Vorlanna Reele Qoille

Vorlanna R. Qoille is an Alternate UUniversal Hydrocabiais from Planet Solomorn. She is a combative member of the Union Against Religious Abuse who joined after it rescued her from execution by a far-gone, hopelessly confused and treacherous religious pope named Father Jer Kan. At age 7, Vorlanna was an autistic orphan who was surprisingly able to watch over herself and was smart enough to make a living on her own with no supervision, which she still had at her age. Yet she still had her autistic side when having to be aggravated with work and a lot of other agitating things to do, including a visit to a church for her nanny. But upon her stay, Jer Kan noticed the skull-shaped birth mark on her back, and accused her as an apostate for the 'Skull-Devils' of the religion, and ordered an immediate execution. Everyone who tried to prevent it was excommunicated harshly by Jer Kan, including the nanny, and Xena the Lost Warrior and Wesper discovered this happening in the diner next door, and went to stop it. Jer Kan was stopped before he can commence it by Xena who kicked the staff up in the air, and it fell on his head when he made the poor judgment to look up and got impaled in the mouth and informed the people that it was just a skin condition. This caused the religion to be abolished and leaving everyone on Solomorn to be atheists. Since then, the UARA established their base of operations on Solomorn, and they adopted Vorlanna as their own, raising her to fight for people who will soon suffer what she had just suffered. So Vorlanna grew up as a markswoman and combatant who wields twin electric katanas and various explosives. She rarely uses a firearm even though she was trained to use one. Her birthmark represents her loyalty to the UARA, yet can get really offended when people make fun of it, most likely because of being traumatized emotionally on how her birthmark almost got her killed, or from prior years of bully problems.


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