Vorac is a bizarre world that is noted for being a literal food environment. It was created as the result of being a mass-consumed world of nothing but fast food and gluttony. But when they were punished for their waste of life by an unknown deity, they entered entire centuries of famine as they were unable to create more fattening foods and forced them to settle to healthy foods. They weren't used to the taste of such, and thus a scientist wished to solve this by creating a machine that would turn water into food. Unfortunately, the results warped the world beyond belief, creating the world it is today. The inhabitants were heavily affected and became giant obese ape-like creatures from years of gluttony and have been reduced into semi-intelligence and a tribal society.

PTE Redux Conditions: This world will be reintroduced in PTE, as the original version sounds like an alternate world version of the film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Also, the world will be renamed Vorach (a portmanteau of Voracity and stomach). Unlike this version, the PTE version of Vorach's people stay human-like.

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Vorac became infamous as a result of being perceived as a world of nothing but fast food and voracious gluttony, until the day an unknown deity had punished them for wasting their lives and separated the unhealthy foods from the healthy foods. Without much choice, the planet's citizens had been stuck eating the healthy foods that no one else wanted to eat; fruits, vegetables, Less Fatty Dairies, healthy meat, and grains.

Over the centuries, people had become used to the taste of such foods, but their gluttonous nature still remained and they started eating vast quantities of it. And as a result, they have entered various stages of obesity from the relatively smallest children to the largest chief of their people in their now tribal society.

However, hope was not lost, as they discovered that the unhealthy foods were not lost forever, but scattered into small islands and countries where they found they could travel to in order to recolonize and create unhealthy foods from the healthy foods. The Voracians often atthived a loner isolationist lifesytile from the grander universes due to that their beliefs aren't heavily universeal.


The Voracians are a gluttonous people who have evolved into a society based on Native American and Polynesian tribes, blended with modern society as well.

Naturally, outsiders would think their obesity would threaten their lives, but Voracian scientists have figured out a way to improve the health of the people. In some cases, their obesity may be a sign of how healthy they are; the fatter the better.

Thanks to modern science, Voracian farmers learned how to make their crops more fattening, while some are fattening their livestock in order to make bigger and bigger foodstuffs. Luckily, there had to be a super breeding program so livestock wouldn't run out.

Once a year, all Voracians gather together for a matchmaking ceremony. On rare occasions, they bring outsiders to this ceremony, with varying results.


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