Vipires are a tribe of snake people who are one of the many Snake Tribes that attempted to summon the Darkspawn monster The Great Eater out on the UUniverses until they were stopped and exiled by the High Council. These snake beings were pit-viper-like snake beings with black spots and coloration ranging from dark-green to dark-yellow, and they are also known for their ability to handle cold temperatures unlike other reptiles, which allowed them to become the previous owners of the snowy world of Coldaron, and they have mastered a techno-spell that allows them to turn any known machine, particularly vehicles, into giant snake-themed war machines. Following their defeat, the High Council exiled them to Transylvania, along with their leader, Count Fangula.


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Vipires are snake-like beings that naturally crave blood and eat meat of any kind. They are known to have black spots and have either dark-green, dark-yellow, dark-orange, and dark-brown bodies, and they are the only known reptiles to withstand cold temperatures due to the fact that they are half-cold and half-warm blooded, apparent by the appearance of hair on their bodies. The blood and meat they eat boosts their ability to withstand the cold, yet not eating for too long can cause them to suffer the extreme temperatures. Their fangs deliver a venom twice as toxic as common pit viper venom. It causes the circulatory system to weaken and can kill in less than 5 hours.

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