Remus Tran McKinley

Remus T. McKinley, AKA Vindicator, is an Alternate UUniversal Barmaset from Planet Osdrone. He is an old high-class Osdronian military supersoldier for over 60 years, part of it being against the forces of the Villains Act. He soon retired to become part of the Heroes Act. He is an excellent strategist who has mastered various advanced weaponry, and since being a part of Globex's Augmentation Programs, he has had increased speed, strength, vision, intelligence, reflexes, and lifespan.


Remus was born on the Vietnese planet of Osdrone during the Interuniversal War, and was abducted by the military to be part of a Globex program after his supersoldier father died in a firefight. Since Remus had some superior capabilities that his father had before his Augmentation Procedure, they deemed him as the best person to take his father's place. When Remus became 16, he was put through the same process, and became as strong as his father.

Since then, for over 24 years, Remus served during the Interuniversal War, and survived in the very end, able to survive the same scenario that killed his father. After the war, the Human Protection Agency deemed Remus a worthy asset to protecting the UUniverses, and named him the strongest supersoldier in the AUU. Several years passed until the Villains Act came into the picture. Remus fought a few of the villains that protruded on Osdrone. Soon enough, the Osdronians got into a war with a Villains Act military force called the Crimson Syndicate, leading to the Great Crimson War. The war was long and bitter, but with Remus' protection, there were very few casualties. Soon, the war ended when Remus battled and killed the leader, General Tarvox. Coincidentally, the war ended a day before the Shell Lodge Squad arrived.

When he destroyed the Crimson Syndicate, Remus was deemed a war hero, and earned the name 'Vindicator'. He decided to retire, and spend the rest of his life fighting crime on his home planet. He will soon be chosen to become part of the Heroes Act.


As a supersoldier created from Globex Genetic Enhancement, Remus is an incredible fighter. The GE Serum gave him increased strength, speed, reflexes, and durability. It even grants Remus keen eyesight and perception, and increased his lifespan. It made his skeleton 5x stronger, made him much taller in appearance, made his immune system stronger, and gave him heightened memory, intelligence, and creativity. He is experienced in over 10 martial arts, and has accomplished several feats on his own.

Remus wears a durable armored suit which is made out of a conductive metal that allows the suit to generate enough power to create a rechargeable energy shield. The metal is also nearly indestructible, and it has an infinite storage device that allows Remus to carry various weapons. He carries a high-powered vibroblade, and over 3 weapons: An M8E Tugar Blaster Pistol, an M560D Plasma Battle Rifle, and an M50 Plasma Cannon, which can destroy an entire building in a single shot. He even carries several thermal and ion detonators as well as a couple of fusion grenades.

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