The mastermind behind this whole operation, Bioson, A horned giraffe-like bison, has been proven responsible for the plague. But it was mainly a half-accident. Bioson intended to create a genetically-altered sentient bacteria that formed a symbiotic relationship with it's host by helping it's immune system fight off viruses, evolved or not, and other infections, making it stronger and more immune to infection. Instead, the bacteria ended up attacking other macrophages, and devouring them. They used their intelligence to evolve, and form alliances with tons of other infectious organisms, ultimately causing the worldwide plague as the first step in ruling Horvathos. Now, being the only person being immune to the disease, Bioson intends to use his own immunity to destroy the Baccillium and clear it of it's plague. After vaccinating the Lodge, they agree to help Bioson destroy the virus before it spreads throughout the Alternate UUniverses.

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