Viral Vi-Tor Revisioned

Viral Vi-Tor (Revisioned for offical release) (Post Pixalisation form)

Viral Vi-tor
(AKA, Virus Snake, Virovitor, Viros Vrandas, and Virus Mutant) is the main villain from the Omicron game designed by Kowalski and Sandy for the Pixitron video game console. Kowalski had the idea for Viral Vi-tor to be mainly a boa, but has many mutations. Viral Vi-tor is a mix of animals, villains, and evil. He is the ultimate evil dictator that ever terrorized Pixellania, the virtual reality world of the game. In the game, his main purpose is to use his gigantic flying generator called the Pixiliminator to destroy the city by tearing it apart pixel by pixel, and remake it in his own image. The player's goal is to defeat Viral Vi-tor and destroy the Pixiliminator before it destroys the entire city. He would eventually be brought to life in the real world as a glitchy being in the shape of the real Vi-Tor and wreak chaos in the UUniverses with his ability to manipulate not just pixels, but molecules, though once he turns molicules into pixel he can be able to contain a stable form.


Viral Vi-tor

Viral Vi-tor (Beta/Pre-Ingame Corruption/Before Omicron release)

Viros was born as the son of Viratos Vi-tor as part of the Viratos Program, which was meant to create a being that could help solve a crisis in the virtual world of Pixellania called viral drought. Viros was raised in complex training to build up his powers which were limited by the sciences' careful pixel manipulation because too much power would mean he would end up destroying Pixellania. However, then limiting his powers ended up keeping Viros from being a real help against the drought viruses, they desided that caution is more harmful then useful and allowed him to become way stronger, desiding that stopping a drought is more impourent then previous "silly" fears. Viratos was sure that Viros would do great things for Pixellania. And when he finally grew up, he took over the science company, and converted it into a worldwide corporation called 'Omicron'. But what the scientists didn't expect was that the reason Vi-tor turned the company into a worldwide corporation. It turns out, because Viros had lost his love interest and lab mate, Virana, to a file-destroying virus created in the labs, he had vowed to make sure that no such virus can destroy again. Thus he discovered the illegal dark substance known as pixellanium, which was created with the combination of pixels and darkness and was capable of depixilating objects and reassembling them into another image, as well as bestowing unimaginable power, enough to destroy anything including file-destroying viruses. He had hoped that this 'revolutionary' substance would make Pixellania a better place, and kept it hidden from everyone.

He had been able to fix the viral drought with the use of this substance, disguising it as a form of viral-assembly technology. But nevertheless, it did a great job with bringing viral water back to Pixellania. With this success, Vi-tor decided to push this to the next level. He would use pixellanium to 'make Pixellania a better place'. However, things turned downhill when the Beaver Commando taskforce went spying on Omicron, and discovered this conspiracy. Once they reported it to Mayor Jerkbeetle, Vi-tor was put on trial for the use of illegal and corruptive substances. He was sentenced to deletion, and he was depixelated, never to be seen again. Omicron ended up being shut down as a result of this.

But because hate had brewed so much inside Vi-tor's body when he was executed, his pixels transformed into pixellanium, and he was repixelated into his normal self, except he was now even stronger then before, and was capable of manipulating all the pixels around him. Vengeful for the loss of his life to the Beaver Commandos, he targeted them first, manipulating the pixels inside their brains and corrupting them all into his servitude. With them under his control, he therefore had control of the Omicron building that they placed under their control following Vi-tor's execution. They overthrew Mayor Jerkbeetle, and allowed Vi-tor to be the new leader. He had also gotten help in the form of an outcast named James Butterfly, exiled for committing crimes due to oppression, and killing his own butterfly mother for threatening to turn him in. He had become his personal assassin and assistant.

However, one day, a rebel named Agent Ralph was trying to build up a resistance to defeat Vi-tor and bring peace back to Pixellania. But he hadn't made any progress since Vi-tor was always scouting for dangers. It all came down to him bringing the last remaining members and doing what they can to place Vi-tor under arrest for his crimes. Vi-tor was able to suck up the pixels of Ralph's teammates and reforge them into what would be the bosses of the game, and he battled Ralph, only for him to gain the upper hand and try to execute him with an experimental ray which would ensure that he was destroyed and never to return. But before he could do so, the ray was destroyed by a lucky shot from James, and while the blast injured Ralph, it gave Vi-tor a chance to suck out his abilities and skills out from him and make him weak and unable to fight.

Ralph was then banished to the Great Edge of Pixellania, which is said to be a parallel world where no escape was possible, yet he made use of the place and created his own base where he would remain and keep track of Vi-tor's actions, yet was unable to return since there was no pixels to allow easy passage back to Pixellania. With the only hope left of Pixellania crushed, Vi-tor had successfully reestablished Omicron, and the corporation took control of all corners of Pixellania. Vi-tor had the Beaver Commandos commit mass arrests so he can corrupt them. He wreaked anarchy across Pixellania, and first tested a corruption field on a city called Sindred City, and it was a success, reducing the city into lawlessness.

With so many people in Pixellania going crazy from anarchy, it was much easier for Vi-tor to get them to do whatever he wanted. His company was not only his source of armies, but for his technology. He soon concocted a plan called Operation: Pixilimination that would be launched following the completion of a massive device called the Pixiliminator, capable of tainting pixels within a wide radius with darkness, and turn them into pixellanium, making them easily manipulative. Once it is complete, Vi-tor would use this device to remake Pixellania into his image, turning it into a place so peaceful, that no other person would be lost by such powerful entities like viruses. But Ralph will soon summon people to help deal with this crisis.


Viral is known to be a being of unbelievable strength. He is a being of dark pixellanium with the ability to manipulate pixels to his own whim. He can use this ability to rearrange pixels around his own landscape. He can taint pixels with pixellanium, and even use them to manipulate energy of all kinds. He can use this energy as a weapon, and he is also a genius in many sciences, and has the ability to corrupt through tainting pixels.

Viral Vi-tor 2

Viral Vi-Tor in reality. (Pre-Pixilisation)

In real life, Vi-Tor is like pure error and glitch incarnate. Because his digital body can hardly calibrate a molecular makeup, his molecules often 'glitch' out due to instability, though he can still live fine even with this ailment. Though he still retains a powerful adversary because in real life, he can manipulate the molecules around him just as well as he could do with pixels in the video game world. He has the ability to rearrange molecules, bond different elements and create new elements, as well as disintegrate people at a molecular level, as well as reintegrate them whenever he wants. He can rearrange the molecules of the world around him as much as he wants, and worse, he can disintegrate worlds at a molecular level, and reintegrate or remake them in his own image.

Boss Battle

Viral Vi-tor's Health- 101010000 Viral Vi-tor has 3 health bars. Defeat his 3 bars, and he's finished. In the boss battle, Vi-tor stands above the floor on a wide and tall pillar while the player fights on the ground in a circular battlefield with the pillar in the center.

First Health Bar

First Health Bar Health- 10000

In the first part, Vi-tor has a shield around him powered by 4 shield generators on the pillar. SG Health: 5000. While you have minions attacking you on the below floor, you must also find a way to destroy those generators. Destroy them all, and you'll be able to attack Vi-tor. Once you attack him enough times, he will teleport to the below floor, and attack you with special attacks while teleporting to another area on the lower floor after one attack 3 times, after that, he stands still, and that's your chance to attack. Here are his attacks:

  • Ground Radiance- Vi-tor radiates the ground below the player, and soon the radiance electrifies the player. Avoid the radiance before it electrifies.
  • Homing Ball- Vi-tor creates a ball of electricity that homes in on it's target, and charges. At the right moment, dodge this ball to avoid being hit.
  • Shockwave- Vi-tor pounds the ground, causing a massive shockwave on the ground. The player must jump to avoid this attack.
  • Laser Breath- Vi-tor blasts a plasma laser from his mouth, and it takes away a large amount of health from the player it hits.

After you do enough damage to him, he teleports back to the top of the pillar, and you go back to the first strategies involving disabling his shield. After this happens 4 times, you move on to his second health bar.

Second Health Bar

Second Health Bar Health- 1000000

Now, Vi-tor gets mad. He steps up his game, and adds 4 extra shield generators, and scatters the shield generators into unreachable areas scattered across the generator room. The camera eases off of Vi-tor, and onto the players. The players are able to leave the circular perimeter of the battlefield, and go up 4 stairs around the circular field. But be careful. Vi-tor is still launching lightning bolts at you. Find all 8 generators and destroy them. Then attack Vi-tor. After that, just like the first health bar, Vi-tor teleports to the floor, and does his first attacks followed by a few new attacks:

  • Electroshock- Vi-tor charges up his body, and zaps the floor the player are standing on, zapping the players. Find cover ASAP.
  • Plasma Bomb- Vi-tor throws a Plasma Bomb similar to Nefarious' shockwave bombs. They explode on impact, so avoid getting into the bomb's range.
  • Zappoblast- Vi-tor releases a hundred lightning bolts, and they all rain down toward the player's range. Avoid the raining lightning bolts.
  • Death Ray- Vi-tor shoots a death laser from his eyes for 10 seconds, following the player's move. Keep the laser from touching you.

Like the first health bar, try to hit him when he takes a break until he teleports back to the top of the pillar. Once you do this 10 times, you move onto the final health bar.

Final Health Bar

Third Health Bar- 100000000

Vi-tor gets extremely mad, and gets determined to kill the player off. He teleports to the ground, and uses extreme force to try and kill you. He floats after you glowing in electrical power. His attacks are much more powerful now. Here they are:

  • Devastator Bolt- Vi-tor throws a huge lightning bolt at you, and the bolt explodes on impact. Avoid it at any cost.
  • Telekinesis- Vi-tor electrifies a random object, levitates it, and launches it at you too quick for you to dodge it, so use the Chronopus to slow down time so you can dodge it.
  • Electrozap- Vi-tor zaps you with electricity from his fingertips, and drains your health quickly. In order to stop this, another player must attack Vi-tor before he kills the player.
  • Hypershockwave- Vi-tor charges up the energy in his body, and bursts a huge energy shockwave that is very deadly. Run away as quickly as you can before he bursts in energy.
  • Sonic Boom- Vi-tor bellows a loud and unbearable screech that does damage to anyone in it's range. Be careful when he begins.
  • Multizapper- Vi-tor throws multiple lightning bolts at a player that explode on impact. Elude these bolts when they hit.

Be careful when he gets tired. When you don't hit him within 2 seconds, he'll jolt with electricity. Once you hit him enough times, he'll be back up on the pillar using only his 2nd health bar attacks. He'll be back to 4 shield generators, so destroy them, and finish him off

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