the Post-Nimboo Takeover Rebelions forced them to leave the planet due to it's defences relying on fledgling Warobots yet to have been replaced with Starbots at the time. This is also the birthplace of illegal neuroshock treatment, which the Villains Act had been known to use to corrupt people onto their side, and even with the planet liberated, the VA already copied the blueprints to keep a stedy supply.
  • The Capture of Sue Wai (1997)- When the VA was barely beginning, there were two scholars that studied the cause of darkness, A dateer named Sue Wai, and A lumimole named Dr. Glowrod. Sue was considered a beloved, and celebrated healer while Glowrod was A bit crazy and hyperactive. He was also a science partner of Sue Wai. Sue had always studied the throies and the effects of a special non-fatal parasite known as Moramecium, AKA the Moral Worm, while Glowrod, having apparently originated from what was supposed to be a garbage dump planet called Pharagu, nicknamed 'Stomach World', had weird theories concerning how gases can affect one's mentality. He was considered a bit of a joke by his fellow colleagues, even having rivals who made fun of him for being born from immigrants of Pharagu. Glowrod was insulted by them as a mutant and a foul-smelling freak. Glowrod argued that Pharagu was once the most beautiful planet in existence, before an irresponsible governor in the USRA solved a growing trash problem by dumping it all on Pharagu because of it's local acid pools. It offended the many USRA races, and he was also assaulted in public because of it. Glowrod's only source of happiness was Sue since the two became close friends. He had faced oppression due to his squeaky voice and his silly behavior, and Sue was always there to pick him up when he was down, and without her sympathies, he just couldn't grow up from a world that was a victim of a governor's incompetence. Glowrod finally decided to show everyone his theories were correct. He worked hard to combine many of the physically-manipulating gases to create a psychedelic gas made from the many gases he was exposed to on Pharagu such as helium and laughing gas that was capable of doing what his theory stated. He presented his gas to everyone in the university, and started the device. However, because of literally leaving a screw loose, it backfired and exploded, not only blowing off his arm, but exposing him to his own gas, causing him to become even more insane. He ran mad into the street never to be seen again. But while people expected him to die of blood loss, he was actually abducted by the Villains Act, which replaced his lost arm with a yellow cybernetic holo-arm. Sue was distraught by the apparent death of her assistant since she was attempting to save him from madness with her studies of the Moral Worms. However, her research earned a negative opinion from the VA, where Qui had ordered Glowrod and Mind Warper to contain her and make her research as obscured as possible for the good of the Villains Act. Thanks to the still-in-their-prime Warobots, it was a success, and as an award for his success, Mind Warper had the pleasure to use his talents to change Sue Wai mentally into becoming a fanatic for power instead of their commonly-used form of corruption, an illegal neurological shock treatment. To this day, Sue Wai's corruption was considered a tragic loss to her colleagues and the people who valued her teachings.
  • The Betrayal of the Skeeterazoids (1997-2010)- Queen Jerrinna, the then queen of the Skeeterazoid race, was growing sick and ill. It was made worse that the Hymenovespulas and the Skeeterazoids began growing hateful to each other after competing for territories throughout our worlds. The Skeeterazoids wanted all the territory they needed because they needed more population and defenses before the queen should die. Thanks to desperation, they would come to make the most terrorable mistake. A mistake that they had failed to realise, it would only end up being more disbenifital to them then they hoped. When the Grand Council failed to help, they instead got help from The Villains Act that was recently founded, which was assumed to be done by Darkness Qui, and a few of her associates. The Skeeterazoids had declared war, and since their natural venom had no effect on Hymenovespulas, they used biological warfare. The war that the Hymens fought with the Skeeterazoids was cold and bitter, and lasted over a decade. But in the end, only one Skeeterazoid hive remained: the Main Hive. Once it is destroyed, the Empire would fall, and the Skeeterazoids would be gone forever. But a sympathic soul managed to convince the Hymenovespula military and the hymen queen to spare their lives. So, instead of killing them, they detonated a gas bomb in the hive with a gas that neutralized the Skeeterazoids' venom forever, and let them live powerless and venomless, and only implied they went extinct to prevent panic that a now overtly controverseal race still lived.
  • Revenant War (1997-2009)- The Yellow Revenant was one of the first military forces that served for the Villains Act. They were originally part of the empire that formed the Villains Act until one of the generals, an insectoid soldier who served during the Interuniversal War long ago, General Hextrus, decided to form his own military faction, provided that they remain loyal to the Villains Act. They were, and they still couldn't get the money to make it possible since the VA wasn't in control of the Currency Troupe yet. So a Roozsian cybernetics professor named Dr. Ogel Gribanov came offering the exact technology to make it happen, but he would only allow it if they used it to help destroy the family of his former ally, Gorbin Argon, who was part of the Oaxan Space Marines. They implanted a fusion bomb in his apartment, and they shot down Gorbin, but not after he was able to save his child, who was hidden before the bomb exploded. The son, named Ace, decided to serve during the Revenant War when he grew up. The Yellow Revenant, after Ogel was convinced that Ace was dead, let the Revenant keep his technology, and was made the head of their science and technology. He gave them the best fusion technology and weaponry money could buy, and in 2003, when the Robogängers were made, Ogel provided them with his own version called the CCOs (Cybernetic-Clone Organisms), which were Terminator-like soldiers who had the minds of robots and the instincts of a major soldier. The Yellow Revenant moved on to conquer 7 parts of Oaxa, and fought long and hard against all the Space Marines that stood up to them. Hextrus was attempting to turn the planet into a Communist society after he failed to do the same thing to his home planet during the Interuniversal War. The war had been around since the beginning of the Villains Act. But, thanks to Ace, who had been serving since 1999 for getting payback on the Revenants, had been able to discover Hextrus' hideout, and while the marines took out the CCOs, he was able to defeat Hextrus, and get him sent to Oranos. Since then, the CCOs, which were the last of the Robogänger-type army forces, were destroyed forever, and after Qui decreed that alternative army forces should be put on hold, no other kind similar to them was ever created. Ace was later named a Major General who continued to serve in the marines for a full year.
  • Souvis Conflict (1997-2011)- The Souvis Conflict was one of the earliest Pre-Nimboo Invadtion Wars and amongst the VA's oldest wars, and some of the few that managed to last throughout the VA's lifespan because the VA were consistently dedicated to this planet due to it's great deal of reshorces, both in terms of naterol ones, like oil and fuelable spice, artifical like it's great deal of wealth and refineries, and that of people in potaintional to use for slave labor. It started just when it so happened that the Souvis government refused to distribute resources to the Grand Council during a negosiation meeting to fund the fights against the VA a few days prior because of being against violence and war, even to legitimately-unreasonable groups of fanatics and warlords and were damning the Grand Council for not trying to be much more diplomatic, fueling the conspiracy lies of the Anti-Grand Council Rebels that the Grand Council had control over the Villains Act and used them to establish power and dominance, when really it was just inconveniently bad luck. Even then, the Souvisians merely blamed the bad luck on failure of diplomacy than the VA just being that evil, arguing that the VA would've otherwise just been something the AUU could've co-existed with if people weren't so 'butt-hurt' about worlds being conquered. While the Souvisians admitted that they are not very fond of the VA's crimes, they are merely explaining that the AUU itself needs to learn to be more compassionate and understanding to why some individuals did what they did, and maybe the universe could be a much better place if problems weren't always answered with violence. Because of the war, the planet has a hundred military colonies that often worked for the Souvisian Rebellion, which doesn't actually consist of actual Souvisians, as they often had to deal with the VA attacking the Teadr 3 cities. The war had killed over 20,000 people and some cities had to be abandoned due to critical attacks. When the Villains Act has ended, so had the war, and the planet is still on repair even to this day, with cities being repaired, abandoned cities recolonized, and several donations being funded for the safety of the families that live here. It was viewed as the most controversial and violent fight that not only made the Villains Act look bad, more than it already has, but also, surprisingly to the Grand Council, in no thanks to rumor mongering and just general bad timing, along with the Souvisians still not exactly appresiating the Grand Council's failure of setting peaceful exsamples and instead use force to slove problems.
  • The Battle for Ekfrillon (1997-2011)- Another Long-Standing Pre-Nimboo that wasn't intended to be that way. It was once meant to be a quick and easy invadtion. Up until after Nimboo, Ekfrillon was about to be completely submited, but spontantious rebelions inspired by the Nimboo rebelion ended up prolonging what was meant to be a short take-over. The battle ended up going back and forth on who claimed what and who takes it back. It ended up lasting throughout the VA's existence until it's disbansion, with the prime commander of the invadtion desiding to make a final stand with the now overwealming rebelion forces made stronger. The Commander had fallen that day, as the moon began it's slow but sure recovery from an extended fight.


  • The Goyrus Prime Attempt (1998)- The VA desired another shot at the Uouans, this time a serious one with a serious veteran commander and a large Warobot armada, sent after the less Naurodan enfluenced Goyrus Prime. A jungle planet noted for it's high abundance of tall trees and it's purple sky as the result of it's small abundance of iodine. This is a Uonan planet where the villages are all found in the tops of trees, and all the inhabitants ride massive flying creatures. This world was only attacked once by the Villains Act to send the Uonans into slavery for the massive amounts of precious jewels on the planet's surface, yet it was only a primitive attack which the Uonans were more than capable of handling on their own. Dispite the commander's best efferts, the otherwise outnumbered Uouans were able to outlast the Warobot onslaught thanks to the fact that the bot's glaring weaknesses are being better understood. The commander resigned in shame after he lost what was suppose to be an easy battle, while the VA were starting to get curious about the Warobots' capabilities.
  • The Xingobah Takeover (1998-2011)- Another pre-Nimboo attempt was Xingobah. An icy planet full of crystal forests and tall glaciers. This was a USRA planet for it's rich source of valuable diamond-hard crystals, called 'cryonite', and have established mines there. But when the Villains Act took it over, they established crystal factories, and made slave laborers mine the cryonite in exchange for food while robots with plasma whips guard them. The factories, after years of global warming, have melted part of the ice caps, and caused part of the planet to be engulfed in the now-warm waters. But when the Villains Act was stopped, the factories were destroyed, the slaves were freed, and the cryonite they gathered were sold to banks throughout the AUU.
  • The Brabonus "PeaceKeeper" Invadtions (1998-2011)- Another early Pre-Nimboo War and equilly one of the oldest of them, younger only to the Souvis Conflict. Brabonus was a tundrous planet which has been terrorized by the Villains Act a year since it began. The Rabodans have been trying their hardest to hide a superweapon called the Peacekeeper which was used once during the Human-Rabodan War on that very planet. For the entire Villains Act, the invasions were unable to obtain the weapon. The Rabodans were just too formidable and skilled for them to succeed. The first Brabonus invadtion became the one that got the VA to realise that the Warobots were losing their touch and would lead to the process of considering a replacement. The battles ended when the VA was disbanned.
  • The Many Veujhu Attempts (1998-2011)- Another pre-Nimbo Invadtion was the first attempt to take over the planet of Veujhu, A Chinese taiga planet which has been a world of enchantment since the AUU First Cartoonian War. This world has been ruled by a council of fighters called the Zodiac Masters, consisting of members of the AUU Zyaūar Zodiac animals. All these masters dominate their own province in a territory of ranged cultures, economics, and power. This world has had it's own history of darkness during several dark times in the AUU, fighting off people that are corrupt for power of any kind, and so many members of the Villains Act have failed to conquer this world. The last attempt happened around a month before the time of the VA's disbansion.
  • The Nimboo Takeover (1998-2011)- When Nimboo was conquered by the Villains Act, what followed almost-predictably was The Nimboo Rebellion. This rebellion, despite having the appropriate power to make a successful invasion, they were more focused on liberating their planet, given that they're not big fans of invasion. They spent most of their time trying to take back their planet, and invasions are only done when necessary. Despite their best efforts, they are constantly beaten thanks to the Starbots getting more and more advanced. Until the eventual fall of the Villains Act, Nimboo has been at war with the Villains Act forces for a while. The Villains Act had never found this base, and the villains that are lucky enough to figure it out are executed before they can tell anyone. Both forces kept stepping up their game, and with money pouring in for both of them, this kept on building, especially since the Villains Act took control of most of the money in the AUU Currency Troupe, leaving most worlds bankrupt, but they were at least generous enough to leave money to sustain the people to prevent anymore rebellions from forming, but sometimes a few villains were too greedy and power-hungry and would end up inadvertently inspire more rebellions. Villains like that were routinely disciplined, or are even left to suffer the blunt of the rebellion if it was bad enough.
  • The Birth of Corruption Co. (1998)- On the same month the Nimboo Rebellion began, Globex Industries was on a tightrope. Thanks to the Infernus Rule that was formed after the Exo-Wars, a greedy CEO named Backer Stabbington was given a serious plague for making money a priority first, and the feelings of people second, because he knew that way of thinking caused the Exo-Wars and threatened his job. Backer desided he had enough of Globex's 'stupidity' and 'soft-hearted policies', takes a small part of Globex's many branches, converts it into the rogue Corruption Co., and as a final insult, joined with the Villains Act and supplied them with factories and a means to improve on their many creations. They have since provided some of the VA's technology such as machines, other army forces, and all kinds of weaponry. It was conisdered the irony of the Infernus Rule, but it did nothing to affect it other than making Globex act more carefully on how they deal with potentially-corrupt CEOs.
  • Yortex Enslavement (1998-2011)- In a post-Nimboo event, the VA came to quickly capture Yortex. A stormy ocean planet made to have provided many robotic technologies for the Villains Act after it enslaved the planet, but it went back to normal when it was destroyed. For the time being before this, Yortex was a greatest shorce of a steady supply of Starbots, of which they were gonna need in hindsight.
  • The Cetimus Conflict (1998-2011)- A pre-age of rebelion conflict in Cetimus that would gave the VA the first red flag that the AUU was getting fed up with the VA's shit. Cetimus was a semi-lava temperate planet which has a red colorful sky as the result of it's small concentration of neon. This is a metropolitan colony for the Cunones which was one of the first colonies to suffer attacks from the Villains Act. Yet even the cities' inhabitants had the courage to fight back. Whenever the Villains Act attacked, the citizens always found ways to drive back the villains, making this one of the most infamous embarrassments to the Villains Act. Though some have died fighting, the citizens had a great sense of self-sacrifice just like most Cunones do. This was once considered a good spot for the Cunone Rebellion to build bases on, but because the citizens already had it covered, this was halted.
  • Post-Nimboo Age of Rebelion (1998-2011) Ever since the rise of the Nimboo Rebelion, it gave rise to more rebelions being automaticly declared. Some rebellions were more prodominat then others. These Prodominat rebelions included the Cunone Rebelion and the Atont Rebelion which were the more prodominant factors, espeically in the terratorys that concern the Cunones and the Atonts. Unlike the VA's usual goverment based foes, they weren't held back by politics and fear of risk taking and rarely subsided to threats. While the VA was for the most part capable to take down smaller rebel factions or momentarly make the more prodominant retreat, they usually always spring back up for more. Among the VA's other commen concerns, the rebelions are risky for VA stability, espeically when these rebelions contribute to the risk of breeding heroes, which basicly mothered the Heroes Act Obstruction Battles on the same year and the Hero Crisis the following year as a subsiquience.
  • The Eoqolt Conflict (1998-2011 *for the VA*)- Corruption Co. wasted no time to cause some trouble. Among the many worlds that saw the rogue defect former Globex branch rise and cause trouble is Eoqolt. An ecumenopolis planet which is known for it's global white city that nearly matches Teadr 1 technology, being created by an extinct Teadr 2 race and was later inhabited by other-worldly beings. The global city is known for housing an AI grid that controls virtually every kind of machine and network, controlling defense systems and is protected by a native Neo Core which comes from those inspired by the Neo Core of Gontroy. This world is large, has colorful scenery, inviting areas and parks, and is a USRA planet that has housed many Globex facilities. However, the lower underground levels are controlled by Corruption Co. since the Villains Act, and they have been trying to gain access to the AI grid and enslave the planet. However, the Eoqoltian Neo Core is powerful enough to stand up to them. This conflict still exists today as Corruption Co. is still alive and serving the Dark Radicals.
  • The Takeover of Soratle (1998-2011-*Beyond the VA's Time*)- Corruption Co. was scaringly quick to move in on a world in a great deal of trouble. It was ever so true with Soratle, of the Rocan-Racon systems. In thanks to a greedy coniving grutt, Soratle became a dystopian temperate planet filled with scientific activity. It is known for being a colony for Corruption Co. which was formerly for Globex, which was planning to rebuild it after the events of the Interuniversal War, but then when the Villains Act came, Corruption Co took over thanks to a traitorous worker of the Globex facilities here, and thus Corruption Co. turned into a megacorporation that controls most of this world, privatizing it's police forces, turning the world into a corpratocracy, and to make sure the people don't rebel as much as they currently are, do what they can to be orderly. They have helped create a vast variety of superweapons meant to serve for the Villains Act, and test them in gambling battle arenas, which are mostly held by dozens of Grutt crime lords who offered money opportunities to the staff of Corruption Co.. Since the traitorous CEO of this world was assassinated, Corruption Co on this world was put in charge of an AI named Corprene, which was a much more successful leader, and still runs the company to this very day for the Dark Radicals. Rebellions still exist to quell the chaos and evil that Corruption Co. wreaked on them, but some are rendered part of the company's wicked experiments. The Grutts have owned this world since before Corruption Co. took over, but thankfully the two factions have signed a peace treaty to avoid deadly conflict, and thus they donate money to Corruption Co. to provide for not just themselves, but for their business.
  • Conflict in Jusper (1998-2011-*Beyond the VA's time*)- A temperate planet that has a humid sky and active weather, as it rains as often as possible, but not all the time. The sky is purple as the result of it's small concentration of nitrogen, the wildlife is plentiful and very active, the flora is massive and colorful, and the rock formations are famous for their beauty. This is a USRA planet where Globex facilities were established to research military robotics and cybernetics. This world is also colonized by Corruption Co. to take advantage of all the advanced robotics that are created here. They even had a brief fight with each other during the Villains Act for this technology, which Corruption Co. almost won. But this rivalry continues even without the Villains Act since Corruption Co. has new masters in the form of the Dark Radicals.
  • Equaria's Vanishment- (1998)-  Sometime before the VA was even a concept, one of their semi-early members, Count Mooku, once had it good with the Lonies of Equaria, because of illegal introductions of technology by Mooku, this planet has been turned from a Teadr 5 society into a Teadr 3 society. But things soon turned bad when Mooku announced plans to take the Lonies to Teadr 1. He delivered an inspirational speech until the Dynasty Cruiser arrived and brought Headmaster Warson and the Human Protection Agency to arrest Mooku for illegally introducing technology to a primitive race, and threatened to send him to prison as punishment, accusing him as a disgrace to his family name. The event not only horrified the Lonies, but Caelestis was disgusted by their insults on Mooku. She ordered the Decurion Guard to protect Mooku, but it ended up in injuries on both sides, though there were no deaths. The attacks and injuries angered Mooku to the point where he drew out his thermal sword to try and murder Warson for hurting the people he held dear, only to be met with a human officer blasting his arm off to stop him. Now even more furious, Caelestis chased Warson and the humans off the planet and back into the Dynasty. This resulted in the Grand Council fearing that returning to Equaria would cause another Interuniversal War. While Mooku's arm was taken and replaced by a cybernetic, he was still capable of fighting with his thermal sword since he was ambidextrous. However, he became a broken person since his long-running goal would no longer come true now that he was a criminal. Mooku ended up wanting revenge on the AUU Grand Council, and even the humans, for taking away his dreams and for their violent actions on the Lonies. Though he was personally proud when he heard about a new group called the Villains Act that was capable of dissolving the HPA and driving the humans away. But Caelestis was skeptical because the name was a clear reminder that they couldn't be trusted, certain events at the time not exactly easeing her into accepting this. But Mooku ended up disobeying her and appeared to the VA in the hopes that they would help him seek vengeance on the Grand Council. While he wasn't a founder, which would've made him more powerful than any other villain, he became a high-ranking member and adviser to Darkness Qui. Mooku told the Villains Act everything about what the Grand Council had done to the Lonies and how they took his arm, and this interested Qui since she believed that their technology and magic will be very useful. Mooku gained his own space cruiser called the Sundered Heart, as well as some new robot friends. But while he tried to introduce Equaria, Caelestis realized immediately that Mooku disobeyed her, and ordered that the planet be surrounded by a magic force field that would make it invisible. When Mooku arrived first before the VA and saw the 'disappearance' of the planet, just before the following VA arrived, Mooku ended up looking like a liar and a delusional fool. It didn't affect his title, but a lot of the VA members end up thinking him as a nut as a result, only getting support from his robots and barely Qui because of her being a bit more mature. Upon the VA's departure, Caelestis called Mooku down and scolded him for disobeying her. Mooku was seen as a traitor as a result, and he was shunned by any Lony he came across. He was banished from Equaria forever. Now abandoned by the one race he cared for all these years, Mooku became determined to prove to them that the Villains Act was the key to their salvation by trying to prove that they were real. And he feels that the only way to do that was to steal the Sun-Gems of Peace and introduce them to the Villains Act, thus starting the chain of events that would finally allow him to exact his revenge. Since the fall, he has been on his own for the purpose of pursuing the quest for Equaria's most powerful and crucial weapons, his only companions are three personalized VA drones named Drone 432, A3-Six0-P, and Companion 5627182987.
  • Crimson War (1998-2011)- Wars caused by the Villains Act usually don't last very long. The Crimson War of Osdrone, however, was amongst the longest-running VA wars to date. Argueable worthy follow ups were the likes of The Yellow Renavent War and that of the Nimboo Rebelion battles, but ultamately second only to the Souvis Conflict. The Crimson Syndicate was formed when a primate supersoldier named General Varxin Tarvox betrayed his own military forces and became the leader and waged a new fascist war against the Osdronian military with his new Stinger robots. Tarvox was able to dominate 5 parts of Osdrone, and declare the Crimson War. Already having destroyed 7 military fortresses, he was also able to forcefully create his own supersoldier commanders from the many soldiers who stood up against him the most. They have all been given the same augmentation procedure he was given, but he also gave them illegal neurological shocks that made them evil. While he had a formidable army that allowed him to take over most of Osdrone, he had one person who had been serving in the Osdrone military for a long time he had to take care of: Vindicator. Tarvox has been after him since the beginning, and he still couldn't capture him. Vindicator was the strongest supersoldier in the Osdronian military, and he has tried to defeat Tarvox and save Osdrone. Then Vindicator was able to lead the remaining Osdronian forces to invade the prime base, and rescue his kidnapped commanding officer, but Vindicator was finally captured. Tarvox reveals that he didn't exactly want to kill him all this time, though admited to try an attempt to do so once in awhile back when he previously thought Vindicater wasn't a true threat, but because he was too good a foe, he decided what better way to defeat a powerful enemy than by turning him to your side? So he tried to put Vindicator in a neurological shock to corrupt him until his comrades came and saved him, leading Tarvox to fight Vindicator. The two fought for 5 minutes, but it eventually ended when Vindicator executed him by shooting him down. Since them, his army was disbanded, his supersoldier victims were de-corrupted, and the Syndicate was destroyed. Coincidentally, he was defeated on the day before the Villains Act was destroyed.
  • Heroes Act Obstruction Battles (1998-2011)- While the Nimboo Rebellion was still waging it's war, the AUU Grand Council had already formed the Heroes Act, which was a countermeasure that some people speculated could take years to complete, especially years longer than the buildup of the Villains Act's forces. And, to a terrible dismay, they were pretty much right. Very few prime heroes were available to join, and the AUU Grand Council has started plans to build a base of operations for the Heroes Act called the Hero Hive. Unfortunately, VA spies informed Qui, and therefore, the buildup of the Heroes Act was kept very tight. Every attempt to build the Hero Hive was thwarted by VA forces, and they even kept certain hero possibilities from ever occurring. Even so, few heroes still originated, and so far, through the remainder of the Villains Act's reign, only 2 heroes have joined. Very few hero groups were made as well, and even the ones who are go undercover and remain unknown for their own safety.
  • The Revenge Attack for Ganali (1998)- One of their recent members at the time, Master Ganali, was seeing himself being overwealmed by the planet's rebelion. The VA sent an invadtion force to help quell it. Dispite being a planet that doesn't believe in fighting to slove it's problems and how it's more of a "word's first" planet, it proved to be an unexpectedly durable force to fight as the people quickly adapted to the Starbots and exploited their weaknesses quickly. The invadtion was turned into a rescue mission as surviving Starbots moblise to help evacuate Ganali instead as both they and native bots take heavy losses from a very determined resistence. This made the VA abit more cautious of Ibrjuna as the VA desided to wait until they were seriously strong enough to ever try the planet again.
  • The Failed Sioephus Takeovers (1998-2006)- Sioephus has been a planet which was a target for the Villains Act 3 times. Especially since there was a rebellion that formed there. The rebellion had formed in 1998 when the Villains Act sent Master Ganali there so he could start his own technocratic empire in a Sioephusian city called Boquois City where streets were patrolled by robots, everything was coated with metal, and cyborgs, robots, and technological companies ruled over all others. A certain rodent named Byron Buster came to investigate, but after being chased by Ganali's robots, he was found by the early rebellion, which started out as a freedom-fighting syndicate which intended to take down Ganali. They stop minor plots of his, and tried their best to prevent him from finding the blueprints for a human war machine that he could use to conquer other cities. But he was still able to obtain it, and build the machine. Even so, the freedom-fighters were able to destroy the war machine, and send Ganali to Oranos, which he was able to escape from thanks to unsuccessful guards. Byron and his new friends are made part of the Sioephus Rebellion, and they protect the planet from several Villains Act schemes. 4 years later, the Villains Act discovers another villain that might be capable of doing better than Ganali. An insectoid named Doombug has given him his own insectoid army which he has to take care of if he wants them to serve him. So he not only does that, but teaches them how to use high-level technology. He uses this army to conquer the Sioephus city of Asparanna, and he discovers the blueprints to Ganali's old war machine, and uses it to build his own version called the Macrostinger. While he is doing that, he constantly has to deal with Byron and his friends. They cut off resources that Doombug uses to satisfy his armies, they destroy blueprints for small war robots, and they even outwit and destroy some of his best war machines. With the Macrostinger completed, Byron's group is able to stop mass-production of the machine, and when they catch him and turn him in, his armies refuse to help since they have no more rations. The rebellion reforms these insectoids, and order is restored again. 3 years later, Byron's friends have been doing well in protecting Sioephus after their 2 victories against evil. But they soon get into more trouble when a dam is destroyed causing a flood that consumes their homes in water. Byron is able to save the ones who can't swim, and they find out that a land-creature-hating fish named Aqua Regia is behind it all. They find out through their attempts to foil her other dam attacks that she intends to flood the entire planet for polluting her home. In an attempt to stop her properly, Byron's group learns how to swim, but Byron's love interest, Taila, is unable to get the hang of it. But she eventually had to do it since they had to defend a maximized dam that could've flooded the entire region. They discover that Aqua Regia's hideout is behind the max dam, and they put on some aquatic gear and intend to stop her. They find that Aqua Regia intends to use a tractor beam to bring the moon closer to Sioephus, and cause tidal waves to flood the entire planet. After nearly drowning in a fight, the heroes are able to stop her, and send her to Oranos. Byron and Taila are able to confess their love for each other afterward, and Sioephus hasn't been attacked ever since. In fact, Qui decided that Sioephus is not worth their time anymore with Byron always being around. So they quit attacking the place. It's been debated by conspirity throests that the VA would've returned to Siophus when they congoured enough worlds and become powerful enough or at the least gained a villain that Byron couldn't defeat. Luckly, even if these throies would be true, the VA would meet it's unexpected fate years later.


  • The Reign of Briwen's Suffering (1999-2011)- Briwen, a temperate planet which has nutrient-rich soil, and thus is an agriworld, most of the wildlife is introduced from other worlds, has large mountains, active weather, wet forests, and several rundown towns. It is a world of poor farmers that had been plagued by pirates for decades. One day, a Villains Act member used an entire army to cleaned out the pirates in a five-month-long operation, hoping to earn the people's trust for a split second until they reveal their true nature of using the planet's nitrogen-rich soil to create plant-based superweapons. The truth was discovered too late as augmented Plaentoan Soldiers began to wreak havoc, and turn the planet into a dystopia that would be owned by this sole dictator. But when the Villains Act fell and the dictator got arrested, he was quickly replaced by Corruption Co., which was hired by the Dark Radicals to preserve any trace of Villains Act power left. They may not have as much power as the dictator did as the dictatorship was wiped out, but Corrupion Co. formed an underground society that stole all the bioweapon formulas the dictator's scientists created. These formulas are stored within highly-protected underground vaults guarded by armored Plaentoans. The planet's police force is still seeking to take this down to this very day.
  • The Viceus Broadcasting and Govermental Rights Movement (1999)- The Obstruction Battles were only just beginning and the VA desired to make sure heroes don't get notice beyond having to just kill them all the time because sometimes heroes are not as easily dispose of as a practice dummy. Then came the oppertunity when Mooku reveiled Viceus, a lawless ecumenopolis planet. It is a world that was founded by an old warlord, and it was made a world where crime was the best policy. At first, they struggled to gain rights to their own private broadcasting and government due to the morality of people, but because of the Villains Act, they gained their rights, and thus the planet became a world beyond anarchy. So far, only people with a strict Vice Cable can access this world's evil broadcasting, and they were mainly given to villains including those from the Villains Act. Cause of this, the VA would be able to enjoy an early warning of a rising hero, even some powers of censorship and misdirection later down the road, which helped in the Hero Crisis. Though even when the Villans Act was destroyed, this world is still doing it's best to stay alive and keep away from the stresses of the law.
  • The Failed Gex Trade Agreement (1999)- The VA were infamous of always having wild ambitions for some prospects. One of them, was their admiration for the Gex Oppressor Core, though more focused on the useage of Gex in Xirya System. Qui herself felt that because the Oppressor Core shared the same enemies in Gex Warrior Core, the Oppressors are lead by a not very well liked Overlord named Ren Ae Poex, those under their rule were not exactly treated well, and like the VA they started out from an uprising faction turned would-be coungerors. Qui and several negosiators came to the system to discuss the planned "Gex Trade Agreement", or "GTA", with the Oppressor Core, and get their leader to agree that in return of a shared battle against the Warrior Core, that the VA can be able to obtain the Oppressor Core's secrets. Qui was overtly confident that this was a slam dunk. But her dreams for Gex useage was shattered when the Overlord, bluntly refused! Poex reveiled that he is not doing what he was doing just for the hell of it. He reveiled his more tragic past behind his actions and the cruel things are more for dark poetic justice then anything of true malice, because the Gex Warriors had a rather dickish leader that prevented the reunion of his love and lead him down this path to begin with. Qui and the negosiators were UTTERLY bewildered how surprisingly unlike what they expected, even more so on how much more honorable he is then he appeared to be and how he openly admited disgust torwords their standerds, that with no questions ask, dispite Qui's attempts to calm him down to at least get him to consider a limited trade, only for him to order his soldiers on them, who chased the VA away, proving that the name "Oppressor Core" is more ironic then fact. It was a harsh lesson for the VA that just because something looked evil, doesn mean it is evil. It didn't nessersarly ended their interest in Gex, as Qui figured that the best way to win over Poex, a Galaxun, was to become stronger then them and prove that the VA are more then just fanactics, or at least get Poex to realise that they CAN be able to harm his enemies and that a trade was worth it. However, Poex was netouriously firm, as it was said that he would've only been won-over if the VA at least already congured HALF of the AUU by now without Gex, a throey that would remain a mystery come after the VA's ineditable fate in 2011.
  • Conflict with Laqullag the Dominator (1999-2009)- Another harsh lesson for the VA that not every villain is going to be their friend was with the netourious Laqullag the Dominator of Koycury System. The VA were more confident that Laqullag was more clear cut when Poex and didn't had secretly honorable tendingcies. Nuke and some aides were the ones to negosiate with him. They came to him and said they wanted to do business with him, but he declined. Laqullag proved that he desired the system strictly for himself and himself alone, stating that he has no desires to play nice with the VA and/or any other would-be upstart in his terratory. Nuke gave a final warning that "The VA can play that game as well", implying that the VA intent on proving his decidtion to be a mistake. Thus, the VA entered a three-way conflict between Laqullag's criminal empire and a freedom front that was against the both of them. The battles proved difficult and went through different commander shifts, the longest was General Tex who was the closest to a worthy oppendent for both sides of the conflict. Alas, apawn Tex's capture, the VA were forced to cancel a next attack on Laqullag as both the Grutt and the VA council desided that they were better off making a peace agreement that if Laqullag stays out of VA business, they'll let him keep Koykury and at least offer a VA blockade for the system to cut it off from enemies, of which Laqullag accepted, though the Grutt was disappointed, though not surprised, that the VA would be disbaned before that would happen, letting Laqullag to go back to relying on himself.
  • The Corbos War Weapon Sabotage (1999)- Of all the races in the AUU that have waged a few wars, none have had a war that has lasted longer than any other than the wars of the Bulliarns, a race of 4-horned aggressive cattle-like beings who's Teadr 2 technology has proved that they are not the kind of race anyone should trust. The Villains Act wouldn't even dare to make them join the Villains Act because they knew that when they declared war on a race, that race got their butts kicked and horned badly to endangered spieces levels. So they tried to distance themselves from those brutes as much as possible. But things seemed to get rather interesting for them when they discovered that during the beginning of the Villains Act, that the king of the Bulliarns, King Corbos, was running for leader of the AUU Grand Council, but Headmaster Warson was chosen instead because Corbos' reputation was too imfamous for his own benifit. But because of their vow to keep out of the Bulliarns' business to avoid their destruction, they kept out of it. But then, late the very year, Corbos anomamously came to them, though few High Rankers secretly knew it was him cause the "disguised sranger" was HUGE! Like, Skyrim Giant big! He reported that the Grand Council was intending to build a superweapon that could destroy the Villains Act..... Or at least, their ability to commit invadions. With them actually confused as to why Corbos, the master of war, would help a team that preferred to stay away from him, would help them. But regardless, Qui demanded the superweapon destroyed, only to realize that it was all part of Corbos' revenge sceme. Corbos gave the Council a loan that gave them the money to build that superweapon, and intentionally SAVATOSHED the thing he gave money on to get back at what the Warson family did to him, and while the villains were impressed, they were disgusted that he would've told them that in the first place instead of just using them as an act of revenge against the Warson family, even when they admit they themselves don't even like Warson. Qui was angered and asked Corbos to leave and never come back. Corbos did so, not really caring great loads what a bunch of villains thought of him, and he used his setup to bribe the Grand Council into doing what he said under threat of war. Corbos made slaves out of other people, and the Villains Act was disgusted by his actions, and considered him a worst villain than Yarge, who would come a few years later. But with their developed hatred for Corbos, they still kept their vow to stay away from the Bulliarns no matter what, and eventual general Tex would further encourage this to make the VA practice avoidence to villains like Corbos. Even the stupid villains knew what they were capable of, and luckily, no villain in the Villains Act has ever attacked their home planet.
  • The Fepper Attacks (1999-2000)- A pre-Hero Crisis event when where the VA went after the planet Fepper, a semi-temperate lava planet which has a red sky due to it's high concentration of boron and bromine. This is a planet which the Serons have established several megalopolis cities, as well as mining colonies and science facilities which produce weapons, armor, and equipment, as well as several munitions factories. The citizens of this planet are permitted to handle a small firearm since the Villains Act began to attack it a lot for it's experiments. However, when the Hero Crisis began, the VA desided that by the last attack in the start of the new millendium after a hero stopped it dead in it's tracks, the VA canceled future attacks for until they resolved this hero problems decisively.
  • The Hero Crisis (1999-2011)- Aside from the hundreds of rebellions all over the AUU that are fighting agaist the Villains Act, there are other heroes besides the ones in the Heroes Act. Since 1999, the Villains Act has gotten reports that heroes have stopped certain schemes of theirs. Qui was shocked on every single one of these events. Since the first event, there have been over 47 hero victories all over the AUU. Qui knew from the first hero incident that at this rate, the Heroes Act would gain more heroes just as soon as word went out that there is a new hero available to join. Something had to be done to prevent it. Fortunately for them, they were able to discover a way. They were able to gain control of the public press and media in the first month of 2000, and they were able to automatically capable of blocking all breaking news concerning the heroes that have been coming. Thus, the AUU Grand Council was never informed of most heroes in the AUU. But that couldn't stop them from hiring Aurlena Fists and Zosimo the Smart, who were informed of to the AUU Grand Council by authority members. Aurlena was informed of by her homeworld's FBI, and Zosimo was informed of by his home planet's space marine forces. Unfortunately, the Villains Act was able to take care of that, too. Their media control allowed them to make lies that other heroes were nothing but TV show stars or are declared no true threat to the VA, which even if they had been discovered, the Grand Council would be discouraged that they're not powerful enough, and they did it by studying their behaviors and personalities. They had started watching over every hero that stops an operation, and have been at it for years until the fall of the Villains Act. With that, the various heroes the VA had tried so hard to hide from the Heroes Act was no longer labeled useless or fictional, and even so, it won't exactly make the Heroes Act bloom up like the Villains Act easily considering that too many heroes preferred to stay clear of the Heroes Act at the time because of the Villains Act's deadly determination to make sure the Heroes Act is about as dead as dust. Even then, finding heroes isn't made any easier with the Grand Council and Heroes Act routinely busy doing their duties first and worry about claims later.

The New Millendium

The Early 2000s.

  • The Duruta Ownership (2000-2011)- The Hero Crisis and the Rebelion issues continue on as the new millendium kicked in. And the VA already made the new year's resolution to be even tougher then they were before. And a good way to show that commitment was to come to be the new owners of Duruta. A desert planet which had since came to be known as a hot spot for the Villains Act for it's possession of illegal cryptovite, a destructive radioactive crystal formed inside the radioactive volcanic lava flows that sprout out in caves or even on the surface of the planet. It was discovered that the crystals could double an energy weapon's power to a greater level, but because it was too dangerous, it was illegalized. The Villains Act had a slave labor system here which they forced them to mine the cryptovite in exchange for food, but when they fell, the mines were locked down, and turned into a maximum security fortress to keep the substance from being used for evil.
  • The Jullux Colonisation- (2000-2011) Jullex was a world that was actually colonized by the Villains Act, as it was previously uninhabited due to the storms and predators. However, the Villains Act molded the planet into something useful as it is where they imprisoned many of their POWs for most of it's lifespan. The Villains Act enslaved Thabes to work for them in the spice and laserum mines, manufacturing weapons, building security, and providing for the planet itself, creating slums for themselves and the outlaw inhabitants. This is where the Villains Act created a fail safe on Ezzoy as an evacuation site in case the Villains Act should fall. Once it did, some of the staff and inhabitants fled to Ezzoy while Jullux would be a USRA planet for all the dominant beings in the AUU.
  • Wars in Jurus (2000-2007)- Jurus was a Haitian wetland planet where almost every terrain is covered in water. There are Teadr 3 cities that are Haitian-themed, standard and sometimes modern-day. This planet is known for it's wide array of thousand-year-old Voodoo spells that have been illegalized in 20% of it's countries. This planet has had only 3 wars in the past, and none of them have been as destructive as the wars in the Villains Act. However, they were also exspendsive to maintain and never had a consistent invadtion officer. The last war ended in 2007 after a powerful voodoo uprising proved too great, the VA desiding to conserve reshorces and deside to save taking on Jurus for another time till they can become stronger. This occured a month before Tex's arrest.
  • The Birth of Crime-world Coythlis (2000)- Coythlis was a quarter-ecumenopolis planet where there is a large quarter-global city on the north pole of the planet, while the rest of the planet is a lawless wasteland which, despite having beautiful and elegant land reefs and jungles, stunning rock formations, and so on, it is filled with a syndicate empire that was molded by the Villains Act thanks to the influence of a single powerful murderous crime lord named Boss Von Mestroy. The global city, called Northyce City, is the only place on the planet that is safe from the criminal empire, and it prospers well. As for the criminal empire, it still runs even with the Villains Act gone as Von Mostroy remains too indomitable even for the Heroes Act. His entire criminal empire is considered on par with all the anarchic criminal worlds like Ataxia, and had some activity in the New CrimeTech before Solo Morecraft took it down like his ancestry did before. It was an entire land for him to rule, and he remained unopposed. But he takes a dislike to Solo Morecraft because he dated and slept with his adopted Churrel daughter, and he forbidden him from coming back, even when his friends were starting to get comfortable in his land.
  • Raids in Symmolty (2000-2009)- VA raids used to be commen to the planet of Symmolty until the Twilight Hours of the VA. A semi-ecumenopolis planet which has large white cities filled with blue and cyan lighting, metro stations, holographic display and propaganda, large underground holographic catacombs, large AFT platforms, flying islands and mountains, junkyards, land reefs, crystal-clear waters, alien-like flora, introduced wildlife, large rock and lava formations, and a deep-blue sky due to it's small concentration of actinium. This is a colony of the Holozans where they discovered an old Yatoran facility which specialized in an unheard of technology that allows the user to bend reality through hard-light constructs. Claiming this technology, the Holozans have adapted to using it, and have since formed an oligarchic government ruled by the Symmetrans, a fresh new genetic/cybernetic breed which uses cybernetic arms that craft anything they please. This technology, dubbed SymCraft and manufactured by the SymCraft Corporation, is only reserved for people who are skilled, have an intelligent mind, and have even formed a police force that uses this technology called the Symmetry Core. However, the technology used has been constantly raided by the Villains Act in an attempt to steal the technology, but has been constintly thwarted by the Symmetry Core which also acts as a rebellion. The raids were forced to end due to the VA entering ficanelly difficult times to continue raids with no fruitful ventures, espeically after it's bad run-in with UIS.
  • The War in Aesther (2000-2011)- When the VA wanted to keep rebelions down to a mimimum, they rarely hold back punches. This was true in the situation in Aesther, a mountainous steppe planet which is another world with floating soil platforms as the result of magnetanium. The Serons who colonized this made it a world which they made a minor colony for the Seron Rebellion to battle against the Villains Act. This world sadly suffered great casualties to the Villains Act, yet they persevered to hide the secret of the location of the Seron Rebellion, and when the VA was over, this world became a colony for the Seron Praetorium. The VA was actselly close to finding the base, but come the disbansion, the millaterry leaders were made to cut their losses after being so close to try and secure their own hides.
  • The Eleseus System Conflicts (2000-2003)- The VA had sniffed up rumors of left behind Ehswan tec in the Eleseus System, and as to be expected of them, they sent fleets to seek them out, often lead by either Mooku, other early VA generals, some members of the VA Council, or sometimes Qui if serious enough. However, they were surprised to be met with determined and serious resistence from the natives exclusive to the system, Teadr 2 trans-beings called the Cyphruns, which were actually genetically-created by the Ehswans to be their successors in the case they should be destroyed. In being in the mid-early VA days, even dispite some of the best offered stragities at the time, the Cyhruns and their rebelions proved greatly persistent to the point that any successful gaining of Ehswan tec is laughably rare, and even then it ends up not even being good enough for serious use other then recycling. By 2003, the conflicts were proven too difficult to maintain, as Nuke declaired that it's for the best to leave Eleseus alone until the VA becomes stronger and wiser, leaving the system alone. Though the Cyphrums didn't took their first real victory for granted, knowing that the VA only did so to become stronger in time, so they kept cautious about it up until the VA's disbansion, just when they were being prepared for new attacks due to rumors that the VA felt confident enough to attempt after Eleseus once more after their great growth.
  • The Anti-Tecnological Growth of Zumas Conspiracy- (2000-2011) The VA had been made curious of Zumas, an amphibian-populated marshland and swamp planet. The amphibians are at a Teadr 6 level, and live in an ancient civilization. This world's medieval-like community has existed for a long time, and has remained unchanged for thousands of years. Nobody on the planet likes the Age of Technology, but because some have gotten a fascination to it, the government has been trying for years to pass a law that would forbid use of high-Teadr technology. Problem is, this made the respective leaders and law makers unpopular for it. Thus, one particualr leader desided to make a risky move, and ask for VA aide in making this law successful, of which Mind Warper proved the most approbeate and capable in pasifying dissenters into a temporary stuper to silence protests. In thanks to the Villains Act, the controversal was successful, and tecnological growth saw a chilling effect. This leader came to be respectful to the VA as a result, and in gratude, he semi-relucently but respectfuly became a secret representive of the VA, who would promise to get the planet to make a willful surrender to when the VA would one day deside to make a claim for the planet at a date of their choosing. However, that date ended up being around 2010, a day after their unexpected fall, leaving this representive to leave in fear. He was able to keep the secret well enough and continued on, but only for a few months, as the Heroes Act made sure that the law was taken out, and all the corrupt rulers of Zumas were fired, including the representive who was espeically punished and jailed. The planet saw a complicated change ever since.
  • The Usuabloth Humiliation (2000)- This is a rarely talked about VA invadion among VA ranks due to on how it was very unlike their usual invadions. Because of a particularly embarrisingly moronic invandion general named General Flark. He is considered the most embarrassingly-idiotic and incompetent villain ever to surface. Rudely being kicked out of his people's military for an accident that left his commanding officer getting a prosthetic butt, he wanted revenge by becoming the greatest threat in the AUU. However, his intentions constantly fell flat on it's face. His involvement with the Villains Act was incredibly brief because of a failed one-time invasion of the British planet of Usuabloth, which lead to him being easily charmed by their 'British-like' personas, he didn't had the heart and the nerve to even harm a soldier, idiotically cancelling the attack, throwing scorn and backlash by the members of the Villains Act for his idiocy and was fired on the spot. No other invasions of Usuabloth were planned due to an impression that even the toughest and merciless of generals would end up failing like Flark did, and decided to avoid it out of newfound fear of being recognized as a disgrace. Even Qui wasn't daring enough to attack Usuabloth as a result, It was considered the one rare moment the people can actselly LAUGH at the VA, but sadly, the VA was known to improve apawn their mistakes and become much more worse, so any laughter at them was short-lived like a 5-day craze.
  • The Second Exo-War (2000-2011)- Since before the Villains Act was born, not all of Dr. Armalite Infernus's war machines were destroyed during the end of the violent Exo-Wars. Some of them still remained, naming themselves the Inferno Cyberpunks. Consisting entirely of robots, war machines, and living organisms that have been robotized, this criminal syndicate has been around for centuries on end. They have even preserved the body of Dr. Infernus after it was buried in the snowy depths of Oranos. While they were busy working on him, the Cyberpunks had gotten the chance to join the Villains Act, despite Qui's reluctance to let power-hungry machines who hated Globex who want their own personal gain join them. They were eventually given their own territory in half of the Epsilon Universe, with their main fortress being on the Planet Ocrenon. They took control of most of it's Globex facilities, and they robotized more innocent lives, most of them being from Globex. Rebellions there were forced to turn part of their attention on the Cyberpunks, and this started the Second Exo-War. Dozens of rebels were robotized, and only one rebellion was destroyed. The Villains Act were at least thankful of them for taking down one rebellion. But when the Villains Act fell, so did the hundreds of colonies the Inferno Cyberpunks had. They were forced to retreat back to their old hideout which was, thankfully to them, never discovered, and they were closer to repairing the body of Infernus, even giving him an upgrade.
  • The Colored Systems Collapses (2000-2001)- The VA's would've been iconic mega-kill invadtions of the famed colored systems would've been the creme'le'creme of the VA's ability to be a threat as a means to erase the Usabothian Mess. They invaded the color systems in perfect order and took down their respective goverments through their usual means of invadtion, espoinage, conspiracty, imtimidation tactics that forced a surrender, and occationally taking advantage of an already dying goverment's self-inflicted incompidence and just take over. It was how they included the year 2000, but the start of 2001 would become a RUDE wake-up call when color themed anti-hero criminals chased the VA enfluence away and take temporary ownership of the systems until they are strong enough to have goverments again. The VA became cautious of ever coming back to the systems ever since until they would become strong enough to better manage these anti-hero criminal groups.
  • Nirvana Invadsions (2001-2009)-The VA had commenly eyed the planet Nirvana. This is a world dominated by the Augurans, where they have built civilizations of ranged Teadr, and they practice magic and science, and even combine the two and use them well. This world has been through several battles against evil including the AUU Third Cartoonian War, the Interuniversal War, and the Villains Act. The world spawned several Auguran heroes and warriors who have either succeeded in defending the planet's powerful weapons and resources from being used for evil, or have died nobly trying. The VA proved to be the most persistent threat out to get their secrets, but after a final battle in 2009, in due to another humiliating defeat and that the VA was being in bad times, future invadtions had to be canceled until further notice.
  • The Jilar Raids (2001-2007)- Jilar was a temperate moon belonging to an orange gas giant called Jillius. This is a USRA moon which had established several Globex facilities, many of them being war machines for the battle against the Villains Act. Though this moon did suffer a few attacks from the Villains Act who wanted to steal this technology for themselves if it wasn't for the great arsenal and defenses. These defences proved effective and made sure many of Jilar's wepaony has not fallen into undesireable hands. As such, a successful raid of their weaponry is STUPIDLY rare to the point that the idea of it is laughable. A day before his arrest, Tex would've been able to offer the perfect plan to finally surpass these defences. But alas, he was arrested before this vision was saw through, resulting in the plan to be canceled and Jilar to be left alone ever since.
  • The Inadvertent Causing of the Vert-Bot Rebelion (2001)- The VA once turned their attention torwords the Vert-Bots and VertSpek of the Vertse-Helsen system and had desired these bots and/or even the prospect of what VertSpek can do for the Starbots, espeically at the time where the Starbots were losing luster with some villains as they were at that time. However, in discovering that Leader Boing Crank was the long lost brother of a recent addition at the time, Sping Crank, or the now apply named Roboface, Qui desided to have him convince Boing to give the Vert-Bots and the secrets of VertSpek to the VA willingly to avoid a costly invadsion in figureing that the Vert-Bots with VertSpek would be too difficult to battle. Initionally, Boing was the perfect combination of cowerd and well-intentioned leader to willingly agree to an illegal trade with them if Boing figured that he can prevent an invadtion. However, VertSpek proved too smart for the deception and had Vert-Bots come in and arrest Boing as a traitor, but when Boing resisted and subsiquintly got harmed, Boing was able to frame the arresting Vert-Bots as to have gone rogue, which the Vert-Bots were forced to play along to protect VertSpek from unjust punishment AND protect the system from being labeled as traitors by Boing being able to go for a second time. It was also meant to discourage the VA's interest in the bots, and thankfully, it did, and dispite calls of some insistent villains to keep tabs on the revolt, the overly cautious Qui insist that the VA is to no longer look at the Vertse-Helsen system ever again and that it's better off to not touch the Vert-Bots at all in due to the risk of machine revolts and what it would do to their starbot forces, while Roboface was subsiquintly treated like a joke on how much he failed in getting the Vert-Bots in more ways then one and how he was such a twatty anti-bot rights moron about it. However, the Vert-Bot revolt never got reckindised as something the VA was respondsable for, even only inadvertingly, as it was assumed that it was a typical case of a robot revolution because of a corrupted super computer network.

Pre-Tex Era/The Rock and a Hardplace Times of the VA 


  • Axthone's Roboface Nightmare (2002-2003)- In the aftermath of his failure to supply Vert-Bots or even VertSpek, in wanting to defy his newfound "complete joke" status, Roboface went prove his merit as he took complete control over Axthone, establishing a dystopian dictatorship where the robot inhabitants were treated as second-class citizens to the new organic criminal inhabitants brought on by the Villains Act, as he was allowed to establish cruel laws which emphasized his point of view. It wasn't until he was defeated by the Heroes Act that this dystopia was settled, restoring all robot rights and locking Roboface up on Oranos. Not helping that his reign was laughably brief, at least in standerds of VA conquest, Roboface, for his defeat, remained the butt of jokes to the VA, where even Narcotic would be glad to not be as bad as he is, even dispite that his name is feared in Axthone by the bots there and his infamy in the bot community, which the VA don't like to count because Bots felt the same with any other random anti-bot rights looney.
  • The Kanin Attempts (2002-2007)- Kanin, for it's ancient sentient animal civilizations consisting of clay towers, advanced medicine, physics, and so on, it wasn't a planet that was entirely ignored by the VA. This world has only been attacked a few times by the Villains Act that wanted to build their own kingdoms here, though was easily quelled by the Heroes Act. The last time was in 2007, which symbollicy occured just around the time Tex was captured, where it failed as well. The VA had since desided to save reshorces on keeping itself stable and not bother with Kanin for the time being.
  • The Corollia Crisis (2002-2011)- The Planet of Corollia was no stranger to fight it's battles, it's history with the 3rd AUU Cartoonian War was undeniable proof. And it was a risk the VA cautiously took when they buildt Corruption Co. Facilities on the planet to begin construction of warships used in space invasions. It unsurprisingly lead to rebelions and battles with the Corllig Five-Twin Planets Government system (CFTP Government). Even the local praetorian police had begun to temporarily merge with the rebellion in order to quell the aggression. When the Villains Act fell, the Corruption Co. facilities were decommissioned. Interestingly, Corollia wasn't as much of a talked about war in the AUU because the Corollian Goverment was more then prepared to deal with the VA, thus people know that the planet was in no true danger of full VA control, but it was still a stragiticly impourent war due to it's impourence for ships, along side the other planets of the system Corollia was in were also least concern because the planets were no strangers to conflict and thus can handle themselves.
  • Gordon's Doomsday Attacks (2002-2004)- Invasions from the Villains Act were always considered powerful, but one certain villain takes it way out of his league. In fact, it rightly wasn't considered an invasion. It was a Hexilla named Gordon the Animal. In the past, Gordon was a racist bully who picked on 10 races that were involved in the Interuniversal War that he heard his species was affected greatly by: Orxinoids, Vegdunns, Kortosaurons, Masosars, Terbitons, Soronons, Siugantilions, Roptords, Xenoids, and Curcoids. He trained on Iridia and competed in VA Deadlockers on Iarranthum to prove his potential. But Qui made a big mistake making him a high-ranking villain because his next move was reducing the Orxinoids' home planet, Orxane, to a nuclear wasteland. He also wiped out 8 more of them, and after the Villains Act stopped taking more risks after the Clast Conspiracy Mistake, they decided to kick Gordon out for his recklessness. But he was able to keep his equipment to get his last race wiped out: The Roptords. Qui and the VA was shocked, and tried to get to Roptordia to stop him. But Gordon got there first, and was able to detonate millions of atom bombs all over the planet with poisonous gas, wiping out 99% of the Roptords, where 8 surviving individuals were able to inadvertently defeat him. He was arrested and sent to Oranos before Qui and her forces could make it. Shocked that 8 survivors could take down a genocidal maniac, Qui was at least thankful that Gordon was stopped. But because of Gordon's actions, more rebellions were formed out of it, because Gordon ended up being a PR nightmare for the VA, even when they had publicly insisted that Gordon was "The Rare Slip-Up". This forced the VA to be cautious of accepting extremests ever since, even with the promise of getting things done quicker. As for the 8 Roptord survivors, they each get married to each other, and have their own clutches of eggs and children in hopes of repopulating their species. They never bothered to join in a rebellion because they would put their kids in danger, and they were sure that nobody would ever attack Roptordia again after what happened.
  • The Cloak Clan Theft Failure (2003)- The Villains Act, in order to stay alive, has to steal technology from others so they can become more powerful. One of the many villains that tried to do this was Mamoru Mazer, a Juluwese primate rōnin who ran away from his own clan after he was embarrassed and deemed useless from out of nowhere. The Villains Act gave him his own equipment, and made him his own android armies. He returned to Juluwa and created his own hideout underground. When he was working on building up a plan to conquer his own nation, he was then told by Qui that he might be threatened by another clan that is said to have lead a very powerful legacy called the Cloak Clan, noted for it's creation of a cloaking suit that made the ninjas invisible. Qui told him that if he can steal the secret of those suits and bring them to her, he would be awarded greatly. So Mamoru declared a feud on the Cloak Clan just as they were talking about the Tainter Clan. The Tainters were able to discover the location of the Clan's hideout despite the Clan's efforts, and thanks to Mamoru's Tanishūs' new thermal-detection systems, even their suits couldn't protect them. The entire clan was slaughtered by the Tainter Clan, including the parents of Yayoi Yargon, who the Tanishūs had tried to finish off until they accidentally collapsed the place, leaving Yayoi to escape, and get out of the area as fast as she could. The Tanishūs stole some cloaking suits and the files that revealed them and brought them to Mamoru, who was angered to hear that one survivor was still out there and may be planning to destroy them. So they spent the next few years trying to find Yayoi and kill her. Even though he had gotten the secrets, Mamoru was angry that the damage done had ruined the files, rendering them unable to be read. So he had to reverse-engineer the suits. Of course, this took years to complete, but once he finally did it, Yayoi came in and started destroying every Tanishū in the Clan, and before he could start the delivery, Yayoi fought him and turned him into the Feds, who threw him into Oranos. Qui was shocked that this was yet another hero that rose from an accident, and knew that other villains needed to ensure that no more accidents like that would happen. But that just didn't help until the Villains Act's fall.
  • The Yarge Revolt (2003)- Corruption Co. has always served in the Villains Act like Globex serves for the Legion. And during this time, they still did pretty good. The theory of alternate army forces remained to that day. Yet that was put in jeopardy when a minor commanding officer that fought against the Nimboo Rebellion and lost 3 of his limbs in the process named Commander Yarge was chosen to represent the research on this idea. He came up with the idea of clone armies, and the Doppelgänger Battalions were born. Then came cybernetic clone soldiers that gave birth to the Robogänger Battalions. Then came a more organic force in the GELF Monsters. Robogangers and GELFS are being produced by Rabodan cyberneticist Dr. Trug Pzarr, the inventor of the Robogängers, and the corrupt biogeneticist Tiikon named Dr. Knargh Irossk, who helped create the GELFs. The three became great partners, but Pzarr and Irossk got suspicious of Yarge after noticing he acted more sinister then even a VA villain would feel comfortable with. But they found out too late that Yarge was actually planning a usurp by using the Doppelgänger forces to create a revolt. The scientists had failed to take into account that clones could think for themselves, and demand their right to start their own lives, leading to a Doppelgänger revolt. The clones had turned the Robogängers against Pzarr, something that Pzarr was noticing for a while, and they were able to destroy the research on the GELFs, which were closer to fruition than ever. Pzarr and Irossk were shocked that Yarge had betrayed them, and tried to go warn Qui, only to find that she was already prepared when she smelled something rotten in between ranks and protected herself with a thousand Starbots, destroyed the Doppelgängers and Robogängers, and eventually allowed her to claim Yarge's life. Qui was surprisingly forgiving to Pzarr and Irossk for not expecting Yarge's true intentions, and they decided to retire from Corruption Co. and start new lives over. But not after giving Corruption Co. full access to their army forces. Though the GELFs are gone for good since not many scientists were as good as Irossk and the notes for them were lost, and they might never create them the same way again, eventually leading them to give up on the GELF Project, thus it faded into obscurity, while the Robogängers are rarely used to eventual discontinuation, and any proof of their existence had only been seen in the Cybernetic-Clone Organism Soldiers in the Yellow Revenants, and the Doppelgängers were altogether banned after the risks of clone armies were discovered. This resulted in the Starbots being the only minion force in the VA's arsenal, especially when the Revenants and their CCOs met a due fate. Qui decided that, until further notice, and for safety reasons, to stay clear of the idea for alternative minion forces so they could avoid more revolts and stick only to what they can control and trust, leading to the Starbots becoming more powerful in later years and more numerous than ever to make up for being the only minion force. Alternative forces were barely researched ever since.
  • The Jomos Religion War (2003-2011)- The Villains Act, in order for both propaganda and support, must get opportunities to help in any kind of conflict they can find. They know that wars can start in the blink of an eye, and if they can get involved, they can get more famous. One such war they've been involved in is the Jomos Religion War. Jomos is an ocean planet in the Zeta Universe which has been in a war due to religious conflict. One side believes that the Jomosian technology can help billions while the other side thinks that they must not be introduced for the safety of those billions. Thus, when people were charged with heresy, blasphemy, or other religious crimes which weren't actually true at all, war struck, and the Union Against Religious Abuse was formed. The UARA wanted to ensure that this war was stopped, but they haven't prevailed even after the VA's fall. The Villains Act attempted to win over the UARA cause they thought that because they were athestits, which are viewed negitively as heritics, that they would join them for the sake of destroying a realigen. The VA was realitively disapointed that the UARA are more anti-heroes then true villains, and that if they won the war, they would then use the tecknowagey to radically reduse their villain numbers. The most vocal against alling with the VA, was Xena the Lost Warrior, the leader, cause, tecnecally, it was the existence of the VA or others like it that caused sharing the tec to become taboo, because of the paranioda that's actselly very unjustifved, cause all one would have to do is make the tec itself uncorruptable and the realijustus side doesn't see that. Xena threaten that once she is able to win the war, she'll see to it that she'll used her best diplomat to win the Grand Council to their side and capture all of the villains to be subugated to the morally altering tec, starting with Qui. Discouraged that Athests can ACTSELLY be good guys, and that the leader of the over-protective realijustus side, Zealord The Zealot, is part of the problem of getting at the tecknowagey to start with, meaning that trying to ally with him is even more impossable, Qui is utteredly dismayed and excited at the same time that the VA has gone into a three-way battle. Both sides fight against themselves and the VA so they can keep them from causing trouble, with one battle late into 2009 where they all fought at once. This such battle only happened once. The three-way battle has been going on, with the VA almost winning, until the Villains Act's downfall. Since then, both Realijustus and Athest side called for a momentary cease fire for both of them to recover their forces, cautious of the reminents of the VA are not truely far behind.

The Beginning of the Era of Tex


  • The Waeetis Agreement (2004)- With the painful aftermath of the Yarge Revolt and the Jomos war already about to hit full swing, the VA realised that they needed money to keep up since quickly unfreezing all frozen Currentcy Trope Assests would risk worse rebelions. Fortunately, Mooku has introdused Qui that chance, in the planet Waeetis, where a pretty standerd tyrant named King Jall has been making mad taxes without representation and place people in condos for reasons he refused to explain. Mooku reveiled that Jall secretly contacted them in wanting to be supplied with a private army of Starbots for something "Impourent" to him, in that he is to be kept up to date with the latest bot, and in return, he would be willing to part with some wealth for the VA. In light of the VA's situation, the agreement was accepted, and Jall was made a new secret benufactor. Little did the VA realised that he had far bigger intentions in mind for Waeetis the VA never knew about.
  • The Clast Conspiracy Mistake (2004)- This certain incident was what lead to the Villains Act developing more of a moral center in their leverage strategies. A certain VA General named General Tex believed that life was valuable, and that bribing with killing family members was not only predictably basic and only offers the risk of the death of the villain who was ballszy enough to make it personal, it was downright unnecessary. Especially when Qui was able to discover a gecko-like businessman named Issac Carlyle, who has made the best military technology for the Heroes Act. She couldn't allow more to come, and hired Tex to bribe him into manufacturing illegal explosives for them while keeping his wife and kids fitted with exploding collars. Tex convinced her to not actually kill them, even if it was necessary, thanks to his motto, and instead to simply turn them into slaves, and use the threat of death as scare tactics, thus Qui accepted. They even had Issac's assistant, Bobby, and his workers brainwashed with illegal neurological shock machines into serving the Villains Act so they wouldn't interfere. Having no choice, Issac did as he was told. However, The AUU Grand Council discovered his operation, shut down his company, and arrested him. Tex knew that it wasn't Issac's fault, and convinced Qui to make his family into slaves in sulfur mines and have them released after Issac served his time. However, Tex's disobedient second-hand man, Lieutenant Blacker, a former member of a Nimboo Rebellion faction, was less-forgiving on something that happened out of bad luck. As punishment, and as part of a plot to turn Issac into a permanent member, Blacker tricked the Starbots into thinking that Tex ordered Issac's family executed with a forgery of a written order, thus they had them killed by detonating their collars, and had prior ensured that Issac had no evidence of their involvement by tricking the Grand Council into punishing Issac by making a fake hologram message stating that he did it for profit. Finding out too late that Issac's life was ruined, and that innocent, and most importantly, unarmed lives, were lost, Tex was furious at Blacker for betraying him and acting against his command, thus, he reported it to Qui. Blacker was put on trial for "Yarging out" on the Villains Act just to ensure a permanent membership to them, so Blacker was sentenced to death. While he begged for his life like a child, he was still executed. Issac was so angry that he blamed the AUU Grand Council for the loss of his wife and children. He secretly stole one of the Villains Act's neuro-shock machines, and snapped Bobby out of his corruption and help him escape from prison to exact his revenge, naming themselves Clast and Bomb-Sard. Because of this, Tex implemented a rule called the Carlyle Rule, which would make sure strict implications were made and that mind-control implants must be used first before bribing unless implants have been deemed unnecessary by a high-ranker's order.
  • The Tiyxubos Partnership (2004)- The VA came to have learn of the uprising of a new conguror known as Krolken the Sharp, and want to maintain a friendship with him. Krolken was offered a membership, but Krolken insisted that he wanted to claim his home planet first before anything else. The VA coherse him to accept a partnership of him representing the VA in conguring the planet in return that they would provide Krolken with the power to destroy the DTF if he provided them with his dinosaur-controlling weapons. But Krolken's enemies ended up learning about his deal and almost foiled it, though Krolken ended up being motivated to accept the deal anyway out of being mad at another failure.
  • The Raintrix Avoidence Clause (2004)- In because of Tex's presence, the VA has avoided instences that would've made their problems more intense then it had a right to be. One such is the netourious Gay-Dominated System of Raintrex, a system infamous of being the living enbodiment of gender issues. To make a long story short, a gay revolt lead to the banning of heterosexuality, thus giving rise to a pro-heterosexuality extremeist group called The Straighteners of Raintrix. A living byproduct of pre-homosexual Fabulon until the 'gay rebellion' happened, while some straights feel awful about ever encouraging a rotten goverment to begin with, others failed to understand that and went to join the Straighteners, despite them being an extremist group that is only encouraging further negative beliefs against heterosexual people while hiding behind their claims of 'bringing back righteous glory to the Raintrix System', but they do this by the crime of mass-sterilization and use of OIDS, or the AUU version of AIDS, only making them look like terrorists than true liberators. With this, and that the system is protected by a very powerful protection group with the double risk of double-humiliation worse then the failed Usabothian Conquest, it scared even the Villains Act from wanting anything to do with the system. Not even the promise of fiancel and loyal support from a Straightener leader was worth it to them, as even the Villains Act doesn't approve of the Straighteners' methods, even if some of the Villains Act's members aren't exact improvements. Thus, Tex founded a Clause that for now on made the VA stay out of the Raintrex system for good, as it was a clause even the most extreme would respect, and miraculiously was never violated even after the capture of Tex, showing that some of Tex's enfluences are too powerful to die out even when the VA would be at their worse.
  • The Muton Avoidence Clause (2004)- Another clause Tex created was one for the planet Muton. But it was more a safety clause, as Muton was surprisingly a world that the Villains Act avoided despite the potential use of mutant slaves, not as surprisingly because of the Z-Men are not only brave against any would-be invader, but even untrained civilians are a threat to even the most prepared villain, it would be wise to give this planet space regardless of such pipe dreams. It was another clause that was still obeyed even after his arrest, cause Muton was still dangerious no matter how strong the VA would become.
  • The Renacouri Avoidence Clause (2004)- Another clause made by Tex about how it's best for the VA avoid confrontion with the Renacouri, as the VA themselves deside to stay clear of the Renacouri because they're litterally too passive and indestructable to hurt, because the race can even be nice and considerate to even, including but not limited to, to the likes of Bullarns, Pharcums, Phends, Zargons, Kraetons, Plaugus, Byzans, Grutts, heck, they would even welcome the Qyzmeths as infamous as they are.
  • The Hoihoi Peace Clause (2004)- Another clause created by Tex in cause Hoihoi was so incredably neutrol to all forces that it would be boarish to still congure the planet, and thus the peace clause bans Hoihoi from being congurable. It was a well obeyed clause as it was also the most impourent in that the VA were becoming morally distint from ever repeating another Jenovis tragity. The Hoihoi people believe traditionally in welcoming anyone to their home, even welcoming the likes of Bulliarns, Daobassas, Spidklons, Vikoreans, Pharcums, and even members of the Villains Act, reformed or otherwise, were allowed to vacation here. As a result, the VA never bothered the planet, declaring it another world banned from their otherwise expansive list of worlds of interest, if just because the place didn't need to be conqured because of it's kind, moraly neutrol nature.
  • The Tamgim Peace Clause (2004)- Another peace clause created by Tex was on Tamgim. A temperate island planet which has a whimsical setting including colorful gardens and flora, and has a colorful sky due to it's small concentration of noble gases. It is famous for being inhabited by friendly sentient animals that have grown for millennia without war. Despite the colorful tropical forests and crystal clear waters, as the result of the only life on this world being plants and the fact that sentient animals have lived here without danger, they have immediately become feral beings that will be friendly to anyone regardless of whether or not they are friendly. Even the Villains Act or any other threat in the AUU couldn't bring themselves to harm this planet because they gave up attacks out of pity. The Clause was famed to have been obeyed even before Tex made it more offictal, even in the aftermath of Jenovis.
  • The Gronan Renegades-Peerbon Rebellion Uprising (2004)- The Villains Act, as much power as they had over Peerbon, forgot to take into account that not all of Peerbon was under their control. Some rebels on Peerbon who have escaped enslavement have found some allies in the form of a renegade faction have been trying to take down Qui and restore peace to Peerbon. This faction was called The Renegades of Gronan, formed by the very descendants of the AUU Third Cartoonian War hero Gronan, and lead by his descendant, Renegade Lord Gronculum. They were mainly a small fanatic group that was nearly forgotten after the rise of the Villains Act. Since then, Gronculum swore to take over the Villains Act by killing Qui and taking her place, and in return for their services, he would take off the now-under-his-command forces of the Villains Act in Peerbon to a new base and give the rebellion the peace they deserved, even if it means that the Villains Act would still technically be a problem, if not by Qui, but by a renegade lord who's obviously not that much of an improvement. They've been planning this for over 7 years, and they were very close to beginning the first phase. However, thanks to a Corruption Co. scientist named Dr. Eruos and his Starbot creation, the Renegades' plan was sabotaged. The Starbot framed Gronculum for the near-murder of the daughter of the rebel leader, Meerdan, who kills Gronculum as a result. This lead Eruos to expose all this to Qui and revealing the location of the Renegades' hideout, as all the Renegades were destroyed, with Qui strangely generously sparing Meerdan and his rebels by bringing them back into enslavement, and leaving Gronculum's equal-minded son, Gronsla, condemned to serve the Villains Act forever and forbidden to avenge his ancestors. But since he couldn't forget, The VA Council had his memories erased and gave him plastic surgery, making him a prime invasion commander, thus wiping away the only remnants of the Renegades forever.... In throey.

The Tex Era.

The Mid-2000s

  • The Korthos Insideout Conquest (2005)- An event that would be the VA's most difficult conquest, so they spiced it up by taking advantage of Korthos' lack of empathy for their troops and caused a rise of a future member from it. The Korthos Conquest would become the new point of VA infamy for the Mid-2000s.
  • The Chimerum Attacks (2005-2009)- Chimerum is a sparse planet known for it's megafauna, abundant flora, and it's magnificent cities and government. During the Villains Act, this was one of the many planets where the VA had the hardest to maintain, cause rebellions were the most present and battling against struggling VA control. While rebellions there were considered fairly powerful, they were constintly targeted by the VA that threatened to destroy them and finally stablised VA control. But there were only 5 attacks on Chimerum during that time. Since General Grosvenor labeled Chimerum as one of the planets that was part of the rebellion forces, when really the planet's rebels are not even included or controled by the Legion, he labeled it as a threat that needed to be destroyed. So he launched the first attack on Chimerum in 2005, attacking every city within a 2,000-mile radius which he calculated was where the rebel base would be located. But then a hero named Clifton Clever came and aided the rebels in fighting against the invasion. Clifton was able to put up a good enough fight that drove Grosvenor's forces away from the planet. Then another invasion occurred 6 months later from the VA-dominated planet of Ansceron, lead by an unidentified VA commanding officer. Clifton was able to handle that as well, and turned in one of their fighters: Commander Dartagnan. In 2006, another invasion from a military territory on Planet Korthos, lead by Colonel Beacher, who was captured and turned in by Clifton. Then another invasion occurred a month later from a conquered VA territory of Planet Warboth, and it was also lead by an unidentified commander. Clifton was able to stop that one while capturing one of their best soldiers: Lieutenant Wenceslas. Since then, attacks on Chimerum have been an act of risk to the Villains Act. Darkness Qui feared that Clifton was just too powerful of a foe to deal with. But General Grosvenor got fed up with Clifton always 'thinking he was the best damn hero in Chimerum' and went off to find a way to truly bring him down and destroy the rebellions once and for all. So he broke Dartagnan, Beacher, and Wenceslas out of Oranos, and they helped aid in another invasion, one which will not be like the others before it. They knew that they had to take care of Clifton as the first priority, so they gathered information on him, and they discovered his relationship with his family, and his girlfriend, Superius Samantha, a wizard fighter for Magelio, who not even Gros even realised that and thought she was a local weird girl. So in 2009, they managed to capture her and Clifton's family, hold them hostage, capture Clifton, and plan an attack to the city. However, they were never even able to blow up a building thanks to neither of those 4 overcompident idiots not realising that Shamantha had magic, escaped with Clifton and beaten them and stopped an invadtion before anyone realised what happened. Future invadtions were forced to be canceled ever since, and VA control of the planet was an ineditable failure thanks to the rebelion never being truely destroyed.
  • The Groon-Mas Slaughter (2005)- The Villains Act has started to gain control of more of the AUU, and the Legion has tried so hard to keep the rebellions in check, especially since they've already wiped out a few of them. But one certain technically-independent villain group shows up demanding Villains Act membership so they can realize their goals of lowering technological-levels to satisfy a delusional belief. However, the condition that the Villains Act must give up technology was considered 'way too much' for the terms of joining and declined the request, with Qui herself stating that not even she would be desperate enough to give up technology to include 'Technophobe savages' into the VA. Then the Groon-Mas leader, Nutt-Butt, promptly accuses them with heresy and declares war on them. The war lasted over 5 months. Eventually, the Groon-Mas' limited technology lead to their downfall, and Butt was executed by Qui. They then proceeded to take over their homeworld of Azathoth as a 'while we're here' means.
  • The Green Turbans Massacre (2005)- The next month following the extinction of the Groon-Mas, the Villains Act discovered that the Groon-Mas weren't the only ones who thought religion wasn't a joke on Azathoth. On the nearby continent, they discovered a similar community called the Green Turbans, who were just small ant-like creatures called Theopods that have always hated the Groon-Mas for taking their crazy beliefs out on overly-powerful forces. They believed in their own religion called 'The Way of Harmony', which implied that religion wasn't something to be abused or forced on something, for it proved to be sinful. However, with all their beliefs, they have a militant side of them that makes them fearful. Qui took great interest in them, and was able to convince them to join. They were allowed to provide them with the blueprints for their laser spears to make them larger, for the Theopods were just a foot tall. Qui gave them a task later that involved the assassination of several survivors of the Groon-Mas that have fled to Planet Zo. Thus, the leader of the Green Turbans, the corrupt and skilled guru Su-Slum-Lau, had declared an invasion on Zo to search for the survivors. The entire group flew to Zo and took over the city that the survivors were located in. They killed people in the process, even innocent ones. But this proved to be a mistake once the recently-dubbed hero Marcilene the Marvel discovers her parents were helping the survivors that wanted to retire and be left alone. She swore to protect these survivors no matter what, and thus, she encounters Su in his spaceship, executes him, and destroys his spaceship, leaving the Theopods to remain stuck on Zo, and leave the authorities to arrest all of them, leaving most of them to be reduced to banditry, and others were rescued by the Villains Act and had their memories wiped of their pain, and were made soldiers of the Villains Act.
  • The Maragon Annex Difficulty (2005-2006)- The VA's emensely tough battles with Maragon. This planet was claimed by the Augurans when they were in a 11-month war with each other which lead to the Augurans claiming this planet as their own, including the technology on this planet. Ever since, after millions of years, this planet has been a world where the Augurans have combined magic with technology, making this one of the most famous worlds of all time, having a legacy of being a match for even the Villains Act. Their military strength and defenses were incomprehensible as described by the Villains Act and other hostile races before them. The difficulty, even with the following birth of a new Starbot unit, was starting to become costly, thus, the VA wisely desided to leave Maragon be until they can become truely strong enough to ever be superior to them.
  • A Simular case of Annexing Troubles in Azxerisk (2005-2009)- Azxerisk was a temperate planet that the VA had sought after as well, but it ended up having the same issue as Maragon, unexpectedly tough resistence. This is a world populated by Augurans of Maragonian origin. These beings, after the success of Maragon's defense and offense power, are intending to make another similar colony, even after this world suffered several attacks from the Villains Act, who feared that ideas like this are dangerous for their survival. Though this planet still put up a valiant fight. While it lasted longer then the VA's attempt to go after Maragon, it was given up eventually due to budget problems in the Twilight years as the VA desided to wait to be able to be a threat to this wolrd like with Maragon.
  • The Zsarik Fights (2006-2011)- Zsarik was a wetland rainforest planet which has a massive amount of reptilian life, many from Tik, the plant life is colorful and wet, the temperature is warm enough to support reptiles and other cold-blooded animals, and the sky is red due to the small concentration of neon. This is a Tiikon colony where several massive megalopolises are found, as well as Globex facilities and military outposts. This world has been fighting against the Villains Act who wanted to steal the weapons they manufactured on this planet, yet the defenses are powerful enough to hold them back. This persistence paid off as the VA were eventually disbanned before they were ever even close to making a plan to finally overwealm them.
  • The Birth of the War Spiders (2006)- The Legion has been doing well in hiding the location of their federations' hideouts, but one certain member of the Alpha Federation had nearly cost it it's safety. A traitorous and half-racist Yurun diplomat by the name of Dirk Dalinnx had been taught long ago by humans to not be a true racist joke by showing him how useful a race can be, and Dirk had even begun attached to humans, who has been rumored to have fallen in love with one, which he has constantly denied. But when his beloved human friends evacuated, like his Yurun brethren, he blamed the splitting of the USRA for their loss of the humans. Dirk in particular was affected the most by this because he bonded so well with humans. He decided that the Feds shouldn't be waiting for a hero uprising and all the rebellions should join forces, and invade Peerbon together. He even designed his own addition to the military forces in the form of Veexomite Crabypod steeds. The Feds didn't agree with his ideas because it could risk the Villains Act discovering it and destroying all rebels, but it also got un-nessersaringly personal when the Cunones were offended by the robots he made because of the Veexomite War making them afraid of ever seeing a live Crabypod, nevermind an imitation, thus Dirk was immediately fired, and made a janitor for Globex. Feeling betrayed and furious, Dirk abandoned his place, reclaimed the blueprints for his War Spider robot, and donated them to the Villains Act, taking the risk of being killed, and thankfully Qui decided not to do that and made him the commander of several attack forces that wiped out rebellions he revealed their bases to. The Feds were disappointed that Dirk would betray his own allies just because of his idea being denied, and in 2007, had Fed soldiers assassinate him for his crimes, especially since he was about to reveal the location of their secret hideout. Rebellions were starting to get scared for the possibility that they might be taken down out of nowhere, and this lead to a whole year of that specific fear.
  • The Foul Cheese Framing (2006)- Most of the space pirates in the AUU were from a lawless planet called Ardalicron, which was abolished of it's laws due to a corrupt Govener. Once he was fed to Junja Sharks, the planet was turned into the Pirate Capital of the AUU. Contaury to what some think, Pirates there have developed a moral center, becoming mostly heroes and antiheroes, but very few still remained bad. For the most part, space pirates were appreciated. But not everyone in the AUU saw space pirates as good people. A governor named Governor Foul Cheese was elected as the Govener of the Urex moon during the times of the Villains Act, and turns out he had more plans in mind for his community. He started taking over several other moons, and making each of them patriarchal societies, leaving women out of jobs, and taxes and mortgages pouring in. Foul Cheese had been attempting to make the moons a pirate-free community, but made several crimes while doing so, such as a genocide on the Krex moon, where it lead to the murders of several government officials, and the possession of illegal mind-control implants which he used on subjects to keep quiet among superiors about his crimes. To avoid being impeached for the atrosity of Krex, he blamed it on the Villains Act with the use of holographic flags. Qui wasn't surprised about this act of framing, considering that she and several High-Rankers in the VA had "Anonamus" meetings with Foul Cheese to ok these framings so he doesn't have to face controversey in his misguided attempt of getting a pirate free socity, and in turn, give the VA more imfamy and "street cred" for the VA to be noticed. She saw it as free publicity, and a new means of earning more villains. The only downside was that it made a bit more rebellions, but compaired to what happened with Gordon, it was an acceptable price.
  • The Tos Takeover (2006-2011)- Tos was an ecumenopolis planet which has a bright white sky as the result of it's high concentration of krypton. The planet has a sustainable supply of plant life and animals, and the cities are at a massive size, almost comparable to the Yatorans. The Serons that colonized this world had trouble keeping the economy on this planet up, and this gave a grand opportunity for the Villains Act to take over. Despite fighting, the planet was eventually taken over for 5 years. Despite the economy getting better, the whole planet became poor as a result of the taxes needed to pull it off, and new unacceptable laws were passed. Any who protested were imprisoned in underground dungeons. Even the Seron Rebellion was powerless to stop them since the VA villains who lead had gained diplomatic immunity through this. It wasn't until the Villains Act was destroyed that this planet was restored back to it's original state. Despite the fact that the economy got twice as worse, the AUU Grand Council would help repair the economy and repair all the damage the Villains Act had caused.

The End of the Era Of Tex


  • The Nagzoo Battles (2007-2010)- Nagzoo was a temperate savanna planet where only sentient and unsentient animals thrive. The Teadr 5 cities are more like African-based, the architecture is very distinctive, and the military is strong and capable of keeping up with even the strongest of Villains Act invasions it commited around this time. They created a rebellion on this planet that battled against the VA, and while most of the rebellions died every few months, they still fought hard. This lasted up until come early 2010 when the VA desided a comtemporay retreat from the battles to wait to re-engage when the VA felt confident enough to start again, which thanks to the VA's disbansion come 2011, never got to see fruitition.
  • The Captain Axxus Scam (2007)- For an extended period of time now, Ardalicron, ever since it's powerful revolt against an abusive, uncaring goverment, the people of the planet went to piratcy to mostly practice the freedoms of no goverment. However, they end up with controverseal status thanks to a few jerks in their group, and the whole living without laws and goverment as a whole, and alchorse, feeding their evil governer to Junja Sharks helped little. But in an oppiste stand to what one expected, the pirates of arca are more like anti-corrupt goverment freedom fighters then legit crooks. Trouble is, again, the jerks in their ranks get in the way of that. They live under a pirate council and a "Pirate Lord" system, which high rankers are allowed to dress like traditional pirates, unlike low or normal rankers. Sometimes, certain lords don't work out or last for long. A Pirate's life is hazordious to your health. The current Pirate Lord after the removeal of a corrupted idiot tyrant is Captain Axxus. He was almost a perfect exsample of a decent Pirate Lord. He only steal money from the abusive rich under tyrantical goverments, to salvationised the abused poor. While these good deeds more or less or sometimes not exactly change people's view on pirates, Axxus did had some issues. From having to deal with a corrupted goverener and a worring daughter, to surviving battles against an ex-pirate lord Captain Rarxter, who hated Axxus over an accsident. He hired The VA and their own Zigmond, a non-Arca Space Pirate, to trick Axxus to join, disguising themselves as a charity force. Axxus was convinced that they fight against Tyrantical goverments too, and Axxus' includion would benifit their goals. They even gave him some personalised starbots in theme of pirates to join him. He grown to bond with the machines, which the machines themselves felt weird about it. Eventally, the dishonestry couldn't be stand anymore, and the machines warn Axxus that the people he joined are the VA trying to destroy his creditability by tricking him to join! Axxus was.... Surprised. But Axxus hold no resentment to the machines, understanding they were doing what was programmed of them. While Axxus failed to stop the VA posting the event on their corrupted control of Media, he at least ruined the VA Membership by stealing the VA's wealth and his new friends in the drones he has, leaving an angered Qui and a momentarly financally injured VA. It was a sort've, "draw", for both. The VA ruined an anti-hero's creditability, but lost money and perfectly good Starbots in the process. Axxus had to go through Pirate council trail and won thanks to a forgiving, albeit alittle upset uncle and is now in some more difficulty then ever with already mixed views with the people of the AUU with exception of fellow Arca pirates and very forgiving fans Axxus helped who know Axxus too well to know it wasn't his intention, but earned new friends and allies from it, of which he refused to scrapped or destroy, even if their existence will only encourage the scam the VA pulled, and add to Axxus' already controverseal reputation.
  • The Uemgis Smuggle Attempts (2007-2008)- Uemgis was a temperate planet with a green sky as the result of it's small concentration of radon, and a massive abundance of plant life and megafauna. This is a Cunone planet where several cities and military outposts were built. This planet was a target of several attacks throughout the Cunones' history, and since the Villains Act threatened to take it over for it's vast amounts of radioactive crystals mined in the planet's seas, which could upgrade weaponry, the Cunones had built several powerful defenses that were able to shake off the Villains Act attacks. It didn't stop the Villains Act from simply hiring dishonest renegades from trying to smuggle the jewels off-planet, but unfortunately for them, the dishonest individuals failed to properly hide the operations due to not being smart about it, and they were all shut down, eventually leading to Qui declaring the crystals no longer worth wasting resources on and left the planet alone.
  • The Sonariath Project Battles (2007-2011)- While the Villains Act's sources of army forces were limited after the Yarge Revolt, the AUU Grand Council then decided that they should make their own army forces. Since robots were basically limited in tactics, clones were downright risky for their thoughts, along side ethical concerns, and genetic monsters were too dangerous, also with ethic concerns of their own, they decided that they make different kinds. Their 3 choices were androids, cyborgs, and supersoldiers. And so, Globex began several projects, including one called Project: Dominance, which made a program that recruited unsuccessful teenage recruits from military factions to go under a 10-month training period which, with the most successful virtual training technology, pushed the recruits to bursting limits, and when the process was ready, they all entered the augmentation procedures, which sadly, 24% of the recruits died. The rest had become powerful enough to outwit anything in their paths, and some of them included 6 individuals which had the best fighting results. They were good enough to become their own team called Team Sonariath, named after a military strategist. While the other supersoldiers went back to their military factions to serve, Team Sonariath were chosen to represent the rebellious movements against the Villains Act, and even after it's downfall, this team has been known to be one of their toughest enemies. But that was soon put in jeopardy when one of their members was forced by an independent evil named Overmaster Blekaconaoma, whom the Villains Act quit trying to hire, to betray his own team, and put their leader, Übernaught, into a coma. Even today, the team has been trying to solve this problem.
  • The Clashing of Fu So Blu (2007)- There have been times when villains join the Villains Act after accidents. Especially the one with Fu So Blu, the bounty hunter who has experience in a rare but powerful martial art called Zyarjitsu. Blu didn't exactly enjoy this job since he thought it was bad to his lineage, but only did it to support his mother. He decided that he needed to find something good enough to make him feel unstoppable and unbeatable. After 3 years, the Villains Act came in and offered Blu a reward for the capture of a yarge-out named Lord Trax, the leader of a terrorist organization that betrayed the Villains Act on Zo and wants to prove their worth again by planning a terrorist attack on Zo after an embarrising failure related to an unrelated group. Blu wanted to stop this terrorist attack, but despite capturing Trax and halting the attack, Trax decided to get back at Blu for ruining his ability to be of worth by placing his mother, family and friends on a curse that turns them into statues. Angry at Trax for being a vengeful jerk, he uses his naginata to stab and kill him. He brought his dead body to them, and despite earning the reward, he was convinced that the universes were a dark, cruel place, and thinks that by joining the Villains Act, he can show them how it really feels to be treated so dark and cruel. He became a drill sergeant for the Villains Act to train recruits into mastering Zyarjitsu. But because of it being harder than it seemed, there was no reason, and he just became a warrior, finally feeling like a true warrior. He was soon able to discover that there was a weapon on Zo that was forged by Zyaūar Warriors called the Xaron Blade, which was said to be so deadly, it could cut through the toughest of steel. Intending to look for it, he goes back to Zo with 5 warrior henchmen to find it. But along the way, he runs into an amphibian vigilante named Mar Chi Lee, who came to stop him from causing panic. He was able to defeat her with his Zyarjitsu skills, and while Mar Chi was recovering from her injuries, Blu was able to search for some clues on how to find the Blade. While he does manage to find the sword, he is effortlessly caught by Mar Chi, who was able to discover the ruins of Gowkoo and was guided by the ghost of Blu's Zyarjitsu trainer, Master Curu, to a secret compartment where another Xaron Blade was kept. Turns out, the Blade was owned by 5 Zyaūar Warriors during the AUU Second Cartoonian War, and the 5 duplicates are still out there, some being used by only the most ancient and wisest of heroes. Blu and Mar begin an epic duel across the rooftops of the town until they make it to the top of the tallest building, the Xlaowin Tower. Fu So and Mar Chi were surprisingly fast and swift, but Fu So was beaten after he loses the sword, and falls to his assumed death, when he actually used a teleporting device to save himself, though while he returned to the Villains Act Fortress, he was able to escape during it's fall, and continues to plot revenge to this day.
  • The Failed Thunder Chasers Takedown (2007)- Since the beginning, one of the Villains Act's main enemies were the Animal Square Province, a kingdom consisting of 4 planetary systems, each ruled by mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects. In order to ensure they didn't get in the way, the Villains Act had been trying for years to take over the Province, and if they're lucky, they might be able to organize each kind of animal that joins them. One such example of this attempt was the attempt of causing the destruction of the Thunder Chasers, the military taskforce of the Aphronion System, the system ruled by birds. Even before the Clast incident, Tex was charged with helping the Villains Act destroy them to ensure that they successfully take over the Aphronion System. But after the Clast incident, he was starting to run low on options since his new rule stated he couldn't kidnap someone's loved ones and use them as leverage. But then Qui finds him someone who might help. A gvanditor eagle named Aero Slade, who was a recruit for the Thunder Chasers, and was a high-grade student. She thought that since he would do anything for his family, then a mind-control implant wasn't necessary, and it was okay to do a bribe as long as it was just a scare tactic. So they lured Slade to a warehouse on his home planet where he found his parents were held hostage. He was captured, and Tex said that he will do as they say, or his parents die, all while being watched by a stealthy yet idiotic spy. Thus, he was forced into being an undercover Villains Act agent attempting to retrieve the classified location of the Thunder Chasers' HQ so the Villains Act could invade and destroy it, allowing them to take over the system. Hudson Turbo, another student, feels concern for this, but the Thunder Chasers do not believe him due to the fact that Slade wasn't acting like a threat when they interviewed him. So, Hudson decided to prove it. But he never realized that Slade was aware of his intentions to stop him, and managed to trick the Thunder Chasers into expelling him by exposing him to them during a fight for the secret files, causing them to think Hudson was stealing them. But thanks to the idiot spy cheering him on and blowing his and Slade's cover, Slade and the idiot spy were both arrested, and Hudson was named a hero. While the idiot spy was suspended for 4 weeks for his incompetence (Even though Qui wanted him to be executed if it wasn't for Tex), Slade was sent to juvenile hall for several months. Tex knew they couldn't kill Slade's parents since it wasn't his fault, but Qui told him that Slade couldn't be allowed to go out and leak info, so they needed to give him a mind-control implant. But once Tex went to his hideout in the Aphronion System, it was too late. Aero was released early for good behavior and had went to Hudson's initiation ceremony to apologize, and he had already told him and the Thunder Chasers about his bribe and the location of Tex's hideout. The Thunder Chasers, Hudson, & Slade went there, and after fighting off his bodyguards, they arrested Tex for conspiracy, kidnapping, and being part of the Villains Act. And instead of the usual death sentence, they locked him up on Oranos due to him being an honorable villain after hearing his involvement in making the Carlyle Rule, as he was given the promise of parole only if he was proven capable to refit himself into society. However, Tex was also concerned. He was worried that, without his presence in the Villains Act, the uncontrollable fanatics out there will be left unchecked and uncontrolled, meaning that their untamed extremism will end up motivating heroes to one day destroy the Villains Act, and Qui will find herself eventually losing sight of being reasonable and having moral limits without Tex around thanks to extremism getting things done quickly and effectively at the price of common decency. Eventually, his fears came true, and the Villains Act was destroyed.

Post Tex Capture

The Twilight Years of the VA

  • The Oepratix Takeover (2008-2011)- The fall of Tex was not just the most morally and morale desistating effect to the VA. It was also exspendsive. Alot of Tex's intended invadtions of certain worlds were either canceled or had to be taken over by someone else. This left a momentary budget crisis for the VA. Thankfully, the fact thay they were eyeing the planet Oepratix for awhile, Tex's recent arrest became the perfect excuse to at least ease the suffering of the loss of the honorable general. Oepratix was at most, a large ice planet which is a rich source of cryonite, and is actually the richest source of the precious mineral. Thus mining colonies have been founded in order to mine them. It was briefly taken over by the Villains Act and used the workers for slavery. For the while, this was the VA's needed finacel crutch until the Villains Act fell, which destroyed the slave operation. The job has since been restored, and all cryonite from this world was turned into the AUU Currency Troupe.
  • The Volbeg Takeover (2008-2011)- Another Post-Tex Arrest takeover was that of Volbeg, a lava planet which is the first in a two-star system and as such, being close, it is covered entirely by almost-hot earth, lava and rock formations, geothermal valleys, volcanic peaks, and small amounts of fauna and flora. This is a world known for it's valuable spices that are mined by the Rezlians for massive profit, and maybe even sold all across the AUU. The Villains Act briefly took over this planet and enslaved the people to mine the spices for their controlled trade routes. Apawn disbansion, the world was automaticly freed and life on Volbeg returned to normal like it never occured.
  • The Rezzen Takeover (2008-2011)- Economics wasn't the only thing harmed by Tex's downfall. His desired aim to take over the planet of Rezzen was without him. The attempt to go after Rezzen was almost canceled, had not been for Qui that wanted his service to the VA to be honored by having the takeover continue anyway, with Qui at the helm. She saw Tex's vision through by the letter, and thus, took over the mining corporation until their disbanding. The Rezzen Takeover was the last thing releated to Tex that was carried out and wasn't canceled over budget constraights or replaced by someone who majorly over-hulled it.
  • The Ogalt Takeover (2008-2011)- In the hard times of being without Tex, the demand for more reshorces became great, thus entering the risky grab of Ogalt, a planet that is both near a controverseal UIS ally group in Ugolest Prime, and was tecnecally an early swipe at UIS, incrising the occational issues with UIS trouble. Much of the planet's munitions and weapons factories were briefly commondeered by the Villains Act, and later CrimeTech, until their downfalls, and much of their stolen factories are occupied by Corruption Co.
  • The Radidon Takeover (2008-2011)- Another event intended to be commindeered by Tex before his arrest that still went on under a different leader, Radidon was a sparse desert planet which is mined for it's rich source of radionium, a radioactive substance which is used as a fusion source in batteries and pure fusion weaponry. The planet has a high abundance of this substance, but when the Villains Act took over the mines for the radionium, it was mined by slave laborers who worked in exchange for food. But when the Villains Act fell, the slaves were freed, and the radionium was claimed by the planet's revived government.
  • The Botched Toerutas Takeover (2008)- The VA once targeted the planet of Toerutas. These cities were nearly close to be destroyed by the Villains Act if it wasn't for it's advanced military, and that attack made the people of this planet want to fight and created another rebellion. The Botched Takeover would become one of the less talked about invadtions of the VA, and a sign to things to come indigently for the VA.
  • The Toxicity Attack on Ziasmo (2008)- Another way the VA's loss of Tex was inconvinent was that it made VA forces screw up any of his plans that didn't get canceled. As such, his plans for Ziasmo were mistakenly adopted by chemical madmen, which was meant to be a secret mining operation in the planet for that the oceans used to be filled with tons of rarium until toxic-based attacks by the duo polluted the oceans and obscured any trace of the valuable gem. The two incompident toxers were fired from their VA place for costing them that rarium, but only that as Tex-sytile morality was already showing signs of lowing.
  • The Qilzorm/Vyeper Group War (2008-2011)- The Villains Act terraformed a once barren planet of Qilzprm to be a colony of their own. They used their colonies here to begin their campaign to take over the entire system and declare war on the Vyeper Group, where after many trail and error battles, they nearly won the war had it not been for their downfall. A classic exsample of so close but no cigar for the colonist leader of the invadtion of the time.
  • The Mistake on Sook (2008)- The Capture of Tex lead to disobedience to become more commen. This was even true for Corruption Co. on Sook. A semi-temperate rocky desert planet where several canyons, mesas, mountains and valleys can be found, along with several plants and animals. This is a world that is infamous for a vast amount of mercenaries which inhabit the ghost towns of the extinct Vegduuns that lived on this planet a long time ago before they abandoned their goals of colonizing other worlds due to surplus during the Interuniversal War, and their eventual genocide. Some of the mercenaries here are descended from the many sentient animals that were friends to the Vegduuns, and as a result of a rogue band of Corruption Co. scientists declaring an unauthorized mass kidnapping of these inhabitants for unethical genetic experiments, which had never forgotten the cruelty they suffered, while Corruption Co. itself apologized for it's disturbance after punishing the culprits, the animals that survived had gone vengeful and killed a few workers as they retreated, and they have since gone to a life of crime, making this world one for smugglers, raiders, bounty hunters, and vicious killers.
  • The Tesult Failure (2008)- Tesult was a temperate planet which orbits a system with a blue star, yet the plant life has evolved to withstand such an intense radiation with aid from the stronger ozone layer. The planet is a world that was colonized by sentient animals which live in a non-technological society where very few machines are used. These animals live a prosperous and peaceful life, and is rarely disturbed, only being disturbed once by the Villains Act, yet this attack was held back by the Yuruns, of which the VA wasn't prepared for the Yuruns to fight as hard as they did and were forced to retreat.
  • The Failed Secret Gathering in Risp (2008)- Without Tex, his decoding of the complicated supercomputers of Risp were left vastly incomplete and unelegable to anyone not Tex. Agents had tried, but the Villains Act hardly have the patience and opted to destroy them just to get to it's secrets, but doing that could risk losing the secrets so they backed off as quickly, so as a result, the attempts were failures and any future attempts were canceled.
  • The Accsidental Orout discovery and ruin (2008)- The planet Orout was discovered accidentally by a Villains Act Army warship which collided with a nearby asteroid. The VA ignored the planet, but the warship's distress signal attracted pirates of all kinds, who set up mining colonies on the planet itself, exporting ores used in starship and electronics construction.
  • The Failed Rogue Armatage Corperation Recruitment (2008)- Ever since the failure to win over The Oppressor Core, the VA came to be wiser and grew to become VERY careful about judging a rogue figure from their actions and try to do so more into their character. However, then came another powerful lesson in when negosiating with such people, was the ever complicated Awesome Jaxtom, who the VA had a prior engagement when he turned his own two wives to the Villains Act and exiled them following the banishment of the humans, leaving only Cilith as his only mind-control implanted slave. Over the years since, the VA were earnestly impress by his power and how firm he was in keeping it, and they were sure to know this time that he had a well-meaning goal behind his otherwise still unpleasent ways. Then, Qui desided to send some of the best negosiators to deside that it was time to have Awesome Jaxtom joined in light that the VA was entering it's twilight hours in that due to the arrest of Tex and the rise of unregulated extreme evil, the Grand Council and the Federations were becoming more determined to bring the VA to it's knees, as she and the VA Council deemed Jaxtom the perfect guy to secure their reign, or at the least offer contengingcy plans in cause of the ineditable. When the Negosiating Excutives of Corruption Co. came to him, he was asked to join the Villains Act, but he proven too proud to "waste his time" providing for an interuniversal villain empire, of which he dubbed them as "A fad eventually desten to run it's course and just be another congured obsicle for the USRA races to boast about in their celebrations", implying that he knows that the VA would not be desten to a periment rule, likely having the foresight to see that the VA's newfound failure to curb their extremests is only a matter of time before the downfall, and he deemed it a good business practice to not get invovled, and when the excutives tried to persist in offering at least a partnership if he has no interest in a membership, he scoffed and laughed at them for "being so desperate to not disappoint their superiors to even ask that", then proceeded to have guards to chase the VA executives away, wanting to make sure the VA well understands that Jaxtom perfers his independent lifesytile. Qui wasn't surprised about the refusial, in knowing that Jaxtom only did so to protect the Teadr 1 Urdian tec from their use in being a prior victim of ethicists that caused his uprising to begin with. It wasn't nessersarly the end of the interest in Jaxtom, as Qui aimed to have the VA survive from it's Twilight hours and come back strong enough to prove Jaxtom wrong and change his mind, while noting that he would still be cautious about sharing the Teadr 1 tec DIRECTLY to them as he prefered for it to be for everyone's use, as Qui would rather focus more on other things Jaxtom had to offer. However, soon, the VA would not be able to have another chance with Jaxtom come 2011.
  • The Takeover of Golgen (2008-2011)- Golgen. A soiled terrestrial planet known for it's massive gold-rich soil, and for it's vast mining colonies which use this valuable metal for currency across the AUU. However, it is also a volcanic planet with a toxic atmosphere filled with xenon, arsenic, cobalt, and bismuth. The sky is purple due to the nitrogen, and the rock and lava formations are massive. There are also flying islands and mountains levitated by loadstone. This world is the location of several gold depositories that have advanced and efficient security. There is an estimated 100 million tons of gold that are in stock at all the depositories, and the Villains Act briefly took control and enslaved the people to mine the gold for them, yet disappeared like the rest when it was taken down. 
  • The Painfully Brief War Against UIS (2008-2009)- The biggest pain the VA had to cope with, since their founding, for a good while now, is dealing with one of the Union of Independent Systems/UIS members, The Burddlefish race, along side some issues with that the freedom front that was after Laqullag was backed by an allience that wanted to restore Nexther also had UIS conections, Rocan-Racon being under legal challange against another grutt's "Legitamentcy", and claims that a UIS isolated race also fought in the Souvis conflict yet thanks to UIS clever politics kept that to levels of just being rumors, among other UIS related instences, giving the makings of imposing future adversaries indeed. Their robotic forces were levels above even the smartest and strongest of the starbots, to where even some of the fiercest of the Starbots were helpless against the stronger, smarter, and more adaptive machines of the Independent Bruddles. Also, unlike the USRA, UIS has tendingices to keep a FAR firmer grip of any undesireable individuals within their own races, so it's not like they can recruit any UIS-oriantated villains to learn weaknesses from, and UIS is too powerful for conventional attacks if the VA's troubles with the Bruddlefishes are anything to go by. Qui is espeically concerned about UIS, because one day, the VA will eventually swallow up and take down the Federations and the Grand Council and fully take over USRA orianted terratories, and that UIS would become their next penultamate challange, because just controling the USRA terratories falls short of owning the entire universes, and that it would have to include the worlds and systems of UIS. The disorganised USRA races were one thing, but UIS were still widely togather from since it's inception and even far after the USRA disbansion. They were virtually perfect, well organised, and if given a reason to, more then capable to effectively take down the VA, as well as the isolationing of isolated systems that, in a mixed blessing, are spared from knowing about the VA. Thus, Qui wanted a means to slowly chip away at UIS's core so the playing field of one day having to contend with them will be even enough that the VA can risk SOME battles with them at the least. So, she recruited the aide of an extreme group of Pro-USRA nuts under the leadership of a Sabochun who named himself "The Hound of De-Isolation", that though the group didn't exactly have much to say kindly about the VA, they desided that they hated UIS more then a mere fanactical group, so they agreed to a comtemporary partnership in what would've been a mighty war against UIS. Alas, UIS once again proved to be a vastly too powerful oppendent that thanks to espionage and Brainiacaazk inuition, even when this Anti-UIS group came to have the finest Starbots the VA can give, a unifived band of UIS soldiers made short work of any attempt to attack UIS and their isolation projects. In VA standerds, the "war" was painfully brief by 2-years, with a final battle managing to reach the Isolated Systems behind Karnavora, with the Leader's final transmission warning that there's a force that vaguely reminds him of the Humans that retreated from the AUU, but before he could finish, the transmission was cut off as what looked like a more advanced human attacked the leader, thus assuming that the leader had been slained, ending the VA's first time going after UIS, and soon, historicly, their only time. Qui wisely desided to leave UIS be for until the VA has completely taken over the USRA terratories in where they can be more prepared. However, in thanks to UIS liking to keep their affairs quiet to non-UIS forces, the USRA races are virtually unaware of this painfully brief war, and members of the feds that do would rather keep quiet in fear of the embarrisment that UIS does a better job keeping away VA threats better then they can, which the knowledge could risk having worlds having more faith in UIS then the USRA, crumbling the disorganised USRA races even more, and even the VA kept quiet about the affair because this failure would've been considered a sign of weakness, even if any battle with UIS is always a losing one.
  • The Brief Corfex Control (2009)- The planet of Corfex used to have large polar ice caps until the Villains Act came and built factories to harvest radioactive crystals inside caves, causing global warming to melt most of it, turning most of the planet into a water world. The planet was abandoned by the Villains Act soon after due to strong rebelions in the planet and severe budget constructs, leaving some of the planet's cities to be populated by only semi-aquatic or aquatic animals.
  • The Attempted Zoqunux Theaft (2009)- The VA once aimed big at the planet Zoqunix late into the UIS fight. That was because the steppe planet which is known for it's wide knowledge of military vehicle and weapon technology. This is a USRA planet, being populated by all the USRA races, and lots of Globex facilities and technofortresses are found here that create these vehicles and weapons, most of them being run by the Tiikons. It's powerful technology was almost stolen by the Villains Act if it weren't for their advanced ion cannon turrets that did great damage to ships on the VA's ownership. This along with the VA predictably losing out to UIS was amongst the VA's most crippling dark hours.
  • The Owning of Cruiter (2009-2011)- In needing a quick solution for the VA to recover from a dishastorious showdown with UIS, the VA came to be the owners of Cruiter. This is the home for several criminal syndicates and black market businesses. The Villains Act briefly owned this planet for just a year until their downfall. The VA bought the planet at the time for the purpose of recovery via capitalism, illegal trades, arena betting, gladiatorial matches, robot or mech-wrestling, combat racing, and several other sports.
  • War in Papheyous (2009-2011)- When the VA was in a decent enough shape, the VA engaged in something they can handle, like a rebelion in Papheyous. A temperate jungle planet which has massive and beautiful terrain and environment. This was once a tourist attraction and resort spot for the humans until their evacuation left sentient animals to inhabit the planet. This planet even formed it's own rebellion against the Villains Act, and was actually very close to being destroyed until the Villains Act itself eventually fell, even if the war actselly being among the smaller ones around the late VA era.

The Final Years


  • The Dawn of Team Positron (2010)- After a year of serving in the Oaxan Marines, Ace was mysteriously framed for the murder of a low-ranking and very mean marine, thus was arrested by his own forces. Despite claiming his innocence, false evidence was left on the crime scene that pointed to him, and thus he was sentenced to life imprisonment in an Oaxan prison. Fortunately, he escaped through trickery, and went off-planet to search for the person that framed him. Unable to go to the crime scene which was already cleaned up, he was forced to find other clues. But he may have found his chance when he discovers that Doctor Ogel, a person that Ace found rather familiar, came to the AUU Grand Council offering the same fusion technology he provided the Yellow Revenant to their Heroes Act, but different robot and cybernetics technology. Ogel, who had discovered that Ace was still alive, thus refused to help save the Revenants from getting destroyed, was the one who framed Ace to get him out of the way of his new plan: to make the robotic technology he offered the Heroes Act destroy the Heroes Act while under the command of the Villains Act, even having lead the same robots destroy the Oaxan Marines for the heck of it, even telling the leader of the Oxan Millaterry that it was Ogel who commited the murder to frame Ace, for the satisfaction of enjoying the shock and horror of the leader who had Ace ordered to be arrested and was planning on exicuting him. Ogel gave a satisfiving, sadistic growl when the leader killed himself in shame for blaming someone of a crime they didn't commit, which in Oxian tradition, the accuser must kill him/herself in shame for ever falsely accusing someone. But what he didn't know was that Ace had already brought together some volunteering people from all over the AUU to help take down the Villains Act, calling themselves Team Positron. They were able to discover his plan, and attempted to stop him, only for the robots to be on their trail first. After revealing what he did to his father and that he was the one who framed him, he had the entire team turned in. Ace was sent to Oaxan prison, and the others were sent there for being 'accomplices'. With them out of the picture, Ogel was finally free to begin his plan. He initiated the control sequence, and all his robots began invading the Nexx Tower where the Heroes Act heroes and the AUU Grand Council were at. They attempted to bring the building down with a fusion bomb, and Ogel was sure he would be worshipped by the Villains Act for it. Luckly, Team Positron was able to escape again through sheer luck, and they were able to diffuse the bomb in the Nexx Tower, save everyone in it, defeat Ogel, and send him to Oranos all without being seen. While the team was thought to be a myth due to loss of camera footage and no evidence that points to them, Team Positron was soon to take the Villains Act down, only to discover  that it was already taken down come 2011.
  • Lord Donatello's Tritium Bomb Incident (2010)- An ocean planet had been known to have weaponized forms of tritium, a hydrogen isotope which can bond with air, and create water. The planet of Urgnos has experimented with this isotope so much, they created a super weapon bomb which could use tritium to turn an ordinary world into an ocean planet. An Urgnosian aquatic lizard ambassador named Lord Donatello soughted to use this great weapon on Peerbon and turn it into an ocean planet, and drown all the villains. But he was warned that doing so would also end the lives of the innocent and enslaved Peerbonians who have done nothing wrong. When he kept protesting ways out of that problem, most imfamously that the Peerdonians would eventally die out anyway from being slaved to extintion, he was fired as ambassador for anti-humanitarian thoughts. Adding insult to injury, he was sent to Oranos, but miraculously escaped. Angry, Donatello decided to take matters into his own fins, ironicly joined the Villains Act to gain minions. Prior during his time of inaction, he was apparently ratted out by a certain seal-like commander named Admiral Wibe, and his new bomb was stored away, to never be used. When the VA was eventally disbanned, Don discovered the dumb luck that the Peerdonians have miracualessly recovered, proving his throey wronged, and he lives in regret that he'll be seen as nothing more then a fanactic, even forced to humor those thoughts he's now in like a form of an unescapeable void, all because he had darwinistic thoughts.
  • The Qaclite Bioterrorist Attack (2010)- Planet Qaclite was a known target they had when they were still around. The planet was known to be a plant-based technological world where genetic hybrid fruits were made, as well as a tree-surfing gymnastic and biological supercomputers. The Villains Act knows the planet because it's where they wreaked biological warfare. They have been intending to use the technology they had to their advantage, and one certain person from that planet called the Helix Lord had shown them about it. He said that the biological supercomputers were known to have no outlets, and instead needed nutrients for power. The VA thought that this would be a neat power source for their machines. The Helix Lord was willing to help them out because the ruler of his kingdom, the future Grand Councilwoman Lotus, had shut down his projects for plants with biological pesticides and artificial evolution. So he was told to guide them to the location of his home so their biological agent, Chuck Le Poi-Son, can take care of it. He moved all his research away in time for Chuck to drop a poisonous gas bomb into the kingdom, and poison everything within it. With survivors scarce, one of them including Lotus, the Villains Act had originally intended to declare biological war on the planet trying to seek out the secret on how to create the biological supercomputers. However, they were unable to do so thanks to them being destroyed before they could do it.
  • Tharvis Disaster (2010-2011)- Tharvis was a desert lava planet which is an Ohrugan colony known for the famous Tharvis Disaster, which was the result of a terrorist attack by the Villains Act to a nuclear reactor which devastated a million people. This attack was considered an act of war which the Ohrugan Ranger Core had no choice but to declare war with the Villains Act, which didn't last very long since the war lasted for until the Villains Act's downfall.
  • The Hindsightly Pointless Mouphynous Surrender (2010-2011)- A very late event in the VA occured in Mouphynous, a planet in a system known for the conflict between the VA and the Cunone rebelion and was close to being a turning point. It was a massive rainforest planet which has a purple sky as the result of it's small concentration of argon, as well as a rich amount of plants and animals. This is a Cunone colony where several megalopolis cities were built, and it was also a world that supported several Cunone Rebellion bases until most of them were destroyed by the Villains Act. This attack was so intense, the world itself surrendered, and this world was briefly under their control until the Villains Act was destroyed, making the leaders realise that, in hindsight, the surrender was stupidly pointless to the point that the leaders resigned on how stupid they felt that they could've just bared it for a few more attacks until the VA was disbanned. Ever since, the Cunones have restored this planet to it's former glory. 
  • Corruption Co. Vs. Globex (2010-2011)- This event took place in Lipher. A mountainous tundra planet which has coniferous forests, icy valleys, large rock formations, grassy ice wastelands, and a large amount of introduced wildlife. This world was terraformed by Globex to be a great colony which helps Xalcrom and Talachor with military technology of all kinds, but also provides for the people that live on this planet in large megalopolises or normal-sized cities. Globex has become like a megacorporation here as they seem to be in control of this planet including the Omninet. During the Exo-Wars, this planet was attacked and Globex nearly lost control of it and almost lost the people's trust. It would later move on to having a brief war with Corruption Co. which had an equal megacorporation control of this planet for the Villains Act until the corporate war ended abruptly following news of the VA's downfall, and Corruption Co. was chased off the planet before it started serving the Dark Radicals. The Dark Radicals are considering helping Corruption Co. reclaim it's former control of this planet.
  • The Prevented Attack on Caesaur (2010-2011)- Among some of the VA's final, and struggling, invadtions, was in Caesaur. This is a Seron colony which was also the capital of the Seron Rebellion. The Serons, like the Cunones, liked the humans since they interacted with them a few times, and though not as hurt by their departure, they felt they owed it to them to fight and avenge them by forming their own rebellion. The main base of the Rebellion spans an entire 100ft soil platform that is actually mobile, and has the greatest defenses the Serons have. This world was actually discovered by the Villains Act, but before they could attack, the Legion halted them before they could do so, and on the same week the Villains Act itself was destroyed, which added into the indigitity that they were so close to really hurt a rebelion, and that even if they had won, the victory would've been meaningless. Once the Villains Act was over, this world became the capital of the Seron Praetorium.
  • The Zurce Near-Conquest (2010-2011)- Zurce has been in battles in the entirety of the Exo-Wars, AUU Third Cartoonian War, the Interuniversal War, and when the Villains Act nearly got their hands on the weapon vaults, they had to be decommissioned and relocated across the AUU for safety. But it didn't stop the Villains Act from retrieving some anyway and laying siege on over a hundred cities and enslaving everyone in them, basically taking control over the planet itself and their far-more superior military overwhelmed even the Zurcian military, or even the military of the other planets in the Warbothians' control. But when the Villains Act was taken down, this left the rather recent new conguring usurper and the leader of the invadtion in a RATHER awkword position as he was JUST about to get started on his regime, thus resulting in a stupidly quick uprising that lead to the planet being freed from their very brief control, and peace prospered. The world quickly recovered, and the world defended itself from even small traces of the Villains Act including the Dark Radicals.
  • The Tobfest Near-Conquest (2010-2011)- Tobfest was an ecumenopolis planet which was actually built by the sentient animals with the assistance of the Yuruns as a reward for their alliance in this system. This is a vastly-populated planet in which the Yuruns are honored for their heroism in defending them against the forces of the Villains Act. This world was also attacked by the VA and defended from them, yet was briefly in control of them as well. However, just as the would've been conguror was about to glout his victory, a messinger warned that the VA just got disbanned, de-legitimising his claim of the planet, thus leading to the bewildered commander's capture and the defeat of his exhausted Starbot army. Cause the Villains Act fell, this world was in the animals control once again.
  • The Joke War (Disrupted)- The VA were once victims of a prank by the ever prank-happy Jokedons. An attempt to get the VA to reconsider their actions by pranking one of their best generals to make a direct and costly invadtion to a well armed USRA planet and ended up losing un-surprisingly and was arrested as a result. This lead to the VA declaring a war on Jokalivia for misleading a valuable general to his capture AND for a prank, but fortunately, this was declaired a day before their disbansioned, and the attack on Jokalivia was prevented before it can even be acknowledged.
  • The Fall of the Villains Act (2011)

More coming soon...

Villains and Forces

VA Council

  • Nuke Munbay- A former Grand Councilman for the AUU until he was fired for an embezzlement scandal. He would become a leader for a separate remnant group to restore villain rule. (Status: New villain leader of the Dark Radicals)
  • Rude Hacko- Nuke's obnoxious but relatively-brilliant cousin who was a part of Nuke's embezzlement scheme, and a former AUU Grand Councilman. (Status: Second-in-command of the Dark Radicals)
  • Pow Nado- An ex-senator for the AUU who was fired for the reckless invention of a dangerous weapon. He went with Nuke to be part of another threat. (Status: With Nuke in the Dark Radicals)
  • Pickles- A former dictator who came close to conquering the AUU until he was ridiculed for his name, followed by an impeach from his own people when the senators of his planet found courage upon knowledge of his name, and joined the VA to ensure that he is still a dangerous threat regardless of a ridiculous name. (Status: With Nuke in the Dark Radicals)
  • Sue Wai- A celebrated healer and teacher who was corrupted from a VA conspiracy against her by Glowrod and masterminded by Mind-Warper for trying to cure out darkness. Her corruption is still regulated even to this day. (Status: Still corrupted and with Nuke in the Dark Radicals)
  • Mind Warper- A mind-controlling supervillain of an infamous status. His motives and direct origin are still in ongoing debates. (Status: With Nuke in the Dark Radicals)
  • Cassel Argentia- A tragically-stricken former religious leader who was wronged by a corrupt chapel government for not having a heretic executed. He is routinely plagued by moral conflicts and the least-motivated of the Council. (Status: With Nuke in the Dark Radicals)
  • Sam Bill- A former banker with a coward's weak-will that lost his job because of Nuke and Rude dragging him on their embezzlement scheme. Another least-useful and functional Council member due to him being a morally-conflicted coward. (Status: With Nuke in the Dark Radicals)
  • Bloggle the Ancient- An exiled and dethroned tyrant bent on claiming back what was once his. He is mainly the forerunner of the many VA drone series, particularly with the Starbot Series, and has contributed with making evil plans well-enough, but was held back for being old thanks to the age-discriminating Nuke. He also has an odd fascination with pinwheels. (Status: With Nuke in the Dark Radicals)

Secret Founders

  • Unknown Dark Founder- No one knows the identity of the true main founder of the Villains Act, not even Kafar, Jling Sling and Xandronian. They actually think they're the real founders. The main founder is said to be more powerful than any other villain in the Villains Act, and hides his identity by using his magic to alter people's minds in different ways.
  • Grand Duke Kafar-Ja- Anonymous name Head Secret Founder K, he is the leading and main de facto of one of many secret founders of the Villains Act who tricked the rest of mankind into leaving to the Tranquility Zone and never coming back. (Status: Still at large in The Tranquility Zone and keeping humans out of the AUU)
  • Jling Sling- Anonymous name Secret Founder J, he is one of the many founders and prime leaders of the Villains Act who is an undercover member of the AUU Grand Council that reports on anything that the AUU Grand Council, or even the Legion, intends to do. (Status: Currently undercover and is a member of the AUU Grand Council)
  • Lord Xandronian- Anonymous name Secret Founder X, he is one of the many founders and prime leaders of the Villains Act who was in charge of outside events and track records. He is a sea squirrel who has been involved with the incidents that corrupted Xerxes XX, as well as a few other crimes. (Status: Currently being the leader of sea squirls in Carbunga with no proven evidnece of his crimes, if not even proven that he did any.)
  • Master Bross- Anonymous name Secret Founder B, he is one of the many founders and lesser-known prime leaders of the Villains Act who was in charge of regulating science and technology, as well as a consultant for Corruption Co. He was once a robotics tycoon for Globex until he was shut down after going over-budget. Since then, he dedicated his life to villainy. (Status: Whereabouts unknown)
  • Chancellor Siarra- Anonymous name Secret Founder S, she is one of the many founders and one of the lesser-known prime leaders of the Villains Act who was in charge of politics. She was once an aquatic mammalian governor for her home planet until she made choices that caused her to get replaced. She then aided in the founding of the Villains Act. (Status: Whereabouts unknown)
  • Supreme Lord Salibax- Anonymous name Secret Founder SX, he is one of the many founders and lesser-known prime leaders of the Villains Act who was in charge of diplomacy. He is a gelatinous Gooorytan who was mainly responsible for the conflicts about sharing his own planet's primary resource, Zox, with the UUniverses until he was betrayed by his insensitive vice-president, Butt-Scum, who took his place. He had eventually took the wrong path and became the prime diplomat and judge for the Villains Act before it was destroyed. (Status: Whereabouts unknown)
  • Ambassador Omalir- Anonymous name Secret Founder O, he is one of the many founders and lesser-known prime leaders of the Villains Act who was in charge of legislation and civil economics. He is a sapient wise-man who was formerly an ambassador for Peerbon and it's residents. He secretly did dealings with the empire that would eventually become the Villains Act, and thanks to his support, they gained immunity of the law before anyone could discover it, and he was made the ambassador of the Villains Act, which dominated the planet entirely. Omalir was since the target of several rebellion assassination attempts that were all stopped by the Starbots. (Status: Whereabouts unknown)
  • Count Pijix- Anonymous name Secret Founder P, he is one of the many founders and lesser-known prime leaders of the Villains Act who was the governor of the Villains Act, the spokesperson for the VA Council, and the magistrate for it's courts. He was an ally of Nuke Munbay and helped him form the Villains Act Council, but because of his forced attempt to be the leader of the Council, he was made a governor of the Villains Act, and was stripped of all Council privileges as punishment. Angry, Pijix tried to usurp Nuke for years by manipulating both the Villains Act and the Legion in the hopes that Nuke would be humiliated and kicked out. He was unable to do this when the VA was destroyed, and he was able to flee Peerbon and plotted to take over the Dark Radicals. (Status: Still at large)
  • Mage Garlock- Anonymous name Secret Founder G, he is one of the many founders and prime leaders of the Villains Act who was in charge with magocratics (diplomacy involving the use of magic). He is an Auguran who has been in charge of keeping track of all magic users in the Villains Act, as well as keeping reports on invasions of magical worlds. (Status: Whereabouts unknown)
  • Overlord Tokath- Anonymous name Secret Founder T, he was one of the many founders and prime leaders of the Villains Act who was in charge of invasions and for ultimately commanding all VA military powers. He is a Kepellan who was raised on Warboth until he quit after refusing to accept that he failed to avenge his dead family because of a holiday truce. He grew bitter and has since helped found the Villains Act on a personal mission to destroy his enemies, but quickly became unpopular after his respondsability of causing the Secret Founders to turn on Tex and left him to be captured, and after the truth was let out since the Grooka situation and spread by Glowrod after the word reached to him in thanks to Narcotic and Celisus, causing alot of villains to forsake the Secret Founders, he was ultamately booted out of the Villains Act's Secret Founder circle and was even exposed anomimously as a founder by his fellow founders. (Status: Whereabouts unknown)
  • Lord Reague- Anonymous name Secret Founder R, he is one of the many founders and lesser-known prime leaders of the Villains Act responsible for regulating criminal syndicates, the black-market, gambles, and criminal profits. He is a sun-antlered deer from Danoucant which had formerly been a crime boss until his syndicate was taken down by the Human Protection Agency. He was considered one of the greatest crime bosses in AUU history, earning him his place in the Villains Act. (Status: Whereabouts unknown)
  • Chairman Aggics- Anonymous name Secret Founder A, he is one of the many founders and prime leaders of the Villains Act who was in charge of economics and currency, as well as keeping track of the Villains Act's access to wealth. He is a Troodon-like dinosaur that was a former worker for the AUU Currency Troupe, and as the result of being fired and arrested for insurance fraud, he went onto becoming the main banker and depositor for the Villains Act. (Status: Whereabouts unknown)
  • Miss Wuliffe- Anonymous name Secret Founder W, she is one of the many founders and lesser-known prime leaders of the Villains Act who was in charge of reporting the activities of other villain teams across the AUU, as well as bring info on unknown worlds. She is a flightless aquatic auk who had lost her family due to a war between to rivaling gangs, and when they both remained unpunished, she became a member of the Villains Act for the purpose of preventing any wars against the Villains Act and any other villain team. (Status: Whereabouts unknown)
  • Eviscerator- Anonymous name Secret Founder E, he is among the many founders of the Villains Act, though refuses to take the credit. After his brother 'abandoned' him long before the VA, he helped found it by fighting in the battle for Peerbon, but then he went independent because of his lack of patience and preference to stick out for himself. (Status: Still at large)

High-Ranking Villains

  • Darkness Qui- An Original UUniversal dragon who was abducted to be a scapegoat leader since Jling Sling and Xandronian, as well as the other founders, have fragile reputations. She thinks she was a Zewinsaur after plastic surgery and memory wipe, and is the prime commanding leader of the Villains Act. (Status: Reformed)
  • Count Mooku- A former regal-man canine who is Qui's personal adviser and talented laser-sword warrior. Mooku has been accused of being a obsessed fanatic by even the weakest members for beleving the world of Lonies, Equaria, is still around after it was thought to have been lost during an invasion. (Status: Unknown, but assumedly still on the loose)
  • Director Ogent- A Simobe from Planet Pycabulon who is the Villains Act's media leader that was bored with the dull normal life and decided that he needed action and excitement. Thus he joined the Villains Act and became it's media crime boss that not only helps the Villains Act with it's many broadcasts and media, but was the leader and host of the illegal gladiator show VA Deadlockers. He even had a son that became his second top gladiator and assistant. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Chairman Oribem- The chairman who has been known to have provided the Villains Act full access to the AUU Currency Troupe through a successful scam that gave the Villains Act enough wealth to afford anything they wanted, while other AUU Currency Troupe staff would start underground banking services to continue non-VA profits, particularly for rebellions. (Status: Still at large)
  • CEO Backer Stabbington- The president and CEO of Corruption Co, which is a corrupt branch of Globex made to provide technology for the Villains Act. (Status: Still at large)
  • Mistress Zirmage- A magical leader who had been trying for years to get the Villains Act to target unknown worlds so that they could increase their power, much to the skepticism of Qui. She had a lot of power, yet she was honorable and never used them to harm fellow villains unless they were incomprehensible. She actually hails from the godly world of Parable, where she was rumored to have been a part of the evil forces of the AUU First Cartoonian War, yet she has no memory of such a thing, yet gains visions from the Dark Founder himself. She believes that the Villains Act failed because they refused to heed to her whims. She is basically the AUU version of Mirage. (Status: Locked up in Oranos)
  • Sage Gerana- An Angellan who sought to bring Teadr 1 technology to the Villains Act, and her efforts of doing so were easily bested by the Yatorans and the Legion. She is a very powerful spell-caster and an all-knowledgeable sage that had limited predictions of the future. She had her own hideout on her species' home planet until it was robbed of her during the fall of the Villains Act. She has since been seeking revenge. (Status: Still at large)


  • Xerxes XX- An evil totalitarian emperor of the Metavincemander Kingdom of Carbungia that was formerly groomed to be benevolent, but was ruined by careful manipulation. While not a necessarily a true founder, is among one of the most feared and powerful benefactors of the Villains Act and his influence in the Metavincemander Empire has been able to get the Villains Act off the ground in it's early days until it has proven powerful enough to be independent to Xerxes' involvment, but he still has a commanding presence in the Villains Act thanks to Jling because of it, and is technically a founder since independent help in founding the VA counts as founding. While he is not contributing for the Villians Act, he is focused on a more personal goal against sea squirrels, which he doesn't know that one of the founder is a sea squirrel, and helped bring Qui to the AUU. He had attempted a genocide of the sea squirrels and built concentration camps to kill them, but was finally thwarted by the very one source of power that could've earn him that chance. (Status: Serving Professor Eagle Beak)
  • The Doominsmar Clan- A clan of sapertoothed rogs and dark regels that earned their wealth and power through causing doom and gloom. They were the earliest benufactors to the VA post Xerxes' assendsion, and were the boost the group had to be able to pull off the attack on Jenovis like they did. Palace Doominsmar in their terratory of Uttor Prime in litterally the neightbering system of Uttor to Gigigi, became the subject of a reactionary raid when the egoistical prince of the clan, Prince Doominsmar, made the mistake of bragging about aiding the VA's first success in meant to spite a rival's face, who turned out to be a VERY creditable Minor Counciler in the Grand Council and only succeeded to inadvertingly doom the clan. The entire clan were arrested as a consiquence. The VA would have future benufactors practice better caution about their exploits, unless they're too powerful or well-protected, to avoid suffering a simular fate to the Doominsmar clan. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos).
  • Horrarian- An AUUian Komodo Dragon who replaced his organs with indestructable cyber-organs, even transfering his conjustusious to a cyber brain to atthive artifical immortality, so to become the immortal warlord that is always successful in attacking planets and taking away their reshorces as "Tribute" as suppose to traditional conquest in having a simular philosify to the Storm King in that ruling the planet you just attacked and usurped of goverment is a breeding ground of rebelion, so he deemed it smarter to just take what he wanted and leave the planet with the scar of his attack as a reminder of who did so to them. This said, what got his attention to even be a VA benufactor even when he has a considerably alternate philosify to them was alchourse, the Jenovis Tragity, as he believed that the conquest was "Masterfully Done", even from the VA's limitations. So in post of the Doominsmar clan suffering that fateful raid, Horrarian introdused himself and became benufactor. Of the Benufactors, he was the first to actselly try to bring the VA back himself, via reviving a big powerhouse Starbot Factory and build an army large enough to retake Peerbon, but was foiled by Vancer Lancer. (Status: Locked up on Oranos)
  • Lord Corrk- A Grookian warlord with a violent vendetta against a legendary being and an army of creatures in Grooka. He only benufacted them for return of a starbot army. Since the VA's fall, he was forced to rely on himself to seek out his revenge, but then made the mistake of agreeing with the Secret Founders to a conspiracy to coherse Qui back into the VA which ultamately backfired cause he got too abusive to Celisus and Narcotic that forced the Qui Program to cause his bot army to revolt on him, costing him everything as he was a sacrivical step to the Secret Founders' otherwise botched attempt to get Qui back. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • King Jall- A bird tyrant benefactor from Planet Waeetis. He only started benefiting to get a private Starbot army for reasons he insisted are confindental, even to Qui. While not world congury evil like the Villains' Act, who he only benefited for security, where as far as everyone in Waeetis was concerned, he was asentually a doughebag and too money focused to ever be worthy of king. Reguardless, he was turned on by his brother thanks to a village leader that exposed him to the HA and the Lougers, but there is now a noticable strange feeling about Jall since, apart from being understandably miffed about being arrested and got hoity toity with his insults, that there was something that isn't what it seemed with Jall. (Status: Locked up on Oranos)
  • Overlord Ovakill- Also refered to as "Overkill the Unstoppable", he was a powerful benufactor that is typically the most unstoppable Overlord in the AUU. However, as of 2017 of the Lougers' United Universes, in an attempt of a planned attack in said universes starting with Spongebob's world, he ended up falling victim to extremely bad timing as his ship and army, with him on it, were destroyed by a self-destructing Krakatoa teleported there by Spirule. (Status: Deceased).
  • Fib Atonalota- The slimy Bib Fortuna-look-a-like majordomo of Lubbloge the Notorious who is benufacting his Grutt's money behind his back in hoping to one day get the VA's eventual arrival to Partooine to help him secure it's famed reshorce and usurp control away from the surprisingly more subdued and honorable grutt inspite of the namesake because he felt like he was given a "Dud Grutt". However, eventually in an attempt to seek out the substence independent of the VA since their fall sometime after the Leader Initive, Lubbloge finally got wise and "Retired" Fib via allowing him to be captured and arrested by the HA and the Lougers. (Status: Locked up on Oranos)
  • The Dark Starmapper- An Opiqian Darkness Sage known mostly as The Dark Starmapper who benefacted the VA cause of asperations of utilising them against the Beamflies. However, he is easily annoyed by "Typical Mortal Incompidence" and their persistent failure to get the VA back ever since disbansion. He had mostly been absint until he vollenteered to go after Star Butterfly during her community service in the AUU in return of the Dark Rads finally getting their act togather and get to reviving the VA. Though initionally, because he was such a perfectionst jerk about how the VA was handled that the VA desided to ditch him the moment he demanded too high and great of an order to obey. However, he earns the Dark Rads' favor apawn them being threaten by Star Butterfly being under community service. However, in thanks to interfearence from greater forces, a rival's fate was changed to still be around the Vaxies, this being Mage Lyght, who she proceeded to slay and banish into Kingdom Hearts during the attempted attack. (Status: Deceased/Banished to Kingdom Hearts)
  • Gryson Maan- An elderly crippled bird who is a former businessman that provided the AUU with weaponry through his company, Globex Warnomics, until he was crippled by a rather-controversial Legion general for refusing to heed to their orders of shutting Globex Warnomics down due to outliving it's usefulness. Now unable to fly, Gryson had founded Maan Incorporated as a black-market trading company that helped sell stolen goods and wealth all across the AUU, particularly for the Villains Act. He had several helpers, and his business is centered on Planet Iircen. (Status: Still at large)

More coming soon...

Mid-Ranking Villains

Supervillains/Magic Users/Dictators/Conquerors/Tyrants

  • Lord Serbeus- A dark sorcerer Mordoid who is a master at destruction and tyranny. He has lead a few anti-rebellion invasion forces on several worlds and remains one of the most feared and unchallenged tyrants in the Villains Act. (Status: Locked up in Oranos)
  • Reaping Rever- A tyrannical renegade that was trained by the Galaxuns in Gex until he grew corrupt with this power, left the system, and became a member of the Villains Act, bent on using this power for conquest and tyranny. (Status: Locked up in Oranos)
  • Cuede- A land cephalopod from Planet Tau who was a former worker of Globex in the Military Division on Mag Ianati until he went rogue and took over his own home town to smuggle illegal firearms for the Villains Act, as well as smuggling cryptovite from Planet Duruta to increase weapon power immensely, making his armies among the most unstoppable. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Strykes- A conqueror who has been looking to be the best in the Villains Act, augmenting himself with serums, life-extension serums, and dark magic. He has since become a powerful force to the Villains Act for his abilities and achievements. (Status: Locked up on Oranos)
  • Lord Chaosk- A tyrant who has magic capable of destroying planets. Since he destroyed his own home planet, he has been conquering several others with the threat of doing this. His magic is immeasurable in power, as he can tear holes in the fabric of reality by screaming. He has later been imprisoned in a stasis capsule by the Yatorans for his crimes. (Status: Imprisoned in stasis)
  • Drakeon- A barbaric Vikorean conqueror of hundreds of villages on his species' home planet. He joined the Villains Act to be provided with the power to destroy his enemies with the use of dark magic, being able to control the many monsters on his home planet, as well as control people through their own blood. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Screeched Death- A black magic sorcerer who attempted to take over a magical planet until his defeat in the hands of an ultra-religious magical hero. (Status: Still at large)
  • Vesa the Invincible- A conquering android which was from an old Globex experiment until he went rogue to pursue a conquering dream. He is an android with immense strength, flight, and an antimatter reactor core in his chest that surrounds him with a shield that makes him invincible, and only a massive amount of damage to the core can stop him. He was eventually robbed of this reactor core, and locked up. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Energeon- A conqueror who was born as the result of a magical augmentation on Planet Recex, as he gained the power to control anything electronic, can manifest a variety of powers, and he can wield, swing, throw, and augment two plasma blades with total ease. He still remains one of the strongest and ruthless experimental magic creations ever to join the Villains Act. (Status: Still at large)
  • Master Ganali- An evil warrior reptile who once ruled a technocratic empire twice, and with his own series of battle robots, he was deemed unstoppable for a while. The second time, when he ruled his empire on Sioephus, he had been beaten by Byron Buster and his friends in a rebellion. (Status: Escaped and is currently at large)
  • Doombug- An evil and insane insect dictator who's anger about society 'refusing to let him save his girlfriend' drove him to try and become the President of the Opassap System, only to be banished. He then got an army of outlaw insectoids that helped him try and take over Sioephus, and possibly conquer more worlds until he was defeated by Byron Buster and his friends. While he may be as small as a newborn baby, he was still a deadly adversary. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Aqua Regia- A ruthless fish warlord similar to Dr. Blowhole, only a girl, and a fish. She despises land creatures for their affects on her ocean home of Aqorica, and has been trying for years to use her intellect, tainted by evil, to flood entire planets for revenge. She even hates the Villains Act cause of the land creatures it process, meaning her joining was considered, ironic, and even after joining them, she only did so to get the technology to exact her revenge, and frankly, doesn't care too much about their interests in world domination, just seeing it as just typical idiotic land creature polotics. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Sorgan 6.0- A war machine that went rogue after being neglected and almost deleted by his masters. He took over their military power and used it to begin an anti-rebellion campaign to take over the worlds of several rebellions, being one of the strongest conquerors ever known until being inevitably shut down. (Status: Shut down)
  • Bionic Birath- A cyborg who is noted for being a former genius warlord during the Interuniversal War until he was killed and resurrected to a much stronger war machine. He is a close relative of Roboface that rejects his beliefs, believing himself that robotics can do something far better if they are acknowledged, and he lived on Axthone for years since his resurrection, tricking robots into serving him and tried to take it over until he was defeated by his own creations. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Krolken the Sharp- A Tiyxubosian Draccasaur warlord who tries to provide dinosaur-based weaponry to the Villains Act, though is constantly thwarted by the Dinosaur Training Force. (Status: Still at large)
  • Cira Thammock VII- A female marsupial tyrant leader of the Thammock Empire that rests in a lawless sector in the AUU. Even when the VA was disbanded, this Empire still remains to this day, and even the Heroes Act have a tough time dealing with it. (Status: Still at large)
  • Lord Vallous- A simian technological overlord who aimed to protect his people from death, and they have been around since the beginning of the Interuniversal War thanks to the overuse of life-extension serums and cosmetics, which gave his people mummified appearances which they have to wear robes to cover up. Vallous was planning to harness and steal magical energy from Planet Ferus so his people can gain their youth back, not realizing that it could be devastating to his home. (Status: Deceased)
  • Taurus the Horrible- An evil wizard who is just as powerful as Maleficent, and just as intimidating. His powers are beyond comprehension, and no one has been known to defeat him. To this day, he remains to be one of the most nightmarish villains the Villains Act had ever had. (Status: Still at large)
  • Bestiary Master- A mutant tyrant who believes that animals provide all the power needed for villainy, and thus turned his own town into one of companionship with non-sentient animals that were enhanced with illegal genetic and cybernetic experiments, and even injected himself with a serum that mixes his DNA every day and grants him enhanced animal powers. He was eventually defeated by the Heroes Act. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Queen Rarium- A rich queen who has access to the mines of the richest source of rarium in the AUU, and hogged it all to herself, using this wealth to wreak havoc and take over world after world with her children acting as her elite guard, and enslaving all the miners, and creating robot to act as guards, wielding energy whips and blasters. She was eventually arrested by the Heroes Act. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Helix Lord- A warlord who is a genius in eugenics and biology. He is able to harness an artificially-created substance called dnaxium which gives him the power to manipulate biological makeup, and create his own monsters and supersoldiers, as well as himself. (Status: Deceased)
  • Teer Val VIX- A Crinathashan prince who had once been the heir of his father's throne until a conspiracy involving a seemingly-convincing assassination of a neighboring king left him the culprit and got his position disbanded, being taken by his sister. Teer decided to run away after berating his own family, and became a sorcerer leader who enslaved 7 cities and did slave trades for the Villains Act. His empire was unable to be taken down by the Legion for it's incredible security system, and the incredible magical powers Teer possessed. (Status: Still at large)
  • Master Natal- A magical moa-like tyrant warrior from Planet Recex, the world where magic replaces science. He uses magic like science, and has mastered it so much, he has been dubbed almost unstoppable. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Queen Ookama- A sadistic obese ostrich-like dictator who ruled over a small area on Coclite. She was known to be a sword-fighter and had constantly been having people beheaded when opposing her. She is basically like the Queen of Hearts of the AUU. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Elm the Elemental- A tyrannical wizard who uses over 4 ancient tiki masks to grant him the ability to manipulate air, earth, fire, and water. He has been deemed unstoppable with these powers, but he was later defeated by the Heroes Act. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Lord Dominus- An invading scorpion-like tyrant who conquers worlds with his entire colony, and is a master producer of chemical weapons. He uses these chemicals, specifically a mind-control serum, to take over world after world, turning people into drones for his own tyranny. (Status: Locked up on Oranos)
  • Homer Cide- A philosophical supervillain who once owned a Villains Act educational school until it was shut down by the Beta Feds, leaving him to search his hardest for their base and destroy it, but has never done it. (Status: Still at large)
  • Khimi III- A female tyrant who actually fools people with her man-like appearance through her armor and strength. Her goal is to conquer as many planets as she can in order to gain enough power to begin her own empire, having an entire army of machines and a warship. (Status: Locked up on Oranos)
  • Commander Gygax- A cyborg canine and underground leader responsible for ensuring that the Heroes Act didn't escalate to threatening proportions, destroying the Hero Hive multiple times and proving difficult to defeat. Eventually falling following the VA's disbanding. (Status: Locked up on Oranos)

Assassins and Warriors

  • Gronsla- A brainwashed former member of the Renegades of Gronan, and the son of it's old renegade lord, Lord Gronculum. After the extinction of the Renegades in the hands of the Villains Act, Gronsla was surgically modified, brainwashed, and memory-wiped into a ruthless warrior who had the skills, versatility, and brutality to do anything perfectly. He never lost a fight before, and had aided in anti-rebellion battles. He has yet to remember who he was. (Status: Locked up on Oranos in a rehabilitation center)
  • Cyber Knight- A robotic soldier which was created by Corruption Co. to be an ultimate warrior, and they ended up abducting a rebellion leader and using him as the AI for this unit, and thus it became a perfect war machine. (Status: Placed in reabilation Center)
  • Lethal Arms- A former member of the Ohrugan Ranger Core who was modified by Corruption Co. into a cybernetic superweapon with arms that can switch into particle miniguns that can do maximum damage, and the fists can be launched and navigated. He can also wield any weapon imaginable. (Status: Still at large)
  • Oaglock- A Promenan who had modified his own body to become a mercenary capable of impressive feats. The life-support armor covering his body seems to hide whatever face is shedding tears after a very tragic past that left him to become a villain. Exel had intended to include Oaglock into his ongoing plan, but it was reveiled that he was hired by a envious skorned lover of the imperial princess Ucasashi was to be wedded to, to assassinate Ucasashi, but the trained samarei reflexfully sliced at a very vital part of Oaglock's life-support, which caused him to sufficate to death. Ucasashi then uncovered the fallen merc's journel, where outside of learning Oaglock's sad past, also learned his hirer's name, and brought the conspiritor to justice. Even inspite of Oaglock's part, Ucasashi had the honor to give him a burial, cause "His body should be at peace just as much his spirit is now". (Status: Deceased.)
  • Delah Blade- A blue feline who wields two plasma swords and is agile and nearly-unstoppable. She wields her sword with no mercy and has plowed through armies on her own, being a fallen hero. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Arvald the Beast- A mutant overlord who was created by the Helix Lord, but left him because he didn't want to serve someone he believes is an 'outrageous know-it-all who thinks genetics is everything'. He was made an independent assassin for a distant planet, and his mutant powers ensured that he was difficult to stop. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Augmenaught- An Augean assassin who was experimented on by Corruption Co. to become a perfect assassin, though not being the best, is still strong enough to get the tough jobs done. He can augment any attack to inflict more damage, and he can heal from a lot of injuries. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Zatana- A Suji assassin from Planet Sujimus who was considered one of the most beautiful assassins in the Villains Act. She wields an energy blade and a sniper rifle, and is a master of martial arts. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Gogar Gomes- A lizard assassin who has been experimented on to have an augmented healing factor, being able to heal from many things including critical wounds, broken arms, and has an accelerated lifespan. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Sir Zword- A hyper-knight abducted from Planet Hegemon by the Villains Act and given neuroshock treatment to corrupt him into a lethal fighting machine that wields two plasma swords that can slice through almost anything. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Master Stromge- A large muscular assassin with an unknown past. Whatever it was, he was made into a creature with a durable hide that can withstand various forms of firepower. He has been trained in 13 martial arts, and he has been among the toughest fighter in the Villains Act. However, when the Villains Act fell, he was sent to Oranos. (Status: Locked up in Planet Oranos)
  • Sage Garbon- A being made of pure plasma, formerly an innocent Peerbonian dragged into this by bad luck and VA Starbots, who was created in an illegal Corruption Co. experiment. As a result, Garbon turned into pure plasma, and possessed the power of a thousand suns. He was nicknamed a sage for being able to wield plasma like magic, and became a true space warlock. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Slash Burn- A hitman who has been known to be very menacing for his powerful custom plasma grenades, his energy sword, and his unknown identity. He has 3 other henchwomen with him who are each as deadly as he is. (Status: Still at large)
  • Gunmaster- A heavily-armored supersoldier who was a former hero for the Interuniversal War until he left as the result of being disgraced, and he was then made a strong and quick gunslinger that could fire a gun quickly and accurately. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Thakkus- An VA primate assassin who was previously a bounty hunter raised by a single adopted crime lord father until his capture left him to become a member of the Villains Act in an attempt to rescue him. When the Villains Act was destroyed, Thakkas went back to bounty hunting, but he preferred to stay away from the Bounty Hunter Consortium due to the fact that the Consortium wasn't exactly 'dead-on loyal' to the Villains Act and if 'convinced' well enough, would ultimately turn on him. (Status: Still at large as an independent bounty hunter)
  • Farina the Rash- A female rodent ninja assassin who has a plasmatic left arm capable of many kinds of powers, and was a master of kunoichi (called 'unkaschi' in the AUU) with her small amount of clothing. She has been flirted on by most villains but she hurts anyone who goes too far. (Status: Still at large)
  • Quill Shot- A porcupine-like assassin who uses his own poisonous quills as blades or arrows for his crossbow, and is exceptionally-skilled in combat. (Status: Locked up on Oranos)
  • Master Tox- An toxic amphibian assassin who kills with his toxic skin and his bio-firearms. He is also skilled in martial arts and was among the best fighters in the Villains Act. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Ajass Laser- A former hyper-knight from Planet Gregamoon until she went renegade after she was being considered too reckless. She wields a plasma staff and a customary pistol with different settings. She is like the AUU version of Asajj Ventress (Status: Still at large)
  • Cyber Caera- A cyborg dinosaur mercenary who was formerly a member of the Inferno Cyberpunks until she left for being an outcast for her alternative beliefs. Out of frustration, she became one of the Villains Act's best mercenaries. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Quick-Wing- A bird-of-prey mercenary who is an expert flier and former Navy officer for his home planet. He is a very quick and agile flier that can dodge gunfire, and kill with extreme grace. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Miss Syshem- A Human/Satran hybrid who was from a town where hybrids were not treated very well, and after years of oppression, she became a mercenary who wields two customary energy pistols with various settings, as well as two dual electric blades. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Dead Rainbow- A rainbow-tailed peacock warrior which is a stepbrother to Gen Qill who was trained in martial arts, and later became a mercenary after accidentally causing a disgrace to his family. He wields two vibroblades, and can throw in thermal detonators anywhere. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Jiarna-X7- An android warrior built in the image of an ancient Rabodan warrior of the same name. It was built in a project meant to make the ultimate warrior, and was a complete success, though in the wrongest ways possible. The android, while serving the VA, was as rash as Jiarna, and has occasionally attacked it's superiors. It was eventually shut down by the Alpha Federation. (Status: Disabled and resting on Pharagu)
  • Conqueror Strongstone- An Anthrocorn turned into a conqueror after cruel circumstance and was defeated by Miria of Highstone. (Status: Deceased)


  • Doctor Worx- The head of the Robotics Division in Corruption Co. He is a very skilled roboticist who helped develop many non-Starbot machines, and helped develop the many Villains Act cyborgs and androids that helped it become successful. (Status: Locked up in Oranos)
  • Doctor Enzyme- The head of the Biological Division in Corruption Co. He is skilled with creating genetic weapons, creating several mutants and monsters, as well as creating supersoldiers and trans-species beings. (Status: Locked up in Oranos)
  • Doctor Zone- The head of the Military Division in Corruption Co. He has helped create the many Villains Act vehicles and weaponry, and actually came up with the idea to make the vehicles more insect-like in order to differentiate between good and evil after the last few Villains Act military vehicles were identical. (Status: Locked up in Oranos)
  • Doctor Emulator- A scientist who has been known to connect himself to any network through the mind and gain access to anything electronic with his computerized cybernetic headgear. He is a physiologist and a computer expert who has an entire private army and creates supercomputers who had the sole purpose of making the Villains Act an AI unit of it's very own until he was arrested. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Dr. Glowrod- A bioluminescent mole with a deranged mind and a dangerous sense of revenge if wronged. He had an hyperactive side that was an annoyance to the VA, so Qui had him on a mentality serum that makes him more calmer and collective so he won't end up becoming more of a danger to the VA then the VA's enemies. He routinely takes the serum when he starts to lose his cool, especially when under extreme stress. He is an expert in biological and chemical warfare until the Lodge came forth and destroyed the Villains Act HQ. (Status: Still at large)
  • Doctor Ogel- A cyborg centipede humanoid nuclear physicist and roboticist who built fusion-based weaponry and robotics for the Villains Act, specifically the Yellow Revenant. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Doctor Iniquitous- A robot criminal mastermind with an egomaniacal glee. He believes that biology is weak and machinery is strong, so he attempted to create an empire of robots so he can make a 'perfect' society. Starting out as a Kraetan who got killed by an Ohrugan during the two races' struggles, he was reborn as a robot, gets locked up on Oranos after countless years of revenge, but will later get killed when trying to alter time, revived, and form Team Iniquitous, a new but minor force under the forced watch of the Dark Radicals, and constantly thwarted by a new hero team called the Clam Lounge Squadron. He is the AUU version of Doctor Nefarious (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Professor Torsea- A female criminal genius who was raised by a biopunk supervillain and carried on that legacy through inventing toxins, drugs, and many other biology-based weaponry for the Villains Act. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Grindgears- A cyberpunk criminal genius who was raised as a former tyrant that was overthrown by his brother, and later moved onto being a supervillain for the Villains Act, and briefly regained control of his dictatorship until defeated by the Heroes Act. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Malware- A nerdy supervillain who, while a blogger and writer of fanfiction on the Omninet, he was known for being an expert at computers and sabotage for the Villains Act, having the private army and served as the owner of the Villains Act's top website. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Techno Tarold- The former owner of a military cybernetics company who was fired for supplying cybernetic war machines for the Villains Act, and used his Aluminite Prototype to continue to aid the Villains Act until he was stopped by his daughter, and killed by one of his traitorous colleagues. (Status: Deceased)
  • Iscanda Dollgux- A Sabochan who is a descendant of an ice-based weapon designer who became a genius overlord on the Planet Oxthone until the Feds thwarted her plans. She is a freeze-based supervillain who has an expansive knowledge of her ancestors' weaponry. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Molborg- A mad cybernetic insect-mutant scientist supervillain who became a member of the Villains Act after being fired from Globex for illegal genetic and cybernetic experiments regarding insects. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Doctor Bytes- A super criminal genius who specializes in digital technology, being a good hacker, encryption master, analyst, and expert at virtual reality and solid-light holographic technology (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Egghead- A criminal genius from the Oosaron System who is a master of hardware, creating many robots and war machines in a quest to rule an AUU empire. He is like the AUU version of Dr. Eggman (Status: Still at large)
  • Dr. Eruos- A worker of Corruption Co. who was the creator of the Midget Bug in the Starbot Drone Series, and he was able to take down a whole group of renegades along with his prototype Midget Bug, Coolo-7. (Status: Locked up on Oranos in a rehabilitation center to be reformed upon request by his family)
  • Dr. Pzarr- A worker of Corruption Co. who invented the Robogänger Battalions, and was the provider of all villains that used them until he moved on due to the revolt of Commander Yarge. (Status: Captured by Clifton Clever)
  • Dr. Irossk- A former worker of Corruption Co. who was a biogeneticist who invented the idea of genetically-engineered monsters called GELFs (Genetically-Engineered Lifeforms). But thanks to Commander Yarge's revolt, his research on them was lost forever, and he retired. (Status: Captured by Hudson Turbo)
  • Dr. Dadomeus- A former worker of Corruption Co. who was responsible for research on life-like androids and has tried developing programmable personalities. Though one of his inventions ended up becoming of use to a certain group of renegade Starbots. Since the Villains Act was disbanded, he retired to resume his career for non-evil deeds under the name 'Dr. Miracle'. (Status: Retired and resides on Peerbon)
  • Dr. Gen Qill- A peacock-like scientist for Corruption Co. who specialized in several neurological sciences, and is a descendant of the inventor of the illegal neuroshock device, which was the Villains Act's main source of corruption. He was also one of the many scientists that created the outlawed mind-control implants. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Doctor Hazard- A mutated slime-faced biopunk supervillain who was given a slime affliction that wildly affected his perspiration biology and his hair-color, and since being fired from Globex for his controversial experiments, he became a member of Corruption Co. and helped produce creatures similar to the Amoeboids of Ratchet and Clank. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Doctor Xoppler- A mutated slime-faced supervillain who is a rival to Doctor Hazard and was in the same Globex labs and also wants to take over his home planet. He went through the same slime affliction as Hazard trying to perfect the same failed experiment. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Professor Goldsynch- A rich criminal scientist with gold hair, a gold tooth, and golden dual self-defense pistols. He is a benefactor for Corruption Co. who specialized in prosthetic weapon technology. (Status: Still at large)
  • Caelus Aran- An insane hoverboarding poisonous amphibian villain with a high-tech hoverboard with evil gadgetry and weapons. He has been beaten by his nemesis, Sky Surfer despite his best efforts. He is very similar to the Green Goblin. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Doctor Pollix- A cetacean scientist who's considered the most intelligent villain in the Villains Act for his cybernetic head-enhancement that heightens his intelligence. He is responsible for several advancements in VA weapon technology, he created several VA space fortresses across the AUU, and he also annihilated an entire rebellion force by himself. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Dr. Mjorton- A penguin-like scientist who was the creator of several drugs that the Villains Act used for evil, including several corruption substances and augmentation serums, particularly the one used to enhance Commander Dartagnan. (Status: Retired from evil)
  • Doctor Ume Zagree- A monkey scientist who is not only a creator of several forms of weaponry, but is very versatile, knowing how to use any form of weaponry known in the AUU. He knows several martial arts, and he also experiments on himself a lot, giving him several enhancements. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Dr. Aragon- An evil scientist who could've provided the Villains Act with brainwashed supersoldiers while undercover as an FBI scientist until he was stopped by an FBI test subject. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • I.Q. Tronik- A cybernetic super-genius noted for a customizable cybernetic body, being able to change his appearance and customize his weaponry, making him a master genius for the Villains Act. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Professor Triggers- A cephalopod genius from Mag Ianati who smuggled weaponry and was a master at building superweapons. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Professor Chrong- A hornbill-like scientist who accidentally turned himself against his home by making a deal with the Villains Act in order to protect it. Angry and with only the Villains Act to turn to, he now works for them and specializes in robotics, including some designs for the Starbots. But he mainly worked on certain war machines such as unmanned vehicles, powered exo-skeletons, large robotic soldiers, and so on. He has also been known to fight in several battles with his machines. (Status: Still at large)
  • Professor Malgife- A synapsid scientist who wears a life-support suit as the result of a toxic experimental accident, and he soon formed a habit of stealing blueprints of several inventions, copying and returning them, and inventing the machine, introducing them to the Villains Act. This left him to be arrested 2 years before the fall of the Villains Act by the Gamma Federation, and he remains on Oranos even to this day. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Doctor Troid- An android scientist for Corruption Co. who provides adequate robotics, creating androids and war machines for the invasion effort, even making himself an android in the process. As an android, he has eyes that can analyze anything he sees, he can fire disintegration blasts from his palms, and he can charge himself by eating, drinking, or even absorbing electricity. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)

Low-Ranking Villains


  • Janjirma- A raccoon-like fox which is a martial arts master that conquered several worlds in an extremist fashion. He believed that the Villains Act should conquer through extremist acts, and as such he was frowned upon by other members of the Villains Act. He is the Junjie of the Villains Act, briefly being locked up in Oranos following the end of the VA until escaping, and becoming a member of the Dark Radical beta team known as The Villain Legion meant to deal with ally teams of the HA and being pestered by the Clam Loungers. (Status: Still at large)
  • Gordon the Animal- A genocidal six-armed gorilla assassin who wiped out many Alternate UUniversal species except for the Roptords, where the last ones defeated him with a stroke of luck. He was briefly a renegade villain during his genocide of the Roptords. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Clast- An evil mad bomber who used to be one of the richest businessmen in the Alternate UUniverses until he was fired for the possession and manufacturing of illegal explosives. He was actually a victim of a screwed-up leverage plan, and was an independent villain the Villains Act had been monitoring until it's downfall. Meaning he's tecnecaly not a TRUE member, but he does accept some donation of weapony for his troops and skematics for more bombs. He is a tactical genius, and uses many kinds of explosives to wreak terrorism on the Alternate UUniverses. (Status: At large until further notice)
  • Fu So Blu- A super-powerful Zoian antelope warrior with a very impressive bulk for his kind, and is very skilled in a very rare martial art called Zyarjitsu, which makes him stronger than any other known martial-art fighter ever known, and is possibly rumored to be a former drill-sergeant for the Villains Act to teach this martial art before it's eventual disbanding. While trying to use an ancient superweapon to cause chaos to his home planet, he was beaten by Marcilene the Marvel, and was thought to have been dead, but he actually survived and is plotting revenge. (Status: At large until further notice)
  • Deathslaughter- A psychopathic sorcerer insect who uses his black magic powers to wreak mayhem and destruction, and was nearly executed. (Status: In the rehab center on Planet Oranos)
  • Pyro Praveen- A monitor lizard-like universeal who's a fanactical terrorist, demolitions agent, and prime commander of several invasion forces of the Villains Act. He tries to hide his dark and tragic past by being as intimidating and explosion-happy as he can be. (Status: Still at large)
  • Extron- A biomechanical creation of Corruption Co. that was born from a mad scientist meant to be the ultimate weapon for the Villains Act, having genetic makeup of various heroes from across the AUU. He has never been released, but has been tested greatly on a post-apocalyptic world. He is like the AUU version of Dragon Ball Z Cell. (Status: Unrecovered)
  • Miss Qoranux- A user of dark magic and a Maleficent look-alike with a sadistic personality, a sense of gore and violence, and a cunning mind that just wants to destroy her enemies in a complete purge. (Status: Still at large)
  • Bibili- A small wizard who is recognized as a fearsome fanatic who has magical beings destroy the worlds of his enemies. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Globe Harbinger- A fanatical insectoid warrior who has an unbelievable arsenal for destroying his enemies in the form of large guns, energy swords, a jet pack, and several forms of advanced technology. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Mystwind- A magic female Satran who has the power to control ice and snow. As the result of being treated like a witch since childhood for her powers, she became bitter and after almost putting several worlds into Ice Ages, she was constantly thwarted by the Heroes Act, yet was never apprehended, at least until she got involved with a large collaberation to breach into the other Universes until ruined by dumb luck. (Status: Locked up in Oranos)
  • Swarm Leader- A wasp-like overlord which was the result of the creation of a genetically-engineered species that was intended to be an obstacle for the VA Deadlockers, but went rogue and brought terror in the form of several large hive fortresses, and shares a hive mind with her children and act as a singular shapeshifting unit. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Errix Horror- A disfigured villain who developed a fear-inducing toxin that gives people fearsome hallucinations. He was one of the most feared villains of the Villains Act. (Status: Still at large)
  • Sir Acbart VII- A former knight for the Verusian kingdom of Rutelot. He was scientifically modified to become a Hyperior knight, and help protect the kingdom from the Villains Act. However, this otherwise noble knight fell victim to a dark tragedy when he was manipulated by an ancient evil monster named Groonsbar into becoming evil, and he ended up joining the Villains Act, being allied momentarily to Groon at the time, to launch an invasion on Rutelot. When he was defeated by his old king, he vowed to take over the kingdom one way or another, which thankfully, it was unlikely in some extent when years away from both the Villains Act and Groonsbar made the curse weaken to the point that he flips from good to evil at random. (Status: Still at large)
  • Invader Scorbin- A scorpion-like invader of several insect worlds across the AUU with the intent of establishing an empire through chaos and destruction with his expansive colony. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Lord Clandestine- A Promenan who has no explained past as to why he is a terrorist that leads an army of fully-sentient machines to establish rule by destroying everything.(Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Surmiser- A very strong destroyer who aims to take over the AUU since he was a Recexian supersoldier who gained the power to wield a massive plasma sword, manipulate his inner energy as a weapon, and can copy and predict moves just by watching combat. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Lord Trax- A deer magical warlord who was one of the Villains Act's most successful invasion leaders until one lead to him being a disgrace. He was eventually killed on Zo in an attempt to prove his worth by Fu So Blu. (Status: Revived)
  • The Yardbirds- Two bird twins who have been miscreants all their lives for doing wrong things for fun and having had it with laws, having joined the Villains Act to cause more trouble since they were augmented by cybernetic experiments. They were later defeated by the Heroes Act. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Prince Visuvus- The fallen prince of a kingdom on Gregamoon who augmented himself with stolen hyper-knight technology. He modified himself into becoming a renegade that kills all in his way, taking on entire legions of soldiers on his own. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Roboface- A machine-faced primate tyrant leader who previously ruled over a small area on Planet Axthone, and corrupted all it's robots. He ruled over this area for most of the Villains Act until he was defeated and locked up by the Heroes Act. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)

Crime Lords and Criminals

  • Zigmond the Zodiac- A cyber-pirate baboon creature who commanded a giant pirate spaceship called the Phantasy with a crew of a hundred pirates, and was apparently responsible for some of the Villains Act's troubles since Qui owed him money. That is until he lost his left hand and right eye during the fall of the Villains Act. (Status: Still at large)
  • Fire-Arms- An amphibian criminal with a customizable cyber-arm cannon who runs an illegal weapon-smuggling operation for the Villlains Act, providing weapons for them and any other villain team. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Cacographer- An unallied villain who for some unknown reason vandalizes walls with Villains Act-centered graffiti that, while helpful for propaganda, also seems to leave a bad taste for them, as they dubbed him by this name. (Status: Locked up on Oranos)
  • Oberth- A small rodent who runs a small augmentation business authorized by the Villains Act to augment and secretly corrupt people into going onto his side. He made up for his size by using large machinery and a battle-suit, as well as top-notch security. He was inevitably defeated by the Heroes Act. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Lord Donatello- A Piscanicon who is a former ambassador of Planet Urgnos until he was fired for the illegal and unauthorized possession of tritium. He had a almost well meaning intention of bringing down the VA using it to make a powerful weapon with the stuff to bring down the VA, by turning Peerbon into a water planet, drowning the VA. But he had a dark sense of sacrificing the Peerbon community cause he felt the VA would eventually drive the community to extinction and that it would be better to put them out of their misery. These views were deemed "inhumane" and "controversial", and he was fired for his no better then the VA way of thinking. Don felt betrayed that everyone else wouldn't see things his way and choose to protect a community and the Peerbonian race that, at the time, weren't destined to last long, and not taking decisive universe-saving action. He ironically enough joined the Villains Act in order to exact revenge. He still pursues it, even when the VA has been taken down and the Peerbonian race is making a merciless recovery, because now he's afraid of looking like a fanatic of wanting to previously destroy a race that is actually more salvageable then he thought. He has yet to start his first move. (Status: Undercover on Planet Urgnos until further notice)
  • Mister Iverce- A business tycoon who was a former multi-purpose corporate owner of funfairs and even a mayor of a town he built. But when this great community was shut down since it contained an endangered species and was destroying the environment, he grew into a black-market businessman that hired an entire series of smugglers to serve it. He even served as the one who hired assassins and bounty hunters for the Villains Act. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Crime Lord Seftin- A massive anaconda-like crime lord who had been involved in some black market trades, black lottery deals, bank frauds, and illegal experiments for the Villains Act. With his size, he doesn't need to fight. Instead, he kills and asks questions later. Anyone shivers in fear at the sight of him for his size and length. Nobody has ever survived a tackle with him, but when the Villains Act fell, his criminal syndicate, the Slithering Mafia, still remained alive because the only way to take it down was to stop Seftin, which seemed impossible since he could never be restrained, and was almost impossible to execute. (Status: Still at large)
  • Mamoru Mazer- A stealthy ninja who once lead an artifictal ninja clan called the Tainter Clan until they were all defeated by a camouflaging ninja. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Boss Aroon- A Yortexian crime boss who is the one that provides the Villains Act with the robotic technology after the Villains Act took over the planet. He is a rodent genius who lost part of his body to an experimental accident, and had it replaced with a cybernetic eye, a satellite ear, and a cybernetic arm. He is a distant cousin of a Globex worker and he has a menacing personality. He is a real killer who has been known to be smart when he does things personally, especially since his size and equipment ensures that he cannot be stopped. (Status: Still at large)
  • Boss Phrastus- A parrot-like crime boss from Planet Tentry who extorts and rigs many of the services, owning almost all casinos anonymously, and getting money from many of the sports, and making great profits from what he does. He is a rather chatty and fast-talking jerk who often brags about how he is 'smarter than an average bird', having a blend between the personality of Yogi Bear, the sadistic personality of a crime lord, and often the stupidity of a parrot, yet still has the cunning. (Status: Still at large)
  • Boss Curk- A Eurocovian avian crime lord who controls the Curk Mafia, a criminal syndicate which was meant to help the Villains Act make it easier to control the planet for it's amazingly-hidden defense system. They have never been able to find this defense system and destroy it, and today the Mafia is still active. Now, Curk's syndicate is intending to destroy the defense system itself, and take over the planet. (Status: Still at large)
  • Boss Woltjer- An amphibious fish crime boss from Planet Altus who is a close enemy to Nanobyte who gave him a lot of trouble before he went into the Heroes Act. Even as a member, Woltjer was a very strong crime boss with strength consisting of predatory fish, and amphibian followers who swindle money out of sports including moon games. (Status: Still at large)
  • Boss Nakkon- A crustaceous crime boss who owns a criminal syndicate on Planet Jonorx. He smuggles illegal weaponry, rigs lotteries, and even has small control of the air pockets of the cities he controls. Since his right eye was taken by a police officer, he has been motivated to be a crime lord. He can be very difficult to catch if you don't have a gun that works underwater. (Status: Still at large)
  • Boss Ve Jause- A Zyonoid crime boss who runs almost every criminal syndicate within the Zyomide System, and is actually more powerful than any of his kind. He is a smart and cunning leader, a resourceful mastermind, and he has a reputation of telepathically-erasing the minds of his enemies. (Status: Still at large)
  • Baron Huxley- An obese hoverchair-bound ungulate crime lord who runs a saloon on Planet Cruiter, and owns a lot of gambling business consisting of over 500 casinos across the planet, as well as having followers in the form of muscular ungulate guards who help him and the Villains Act gain money through swindling money through gambles and sporting events, serving as the VA's grip on Cruiter. (Status: Still at large)
  • Anklebiter- A common criminal pest dinosaur from Planet Sioephus who was enhanced by Corruption Co to have the ability of self-duplication, and has done some odd jobs for several fanatics across the Villains Act, and has done them really well or almost successfully. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Lord Globeron- A mysterious, heavily-armored, and masked crime lord who has control of a united criminal syndicate on the habitable gas giant of Paramn Tasa, which consists of over a hundred minor crime bosses, all of which he overthrew and enslaved until he made one large mafia alliance all under his command, and the Villains Act considered him a worthy member for owning the biggest syndicate in the AUU. (Status: Still at large)
  • Mr. Krauser- An armored muscular crocodilian crime lord who was formerly a wrestler who was ruined by an attempt for revenge for not getting money required to save his mother. He had run a criminal syndicate for 7 years until he was arrested by the Heroes Act during the end of the Villains Act. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)


  • Narcotic- A bioterrorist and assistant of Darkness Qui. (Status: Locked up in Prison 42)
  • Celsius- A pyrokinetic octopus and assistant of Darkness Qui. (Status: Locked up in Prison 42)
  • Matrix- A cyborg crocodilian cousin of Master Bross with maximum ammunition and was a colleague of Techno Tarold until he was defeated by Tarold's daughter. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Sgt. Crush- A Metavincemander commander for Xerxes XX's forces. He was a determined and ruthless leader who would not hesitate to kill if need be. (Status: With Professor Eagle-Beak and Xerxes)
  • Pensgon- The majordomo of Sage Gerana who actually has a secret crush on her. (Status: Still at large with his master)
  • Fuse Cut- An excellent fighter and hacker assistant for Doctor Emulator. He has created a massive number of extermination viruses that can fry any network and security system. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Rerum- A nerdy blogger who writes a lot of fanfiction and spends a lot of time on the Omninet, yet still serves as the brainy assistant to Iragold. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Hovath Ogent- The assistant and son of Director Ogent, and his top gladiator in the VA Deadlockers. He helped his father with the show and helped improve it's popularity. But when the Deadlockers was shut down, Hovath went into hiding until he would eventually get the chance to reestablish his father's career. (Status: Still at large)
  • Jinxcut- A wise-cracking and trigger-happy assistant for Cuede who defends his master with his own life despite making a few mistakes. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Bomb-Sard- A lizard who is noted for being Clast's bombing commander who helps him command the many bombing plots he has. (Status: Still at large)
  • Crucle- The canine assistant of Strykes who helps him in his quest to be the 'best villain'. (Status: Still at large with his master)
  • Encrypter- A smart and resourceful assistant for Dr. Bytes who helped him with his quest to dominate digital technology. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Administrator Osmolla- The public administrator for Maan Incorporated and helps Gryson Maan with his dealings with the Villains Act. (Status: Still at large)
  • Shellus- A bat-like sea turtle assistant to Lord Donatello. He has been pretty nasty for his master at certain times, but it's often because he's intimidated by the fact that his species eats turtles like him. (Status: Still at large)
  • Snavlin- The yesman assistant to Master Ganali who is the chief-in-command of his Praetorian robots. He is often picked on for being so short, and he has a bit of a Napoleon complex. (Status: Still at large with his master)
  • Teqora- The parrot-like daughter of Boss Phrastus who always seems to not get how her father operates with his odd ways, but helps him out however he can. She is an expert gambler, and is destined to take her father's place in his criminal syndicate. (Status: Still at large)
  • Jayna- The beautiful assistant for the Bestiary Master who actually earned the affections of several heroes in several rebellions, but she mutates anyone who goes too far. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Sarfield- The robotic butler and assistant for Doctor Iniquitous who is a rather cunning and strategic informant. (Status: Still at large)
  • The Chargers- A group of three friends who are augmented and capable of defending their master Professor Torsea, having a lot of enhanced abilities. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Thama Sisters- Five feline fighters for Janjirma who fight by his side in his quest to bring extremism into future generations of villainy. (Status: Still at large with their master)
  • Tealface- A cephalopod assistant to Aqua Regia and prime commander of her armies. He is a skilled genius and strategist, but his overconfidence in his armies makes him vulnerable. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Slash Burn Minions- Three triplet minions of Slash Burn. Their identities are kept hidden by being referred to as X1, X2, and X3. Nobody knows their origins since they are always masked. (Status: Still at large with their master)
  • Drone 432- A robot who is one of the three robotic assistants for Count Mooku who helps him prove the existence of Equaria. (Status: Still at large)
  • A3-Six0-P- A robot who is one of the three robotic assistants for Count Mooku who helps him prove the existence of Equaria. (Status: Still at large)
  • Companion 5627182987- A robot who is one of the three robotic assistants for Count Mooku who helps him prove the existence of Equaria. (Status: Still at large)
  • Ghasma- The feline first mate for Zigmond's crew. He is a great first mate despite being dim-witted and alcoholic. (Status: Still at large)
  • Nilin Nax- A wormy assistant for Doctor Hazard who is often intimidated by his master's slimy looks, and thus he will serve him no matter what. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Shista Nax- The sister of Nilin who works as a greatly-loyal assistant for Doctor Xoppler. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Bloox- A balloon-like land jellyfish who is an assistant to Boss Woltjer who helps with the security system of flying jellyfish, sea monsters, and even regulates his bio-metallic base. (Status: Still at large)
  • Geretak- A Vikorean majordomo for Drakeon who helped command all his armies, and was a skilled fighter and killer. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Eirk Va Hayke- A Tiikon who is the yes-man assistant to Doctor Troid who helps him build his many robotic inventions for the Villains Act. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Frazzle- A mutant beast who serves as the personal guard for the Bestiary Master, being more than capable of killing those who oppose him. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Syvar Alloy- An assistant engineer for an anonymous Villains Act crime boss who was a punkster who liked to insult and aggravate authorities with puns and trash-talk. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Waramon- An assistant warrior for Boss Globeron who is very skilled in a countless amount of melee weapons and a few firearms, and carries a stolen tech-suit built for various situations and conditions. (Status: Still at large)
  • Castrol- A Promenan assistant to Lord Clandestine. (Status: Still at large to rescue their master from Oranos)
  • Clandestine Masters- The 9 personal guards of Lord Clandestine who possess unbelievable power and can kill even the finest of heroes. (Status: Still at large to rescue their master from Oranos)
  • Wypher- A small adorable rodent who was actually a con-artist assistant for Oberth to lure customers into his business trap. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Dak Shalse- A Zyonoid who is the yes-man assistant to Boss Ve Jause. He is often cowardly and not that good at self-defense. (Status: Locked up on Oranos)
  • Portacle- An assistant capable of teleportation through manipulation of inner energy, working loyally for Reaping Rever. (Status: Locked up on Oranos)
  • Rooks- A Mordoid majordomo for Lord Serbeus whose vicious behavior makes him a force to be reckoned with. He is a strong and nearly-invincible spy and scout. (Status: Locked up on Oranos)
  • Sir Airik- A hyper-knight Thabe who is one of many Thabes that were charmed by Miss Qoranux into being fully-sentient, but still couldn't talk. So Airik now serves as the captain of her guards. (Status: Still at large)

Military Leaders

  • ICC Exelbrok- The Invasion Commander-in-Chief of the Villains Act who is the public spokesperson for Overlord Tokath, being a ruthless killer and a childhood friend of his. He is a very strong and lethal fighter and is wise in the art of war. (Status: Still at large)
  • General Grosvenor- A Space Naval General cyborg insectoid similar to General Grievous who has the job as the most well-known Villains Act anti-rebellion general who commands many invasion forces to end the many rebellions that plagued the Villains Act. But one of his invasions left him to tango with Clifton Clever. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • General Von Trecton- A Space Naval Lieutenant General for the Villains Act. He was a minor co-worker with General Grosvenor and was supposed to be his successor, having the same skills as him, having cybernetic arms that can split into four, allowing him to wield different weapons accurately. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • General Horrocks- A Space Naval Major General for the Villains. He was a rogue Geiman (Cunone Transbeing) who was the head of the Ougus Sector invasions, and died while nearly causing the rivalry against both the Cunones and the Serons to compromise their diligence in battle. (Status: Deceased)
  • General Tisserand- A Space Naval Major General for the Villains Act who was a former military general of Peerbon who betrayed his commanding officers and helping the Villains Act take over as an act of revenge for not being taken seriously. He had his commanding officers killed, and he has since become one of the Villains Act's finest invasion generals. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • General Tor Praosicraya- A Space Naval Fleet General for the Villains Act. He has always been a successful general for invasion forces, and had actually commanded his own invasion force, succeeding enough times to get a rank up. The problem was that he was a sacrificial person who sacrificed fleets in order to get the job done. Though it worked and some of the fleet have dedicated themselves good kamikazes, this made him rather controversial. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • General Gronamo- An Army General for the Villains Act who lead against several rebellions. He had a passion for evolving Starbots, but was disgusted by the 'emotions glitch' they usually developed, and had searched for the problem for years. He will soon discover it in a secluded underground refuge called The Adytum, in which he will bribe a former VA scientist to aid him in in making a new Villains Act with the remaining Starbots of the refuge. (Status: Still at large)
  • General Qalphan- An Army First-Class General for the Villains Act. He is a strong lion-like fighter who was trained on Planet Iridia to be an excellent master at combat. He wielded various forms of weaponry, and could command with great wisdom and pride. Though he could be rather rough on his men, he was still a successful general. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • General Tarvox- An Army Augment Second-Class General for the Villains Act who is a ruthless monkey supersoldier that had formerly served in a fascism war on Planet Osdrone until he betrayed his own military commander and started the Crimson War as the prime commander Of the fascist Crimson Syndicate. But on the previous day the Villains Act was destroyed, he was eventually defeated and executed by Vindicator. (Status: Revived)
  • General Hextrus- An Army Third-Class Minor General who was a corrupt prime leader of the communist Yellow Revenant, declaring war on the Oaxan military until his eventual defeat in the hands of Ace the Alpha. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • General Fryxell- An Air Force General for the Villains Act. He was a deadly and muscular leader of the skies in his entire armada of airships, and he could command quickly and efficiently. Though he sometimes ended up with Pyrrhic victories, he was still capable of replenishing and healing his men. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • General Isolgram- An Air Force Lieutenant General for the Villains Act. He was a very strong and powerful cyborg with a cybernetic red eye and an arm cannon that uses multiple kinds of ammunition depending upon the battery used inside. He commanded his entire airship fleet with great precision and accuracy. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • General Ralastrock- An Air Force Major General for the Villains Act. He commanded an entire armada of airships that ravaged almost every city they came across, enslaving their people and destroying the rebellions for the Villains Act. He was exceptionally skilled in combat, and his cybernetic eyes make his vision incredibly enhanced. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • General Tex- An Air Force Minor General for the Villains Act who is an avian invasion leader and strategist who grew into helping the Villains Act discover more morality to it since the betrayal of a right-hand man. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • General Flark Ga Roop- A former Air Force Minor General for the Villains Act who was an avian general of his homeworld until he was fired for injuring his commanding officer's posterior, and Qui learned the hard way that hiring him was a ridiculously-bad idea when he was foolishly charmed by the very people he was ordered to attack on Usuabloth, cancelling the attack before even one drop of blood was spilled, and getting himself fired. (Status: Still at large)
  • General Whilver- A Naval Admiral General for the Villains Act. He is a marine hippo-like creature who helped fight of naval rebellion units across planets, and helped take out underwater mobile command centers. He is muscular, and takes temporary augmentation stims to crush his opponents. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Colonel Beacher- An Air Force Master Colonel for the Villains Act who is called by his soldiers as 'Beach', and was involved in many aircraft-based invasion forces for the Villains Act until he was beaten by Clifton Clever. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Colonel Scliges- An Air Force Minor Colonel for the Villains Act. She is a very rough and skilled colonel that shows no mercy in the battlefield as a way to cover the loss of her family and years of being a widow thanks to an accident caused by humans. She initionally avoided capture until a large colaberation effert went south. (Status: Locked up in Oranos)
  • Lieutenant Vanjervalis- A Space Naval Lieutenant Commander for the Villains Act. He was a very well-known and feared lieutenant for the space invasions against rebellions across the AUU, ravaging all in his way, and fighting in his own exo-suit packed with turbolasers and other weapons. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Lieutenant Tae Leattle- A Space Naval First-Class Lieutenant for the Villains Act. She was a Yatoran whose invasion forces consisted of Teadr 1 technology, making her one of the finest leaders in the Villains Act's military powers. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Lieutenant Plume- A Space Naval First-Class Lieutenant for the Villains Act. He was a mutated and powerful military leader who, as the result of experimentation by Globex, had a head of fire and had pyrokinetic abilities. He had a vary bad temper, and was very intolerant of failures, being like the AUU version of Hades. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Lieutenant Blacker- A Space Naval Third-Class Lieutenant for the Villains Act who was a crow-like former rebel from Nimboo that was made a partner for General Tex until he betrayed him through unauthorized execution and blackmailing. His sentence later on was execution, going out like a true pansy. (Status: Deceased)
  • Lieutenant Wenceslas- An Army First-Class Lieutenant for the Villains Act and an extremely lethal fighter and an expert in technological weaponry. He has experience in many martial arts, and is capable of analyzing a target's weakness with his cyborg eye and launching at it with his cybernetic rocket launcher arm provided by Techno Tarold before his death. He was eventually turned in by Clifton Clever. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Lieutenant Sargber- An Army First-Class Lieutenant for the Villains Act. He was a reptilian commander with musculature, could fight like a wrestler, could fire guns accurately, and could show no mercy to his opponents. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Lieutenant Nourke- An Army Second-Class Lieutenant for the Villains Act. He was a very greedy and power-hungry individual who wished to be on the top as a great Villains Act anti-rebellion leader, though this behavior ended up making him pay the ultimate price during an invasion on Planet Aveger. He is like the AUU version of Lieutenant Rourke. (Status: Deceased)
  • Lieutenant Thanque- An Air Force First Lieutenant for the Villains Act. He was an avian who has helped in over a hundred battles against rebellion legions, and has had a large reputation of not showing any mercy and eating his opponents. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Lieutenant Eumor- A Naval Lieutenant Commander for the Villains Act. He was a 4-tusked walrus-like creature which was very strong and had an excellent sense of strategy in combat, finishing off fights in and out of the water. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Lieutenant Malk- A Naval Lieutenant for the Villains Act. He was a pelican-like master of strategy who took down several naval forces in his time until he made a miscalculation in one invasion on Planet Toroid where he ended up drowning to his death. (Status: Deceased)
  • Commander Primxus- A Space Naval Augment Petty Commander for the Villains Act. He is a supersoldier born from Corruption Co. that has been among the greatest military leaders in VA history, taking down legions of armed soldiers on his own as his senses, strength, speed, and stamina have been increased at a surprising rate. (Status: Locked up in Oranos)
  • Commander Va Teizum- A Space Naval Petty Commander for the Villains Act. He was a strong-willed commander of over a hundred invasions across the AUU, crushing all in his way with his cybernetic enhancer organs that increase his strength, speed, durability, and stamina. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Commander Dartagnan- A Space Naval Augment Commander for the Villains Act. He was a supersoldier who was experimented on by the Villains Act to be one of the best of the best after he was jailed for desertion. He is a commander for invasion forces of the Villains Act, including the ones against rebellions like the Nimboo Rebellions. He is skilled in weapons, and hand-to-hand combat, but was soon beaten by Clifton Clever. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Commander Kellenech- An Army First-Class Commander for the Villains Act. She was a rather attractive commander and was hit on by several of her troops, though she had been known to kill those who went too far with no consequence. She was a murderous commander that ravaged other rebellion legions even by herself. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Commander Sproot- An Army First-Class Commander for the Villains Act. He was a former commander of the late Interuniversal War and an alcoholic born from tragedy through being an outcast in his town for his crimes of fraud and taking credit for the work of other war heroes, and even for the harsh words and disowning of his parents. Thus he joined the Villains Act as a commander to punish those whom he blamed. He fought well when drunk, and had been known to be a serious traitor even in the eyes of the Villains Act. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Commander Yarge- A former Army Second-Class Commander for the Villains Act who was a rouge Yurun that planned a full-out usurp of Qui to become the new prime leader of the Villains Act until he learned that she was prepared, and was killed. (Status: Deceased)
  • Commander Ko Jaemus- An Air Force Major Commander for the Villains Act. She was a very bitter commander of the skies that commanded her own airship called the AS Jaemus, which was among the most powerful airships in the VA Air Force. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Commander Wrokker- An Air Force Minor Commander for the Villains Act. He was a former rebellion fighter from Nimboo until he left as the result of losing his girlfriend due to ignoring her advice and making a critical mistake because of it. Out of aggravation and unacceptance, Wrokker abruptly renounced his position and joined the Villains Act, destroying the rebellion force in an airship assault and throwing his ex-girlfriend into cryonite mines for slavery. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Admiral Tesla- A Space Naval Admiral for the Villains Act. He was a rabbit-like leader for a few space-invasion forces. He was known to have been an exile from his home planet of Carbungia for crimes against it's government. His fate was ultimately sealed when he indirectly caused the murder of a well-recognized rebel mechanic's father by ordering some Starbots to kill him, forcing him to attack Tesla's base directly and end him in an overly brutal way that caused his superiors to retire him early because of uncertainty to true morality and possible insanity. (Status: Deceased)
  • Admiral Mal Cosgher- A Space Naval Vice Admiral for the Villains Act. He was a cybernetic leader of an entire squad that did battle with minor spacefighters and was an incredibly skilled and agile space-flier until he died in battle. (Status: Deceased)
  • Admiral Tungsten- A Naval Admiral for the Villains Act. He was a Cirion who fought against several rebellion factions on his home planet of Rae. He could command with precision and courage, and never hesitated to execute someone personally. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)
  • Admiral Vhimwell- A Naval Fleet Admiral for the Villains Act. She is a deadly amphibian fighter who started out as the local bully of a resort city that used her toxic skin to bully others until a vengeful civilian whose wife she poisoned called in the Beta Feds to arrest her. She has since escaped and became an invader of several resort cities including the one she came from. (Status: Locked up on Planet Oranos)


Group Forces

  • Crimson Syndicate- An Osdronian military VA colony which controlled over 5 parts of Osdrone, and started a long period of war against the Osdronian military, and lead by the evil cyborg supersoldier monkey General Tarvox. The Crimson War lasted most of the Villains Act, and ended coincidentally close to the fall of the VA.
  • Yellow Revenant- An Oaxan military VA colony which controlled over 7 parts of Oaxa. It waged a 13-year war against the Oaxan military lead by the evil General Hextrus until the General was defeated and sent to Oranos. It even had ties with Doctor Ogel for his massive amounts of weaponry and technology.
  • The Cult of Skim'salom- An unknown cult of demon worshippers who belief in the dark god 'Skim'salom'. They were under an unknown leader refered to only as The Speaker. They were anonimusly included into the act by Qui in hopes they plan to include demons into the act. They were eventally disbaned by Samanha.
  • The Mountain-Destroyer Clan- A clan of huge giant Gorillia like creatures obcessed with destroying mountains. No one knows as to why, but all that is needed to know that they're basicly as basic evil gets. The Clan was mostly considered to be giant jerks, until a corrupt next of kin leader, King Doom-Boom-Blow-Jab-A-nox, was persayed to joined the Villains Act cause Qui liked the idea of having giants in their side. The entire clan was eventally taken down by Clifton, even when he was injured badly. This resulted in the death of King Doom by his own accsident when he tripped over a rock and fell into a convinent giant bottomless pit.
  • Green Turbans- A group of insane hyper-realijustus Ant-creatures lead by the corrupted guru Su-Slum-Lau, they were strong believers of "The Way of Harmony", which hypocriticly, is anything but. It was about using lazer spears and swords to go around and attack unsuspecting planets into forced convertion. They were included by the VA when Qui figured their procession of spears and swords will provide great mele weapons. Eventally, the Green Turbans were mostly disbaned by Marcilene, with Su being slained by Marilene's forced hand. some survivers are redused to banditry to servive, while some were converted into commen solders for the VA.
  • Corruption Co. - It was actselly a former still funtioning branch of Globex Industries owned by CEO Backer Stabbington. He was, considered a jerk. but no one expected he joined the villains act, removed all relation to Globex name and logo, and converted into it's own company Corruption Co. The company supplied a dangerious amount of death machines, majority of them are the viciles the act uses to this day. Even with the disbanned the the VA, Corruption Co. is yet to be found. It's possable it went to be part of The Dark Radicals.
  • Tainter Clan- A Juluwese ninja clan lead by Mamoru Mazer, and was intended to find the hideaway of the famed Cloak Clan, and steal the technology of their invisibility suits. They barely succeeded until the last of the Cloak Clan, Cloakblade, came and destroyed the Tainter Clan, leaving Mamoru to plot his revenge.
  • Inferno Cyberpunks-A criminal syndicate that has existed since the Exo-Wars, and follow the beliefs of the mad scientist who started the war, Dr. Armalite Infernus, who was imprisoned in Oranos, and died of old age. For centuries, the remaining cybernetic forces are planning to avenge him by joining the Villains Act and wreaks the 10-year Second Exo-War until a team of anti-heroes called the Cybartans turned into double agents for the military, and sent the cyberpunks to Oranos.
  • The Corolition of Pro-USRA Advancement- A particually infamous group of USRA race members that hate UIS with a burning passion, whether for prior bad exspearience with UIS races pre/post UIS joining, the fact that USRA advancement was prevented by the group constintly, the isolating of systems, the grevious over-punishment of smaller USRA supporters, among a list of other issues, this was a group that was bluntingly determined to undermine UIS, even at the cost of looking like terrorists to the very disinfrancised groups they are advocating. Around the late-era of the VA's reign, Qui had worried that one day when the VA deals away with the USRA races and the Grand Council, that they ineditably have to contend with UIS, which stands as the penultamate challnage to have absolute ownership of the AUU, where just conguring the USRA terratories would end up being too small in conpairison to count. The Corolition were recruited as comtemporay allies, even reguardless of any particular lack of kind opinions to them, to chip enough away to UIS' core to at least make ineditable battles less risky when the time has come. Alas, Qui's concerns about UIS being a virtuallity over-powered enemy was confirmed when members and armies from this corolition were quickly taken down and wiped out before the battles had a chance to be serious. The leader of the group, Houndus Muttatari, a sabuchan who named himself "The Hound of De-Isolation", was able to take a final battle in the 5th set of isolated universes in Alpha Universe. But when he delivered his last message, he warned of a force that reminded him of humans but were greater then them, as before he was about to state the most impourent message, he was quickly slain by what looked like a more advanced human soldier, with the transmission cut as a result. Thus, the corolition was disbanned with their deaths, and the VA was forced into fearfully avoiding facing UIS again until they are TRUELY ready to face them, which unfortunately, was declared in the twilight years before the final year of their reign.
  • The Dark Sisterhood- An all female assassin group of normally, a neutrol status. They're not complete allies of the VA, but not completely enemies neither. Sometimes, Qui gives requests to the Dark Sisterhood to carry out certain assignments against any poloicial enemy of the VA, a possable VA general on the verge of turning good out of any reason, and/or is planning a usurp, or any hero foolish enough to actselly try to take on and destroy the VA for a price. Aside from that, the Grand Council doesn't consider them full Villain's Act members due to their neutrol status, given that they're an assassin's guild, and that their dark religen in "The Mother" is just in their nature. The Dark Sisterhood maintains their neutrol status even after the Villains' Act fall, doing what an assassin's guild would do, do a few oddjobs for "colorful" celents for the right price. They are lead by the High Sisters.
  • The Bounty Hunter Consortium- Like what the name suggest. Like the Dark Sisterhood, the Bounty Hunter Consortium is mostly neutrol, and only do terrorable deeds for the VA in return for profits. They are issued when A particularly powerful enemy of the VA is very concerning to Qui, which causes her to be more then willing to spare an extra bit of dough for the pricey Bounty Hunter Consortium. The consortium is owned by A controverseal former member of the Grand Council Ex-Councilmen Lik-Lick Tick Blick, and the best of the best Bounty Hunter is actselly a lost brother of Xandy, Xrandy. Like the Sisterhood, they're not considered a true threat, being that Bounty Hunters ask for money when doing dirty work and are still around, though Lik-Lick is considerably wanted by the Grand Council because Headmaster Warson considers him a traior and is at the point he would do almost anything to have onlu Lik captured and arrested, even (in throey) hiring a villain's act member to do so.

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Minion Forces

  • Warobot Drone Series- A formerly funtioning drone army series made by Bloggie and some of the act's sciencetists. The drone series had only one knowned unit type, a basic soldier capable of turning into two forms, a trait simular to a race of creatures named "Manbras". They were very limited and not completely adaptable, and lasted for most of the early villain's act. Drone 432, a personalised drone for Mooku, is the only still funtional Warobot bot left, many of the others destroyed during battles, reprogramed and redesigned to be scrape metal collecters, or even BECAME the scrap metal. It was a series accepted instead of the Warlords robotatrons drone series, made by Bloggie as a test off, cause it was cheaper cause the VA wasn't exactly, "Rich Enough" yet, at the time. The only existing drone of the Warlord series, A3-Six0-P, also become a personalised drone for Mooku.
  • Starbot Drone Series- The current and much more long-lasting and offitcal drone forces of the VA, and are still around even with the Act's fall as part of Nuke's villain team. Created by Bloggie and series of talented mad sciencetists, the Starbot series, cause of being more accepted, has a veritity of drones. No one drone is alike. From the frail but numberious Skelibots, the Bulky Manbeetle drones, the imfamous insectadrones, even the Qui Drones came from this vast series. They are the bulk of the VA's invadion force when corrupted millaterry soldiers seem limited or not enough. Companion 5627182987, a Tactical Skelibot of the Skelibot series, came from the series as personalised butler familier for Mooku. General Gros even has his own personalised seperate drone series of bodyguards that always have his back and aide. There's even a rumor Nuke and Bloggie are somewhat working togather to make a vastly new Starbot superdrone called "The Radical Elite" that'll be soon the most imfamous part of the Starbot series yet. The Drone series have a series of carefully hidden funtional factories making these machines by the hundreds, so these machines are never in short supply.
  • Qui Drones- A speical series of super-drones made to serve Qui. Even if Qui's place in evil were to be discontinued in anyway, these machines would still be used in the VA today.
  • Doppelgänger Battalions- A force of clone soldiers that were one of the many projects that the Villains Act decided for henchmen forces. Being manufactured by Corruption Co., it was first brought up by a corrupt commander named Commander Yarge, who said clones were much smarter than robots, and were easier to have as minions than other people. The Doppelegänger Soldiers, called 'Doppelnaughts', were trained to be successful and more intelligent than robots. To the Villains Act, the host of these clones doesn't matter, so the clones are made from hundreds of hosts, most being Rabodans. The Doppelnaughts came in numbers, were capable of using strategy, weaponry, and numbers to defeat their adversaries. But while most of the armies of villains were composed of Dopplegänger Battalions, others were composed of other successful minion systems. However, having smarter minions had a bad price. Not only them being smarter means they can often think for themselves, which often leads to work against the stragities devised by their leaders, but they also became morality and openly defient to their cause. And cause of them starting to think for themselves, it lead to more invasions failing or even made rebelions stronger and resulted in some congured worlds being freed and/or in the process of being so, and in some cases, sometimes it lead to villains being captured, where often in those scenarios, Doppleganger armies openly betray their masters after being perswayed by clever enough rebel leaders, making the Starbot series more and more attractive for villains even dispite limited capabilities the Dopplegangers are able to push, cause at least the bots' loyalty is periment by program. The Doppleganger Battalions became avoided in the VA, for smarter minions wasn't worth it to even full-blown perfectionests if the smart minion is prone to betray you, either by enemies or their own malmition. And to worse it off, Yarge had far evilier intentions for the VA, for he had plans for a usurp. He wanted the Dopplegangers to be too smart for their own good so it would lead to problems, where Yarge can make it like only he can be trusted against the other villains that see no good in them cause of the failed invadtions and successful rebelions. He secretly had some speiclistised clones to corrupt the Robogangers away from the control of their creater, and caused the destruction of a differnet minion force. Eventally, what followed was the Great Doppelganger revolt, where Yarge wanted to usurp Qui so he can give the VA a true leader it deserves. However, he poorly did not expected the "dumb robots" to fight back hard and strong, thanks to not-at-all dumb drones like the Tactical Skelibot and the Cyclops Manbeetle, but what over-all brought an end to the revolting minion faction was the death of Yarge by the hands of a vengeful Qui. What followed is the discontinuaion of the Doppleganger series and lesser useage of the Roboganger spin-offs, meaning hardly anyone but the Yellow Revenet in their spin-off servents till their destruction by Ace, has used them since.
  • Robogänger Battalions- A different version of the Dopplegänger Battalions. The Robogängers were a force also manufactured by Corruption Co, and was brought up not just by Yarge, but by a cyberneticist named Dr. Pzarr, who had the idea of a cybernetic organism. Describing it as a robot surrounded by living organic tissue (Similar to the Terminators). This was confirmed and authorized by Qui, thus it not only made the Robogänger Battalion Series, but also different versions, such as the CCOs from the Yellow Revenant. It worked literally as good as the Starbots and the Doppelgangers combined. However, thanks to the doppleganger revolt, the Robogangers ended up being malmitulated away from Dr. Pzarr's control, who favered Qui's rulership more then Yarge, it has been desided that the Robogangers are to be used less cause of uncertain fear how much like the original dopplegangers they were. The only ones who used created spin-offs were the eventually destroyed Yellow Renavent, which following that, the Robogangers were all-togather discontinued. Dr. Pzarr resumed his work as a designer for the Starbot series until come his retirement and his eventual capture from a heroes act raid lead by Clifton.
  • GELF Monsters- Short for Genetically-Engineered Life Form Monsters. The idea of making genetically-mutated monsters wasn't anything new to the Villains Act. They've tried numerous times to make monsters, some resulting in failure. That is until a corrupt Tiikon scientist from Corruption Co. named Dr. Knargh Irossk came in claiming to be the most perfect genetic manipulator in the AUU. When he proved it by using his own mobile laboratory to create a monster, they hired him to create a series of monsters called GELFs. However, a rebelious Yarge deemed them a threat to his ability to successfuly usurp Qui, and as to offitcally start off the revolt, had his clones to destroy the labertories creating the Monsters, destroying the minion faction before it barely started. Dr. Knargh survived, but was desistated that his work was lost. After the revolt of the Doppelgangers was won by the VA, Dr. Knargh, losing his ability to see his vision for mutant minions and never seeing it going to happen again, resigned from the VA, and went on to be an indepentdent mad sciencetist merely to spend the rest of his days alone with many of his companion abominations, and stayed that way until his capture by Hudson Turbo when a disobedient mutant was causing trouble.

Oppositions and Future


  • Legion of Dominant Races- This is the apex government of the AUU, consisting of all dominant races from the former USRA. After it's disbanding, the races decide that they need a separate form of governing their worlds. Thus they created 3 Federations called the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Federations, each containing 4 of the races. But when the humans from the Alpha Federation were forced to evade to the Tranquility Zone, the Legion was formed by these 3 Federations. All the races were shocked by their departure, some got used to it, others were deeply saddened. Each of these Federations command their own parts of the AUU, and remain anonymous, leaving the AUU Grand Council as their form of communicating with their good people. They must remain anonymous to prevent the Villains Act from finding their isolated HQs and destroying them. Each race in the Federations have their own jobs in them, and each have their own control of 3 separate branches of Globex Industries. They even prepare for the humans eventual return by the time the Villains Act is destroyed, and once they are, they will be free to reveal themselves.
    • Alpha Federation- The Alpha Federation is the 1st Federation of the Legion. It consists of the 3 leading races: Naroudans, Cunones, and Yuruns, and formerly had the humans with them before their evacuation. The Alpha Federation governs the most AUU territory than the others, governing the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta Universes. They are even given the rights to their own home planets even when they're not in any of their primary universes. Their main base of operations was located on Planet Fotuserom in the long-forgotten Fort Raige, and their main battle cruiser is the Uamocles Battle Cruiser. The Naroudans are the leading race of the Federation, handling diplomatic matters, and believing that since they are the first race the humans met, that it's up to them to take their place as leaders of the Alpha Feds. The Cunones handle the military forces, and are actually the race that was hurt the most of the humans leaving, some have been seen crying about it. They in turn decided to avenge them by forming several rebellions around the Alpha Feds' controlled community. The Yuruns handled the economic matters, and they were very shocked at the loss of their human allies, and blame the end of the USRA for it.
    • Beta Federation- The Beta Federation is the 2nd Federation of the Legion. It consists of the Sabochans, the Ohrugans, the Rabodans, and the Aufones, and it governs the Epsilon and Zeta Universes. They are even given the rights to their own home planets even when they're not in any of their primary universes. Their main base of operations is located on Planet Ravina in an underground complex, and their main battle cruiser is the Typhalla Battle Cruiser. It is run by the Ohrugans, which handle part of the military and diplomatic powers. They haven't been that shocked with the departure of the humans since they're pretty manly. The Rabodans handle most of the military business since they're a military race, and they too haven't been affected that much by the loss of the humans. The Sabochans are responsible for the economic and political business, and since they're dog-like and more emotional, they are just as devastated of the humans' evacuation as the Yuruns are. The Aufones are responsible for most of the diplomatic business because they're mainly a diplomatic race, and they were actually neutral with the loss of the humans.
    • Gamma Federation- The Gamma Federation is the 3rd Federation of the Legion. It consists of the Xurons, the Uonans, the Tiikons, and the Yatorans, and it governs the Eta and Theta Universes. They are even given the rights to their own home planets even when they're not in any of their primary universes. Their main base of operations is located on Planet Sequentus in a fort called Fort Sreen, which was part of the Interuniversal War, and their main battle cruiser is the Yatorans' new Guardian Angel Battle Cruiser. The Yatorans, being the most advanced race in the Legion, are the leaders of this federation, and are responsible for the military and economic powers, and they didn't hesitate to feel bad for missing their human allies. The Tiikons are responsible for part of the military powers, mostly the technologies, and they weren't very happy with the loss of the humans. The Uonans, being as advanced as the humans, are responsible for political and diplomatic powers, and they were devastated very badly with the loss of the humans. The Xurons are another military force, but they also handle economic powers. They didn't show any possible emotion with the loss of the humans.
  • The Animal Square Province- The Animal Square Province is a multi-kingdom system which consists of 4 planetary systems spread all over the AUU, and each kingdom is colonized by mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects. The 4 kingdoms are the Eampapor System (Mammals), the Ichgee System (Reptiles), the Aphronion System (Birds), and the Opassap System (Insects). All kingdoms are fighting against the Villains Act. It's purely because they been making mammels, birds, insects, and reptiles look bad with certain members. But the rulers aren't the ones in charge. Each kingdom is ruled by a Council which chooses a ruler. They're the ones who were truly against the Villains Act. Eventally, sometime WAY after the VA downfall, a certain evil genius will convince a exsile ruler of each of the systems to usurp the corrent rulers, cause a xenophobic outbreak on each of the systems. and depower the councils as an attempt to make a new VA out which ever is proven the strongest, and a sadistic way to get back at the Animal Square Province for donating money and weapons to rebelions, supporting the Grand Council, and holding the secret of the Federations's hidden bases.
  • Alternate UUniversal Grand Council- The Legion created the AUU Grand Council during the uprising of the Villains Act so they could be the backbone of their political, military, and economic powers. Being led by Headmaster Warson, the Council served as the Universes' means to talk with the Legion, which they always remained anonymous to even their good people so they can be safe from Villains Act invasion. The Grand Councilmembers were the only ones who knew of the location of the commanding areas of each Federation, and they had to go to great lengths to protect them from the Villains Act. The Villains Act never knew where the Federation command centers were located no matter how hard they tried to search for them.
  • The Nimboo Rebellion- The rebellion forces of the Planet Nimboo was the most famous and most active of all the other rebellions in the AUU. They had been known to only improve on stragities and adapt to many of the VA's drones even when the Starbot series only gets worse each time. They have been known to constantly invade The controled VA fortresses and capitals in Nimboo all the time, yet they keep on failing due to the growing power of the Starbots. The Villains Act has even tried locating the home base of these rebels with little success. They have never been able to find the home base, and those who have discovered it usually don't live to tell the tale. All 3 federations of the Legion have control over this rebellion, and they are happy to provide them resources every month.
  • The Necktronian Rebels- A particularly powerful rebel faction still fighting against the passive aggressive control of the Monkrotanians. They refused VA includion cause they think it would hurt their chances to earn universeal sympathy, even when Qui offered great support from their starbot forces. The Necktronian rebels are more interested in returning their race back to their science practices then true power. They are still not currently powerful enough to get around the Monkrotans strong non-violent defences and are rotinely kept from getting worse by the Alternate Grand Council and the USRA races. The Necktronians, outside of refusing to join the VA, hardly have ANYTHING to do with even going after the VA period.
  • The Cunone Rebellion- Since the Cunones have missed the humans so much, they decided to avenge them by forming their own rebellion on their home planet of Cunoone. They were one of the many rebellions that lasted until the fall of the Villains Act, and they were very good at fighting it with their high-grade military technology. Their leader was the current Cunone Emperor, Emperor Brundel Tankoru, and he was clever at hiding the rebellion from the several invasion forces that tried to destroy or conquer them.
  • The Atont Rebellion- Since the USRA was founded, a certain race of ant-like creatures called Atonts have been trying so hard to get into the USRA. But since it ended, and the races spread into Federations, the Atonts started trying to get into one of them. But when the Villains Act came and sent the humans away, the Atonts decided to prove their worth to them by forming a rebellion. Despite their size, they were able to hold off the Villains Act that tried to push them around with their mech technology and their high-grade military technology. They had actually formed several rebellions since the Villains Act had attacked most of their colonized worlds. The Legion thought they weren't the perfect ones to be part of a rebellion, but may be capable of trusting them when they hear they've been doing pretty good. But they still believe they're doing this to get into their Legion.


Since the Villains Act's downfall, there was a huge villain crisis. Villains that worked for the Villains Act have started losing their edge due to their unexpected downfall after so many years, leading to new and original villain teams that want to take their place or even bring it back at a better pace. With new villain opportunities, and with the Villains Act's majority falling apart, there were some who wanted to become much better and not be as incompetent. However, the Villains Act would later be erased from reality, and give way to either new villain teams or independent villains who remained unaffected due to being non-Villains Act villains, and being more competent and determined for a goal of conquest. Some villains, as a result of this change, could be resurrected and be back for more.

  • The Dark Radicals- The greatest predecessor to the Villains Act since it's downfall, comprised of it's former Council that was able to escape arrest and settle in a secluded temple on Planet Goalax, taking some of the Villains Act's powers with it. They gained control of Corruption Co. after inviting Backer and some of his head staff to join, and with Bloggle's admittance, the Starbots still remained under their control.
  • The Black Hole Kingdom- A future team that would soon be the result of Xerxes' sister Xemantha using a reality-warping relic to erase the Villains Act from their timeline, this will consist of all Villains Act villains who have been able to retain their memories and plan to create a new Villains Act with no success. Later on, they would split into two new villain teams.
    • The Kafar Loyalists- The organized half of the Black Hole Kingdom that is run by Kafar-Ja.
    • The Black Yargers- The extremist half of the Black Hole Kingdom that is run by the chronologically-resurrected Commander Yarge.

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Unallied Villain Groups

Not all villains in the AUU were adjoined to Qui and the Villains Act. There were a good number of villains that think they can function WITHOUT serving Qui and the Villains Act. Some unallied villains are neutral, some hated the Villains Act's infamy being greater than theirs, some even wanted to conquer the Villains Act for themselves, some wanted to join but were rejected for a conflicting reason, some originated due to their actions, and others were too afraid of their controversy that it would invite trouble from enemies. Though almost all of them benefited from the Villains Act's existence over all, and then some suffered after the VA's fall, others were lost during the VA's time.

  • The Renegades of Gronan- A group of renigade millaterry forces under the rule of a renegade lord named Lord Gronculum. It was a family owned organisation, started from a disgruntled general Gronan. They were mainly a small fanactic group and were of some concern, but they were almost forgotten when the VA was born. Ever since then, Groanclum swore to destroy the VA and maintain the domience of the Renigades by usurping Qui. They included a rebel faction in Peerdon that became too desperate to refuse, but thanks to a rouge sciencetist and a formerly underappresiated project that would later be added into the Insectadrone series, the renagades' plans were savatoshed, the rebel leader killed Groanclum when he was framed for the near assult of his daughter, and the remainder were killed off by an attack from Qui, while Groanclum's son was forced to become a member and forsaked the legacy of the Renagades of Gronan, ending the legacy of the faction.
  • The Syndicate of Xenophobes- they're a mostly harmless racest group of rouge Tiikens who mainly do it cause they lost faith in racial relations when the Humans mysterious turned into cowerds and fled. All they ever did was make racial demonstractions and make controverseal agendas and that's it. They never get, "extreme" or anything, and prefer to control the universes by destroying racial relations and make everyone stand for their own race. They respectfully deline many of Qui's requests even when she offers to grant stronger ways to deliver their message cause Qui was not a Tiiken and it would make them look like hypcrites working with a non-Tiiken. They weren't truely villains or evil, just misguided souls who are broken and confused about the humans leaving. Their group was eventally disbanned when a powerful motivating policical force in the Tiikens restored their faith in racial relations and dropped the Synicate and pretended it never happened.
  • The Group of Groon-Mas- A realijustus group that want to force the way of the psycotic realigen of anti-advancement into the AUU and take them back to amish/anichent civilisation times and leave nothing but spaceships as the only tec. They weren't viewed pleasently by even the VA. Qui denied their request to join and the two started to have a war. The very tecknowagey they tried to abolish was too much thanks to relieing on old-fastion old-world weaponry that predictability served as their downfall. The group was disbanned by the VA with the exicution of their leader, Nutt-Butt.
  • The Psycopaths of Zeta- They were a group of psycotics, even Qui stood away from. The Zeta universe that was tormented by demented fanactics that want to abolish everything, good things, bad things, neutrol things, anythings, just because they can, they want to, and will. Their nut leader, CZma, wanted to destroy the VA cause he damn well felt like it as part of his fanactic reasoning. However, he ended up taking too long on a powerful super weapon that certain misfits beaten him to it. CZma took his disappointed rage out on an grand council controled planet in Zeta, and now with the Heroes Act free to grow and thrive, the Psycopaths were taken down and disbanned with little problem, with CZma cowerdly ending his own life to avoid Oranos.
  • The Lords Of Choas- A faction of chaos loving fanactics that do evil, just for the fun of it. Qui never seemed to win them over, and they are simply interested to make choas, just for the heck of it. Qui eventally gave up and left them alone. Fortunately, the LOC's had major respect for the VA and are merely harmless competiters in Universeal domination to the VA. When the VA was taken down, the Higher lord deemed it to be an assult on Choas and wanted revenge. Fortunately, a freed Heroes Act was able to disban them and had all of the Lords and members jailed.
  • The Anti-Grand Council Rebels- A group of conspiracy throests and rouge polotisans that hate the Grand Council cause of conspiracy throeys about the Grand Council being respondsable for the VA. Cause of it, Qui safely acknowledge they won't EVER join the VA and stood clear from them. They're both a problem to said VA, and the Grand Council for obvious reasons. After the VA had fallen, the rebels attempted to start an uprising against the Grand Council and try to spread lies about the Grand Council. It failed embarrisingly thanks to Magnum and the Heroes Act.
  • Gex Oppressor Core- A conquering opposition force originating from a race called the Galaxuns, which were capable of weaponizing an inner energy called Gex, and teaching other races to do the same. Though they are good at invasions and conquering, they only exist in the Galaxuns' system called the Xirya System. Lead by Galaxun overlord Overlord Ae Poex, this force has been taking over territories in the Galaxuns' 9 worlds, only being opposed by their opposite, a police force called the Gex Warrior Core, which uses Gex for good while the GOC uses it for evil. The Villains Act, due to the power of this invasion force, considered having them join, but Poex wasn't interested in joining because his only focus would be on his own system, implying Poex prefers to be strongly independent and/or that he's not entirely the kind of villain the VA expected. This was further confirmed that Poex admited outright disgust of the kind of standerds the VA has set for those "troubled souls" and had threatened that once he's competed with his conquest of his own system, would outright declair war on the VA for being a threat to their own way of life. Dispite Qui's attempts to defused a clearly volitile situation, he chased the Villains Act away from the system. Ever since, Qui considered it a bad idea to go to the Xirya System.

Banned Planets.

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