Vinny M. Varanus is a Megalania prisca who lives in the Zootopian subterranean prehistoric utopia of Dinosica. He lives in an Australian subsector of the Cenozoic District called Naracoorte Gully and is a well-known childhood bully to Jesha Copper the Procoptodon pop-singer and personal friend to Queen Para even though both their agents are sworn rivals. As the result of a poor circumstantial upbringing, he is now a vicious murderer who abuses his species' natural bite venom to strike fear into his enemies, and to maintain loyalty to his own gang members, which includes a finicky Quinkana named Quinky and his brain-dead Meiolania 'pet' Bumbly who, as the result of a massive head concussion brought on by Vinny, is now on par with Url from Dinosaur. He has a rough, intimidating, and extremely dark Australian accent, and has a bit of a masochistic side to him.


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