Vrank Randy Agintalbos

Vrank R. Agintalbos is a former Galactic Federation soldier who worked for the police forces until he was ordered by the Grand Councilwoman to study the planet Dragma, which they had just been discovered. Vrank agreed since he had experience in geological studies in an exoplanetary science camp. He seemed to get along with the planet's inhabitants, the Dragmites, and decides to stay due to his orders despite the fact that Emperor Cygron ordered him off the planet. But when Cygron discovers that Vrank has been telling about the UUniverses, he rudely kicks Vrank off of the planet to prevent a horrible future where the Dragmites are destroyed, which ironicly Vrank was actselly the key to truely stop that from happening, but Cygron didn't knew that and Chazona didn't predict that yet, and it would end up coming too late. Upon discovery that the Dragmites were apparently destroyed by the Grox, he had tried to go to show his sympathy after several other GFed soldiers were going missing while approaching Dragma. Upon arrival, he was captured by Cygron, who was made a cyborg. Cygron throws him inside one of his underground sanctuaries, and finds out that he has been doing the same thing to all the soldiers. He was stuck inside the sanctuary, where he remained for 20 years. He has started feeling guilty upon learning the reason why Cygron kicked him out. Luckily, over the years, he does make some friends out of the prisoners of the Sanctuary. Some of them include a human child named Reina Sycamore, some other Galactic Federation officers named Gorjen Sha, Blasma Orce, and his crush Zinx.


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