Voodoo Zombie

The Voodoo Zombie is one of Scooby Doo's enemies from the Scooby Doo show. The original incarnation of the Zombie was a disguise of Zeke, made in order to scare off people while he and the Swamp Witch looked for a sunken armored car.

In the Spongebob series, Doctor Facilier got word about the Voodoo Zombie, and was impressed by how scary it looked. So, he used his houngan magic to transform a dead body of a random bystander into a new version of the Voodoo Zombie. This voodoo zombie is now Facilier's manservant, handling tasks that even the Shadow demons can't do, like physically battle Spongebob and his friends. This Voodoo Zombie will make its debut in Spirited Away, where Facilier summons the creature to attack Spongebob and Chihiro as the sun sets over the Bathhouse for the first time.

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