The Vrat Lord

Flint Cunny Squarmlex (HUEGH!!!)

Flint C. Squarmlex, AKA The Vrat Lord, is an Alternate UUniversal Plaguogan from Planet Luiter. He is a member of a race that is the infamous evolutionary cousins of the Yuruns, and his family are of Virossan origin. He lives in the Beofynzeny System as his Vrat Bandits reside in the most inhospitable of city ruins stealing and looting what they can to survive, and being naturally infectious to the people around them. The Vrat Bandits once lived in the most toxic areas of the system, clearly used to the toxins due to their biology, mining in the most hazardous areas. Over time, they mutated with some growing long claws, while the Vrats as a whole have become semi-cannibalistic. When they collect people to be sacrificed and eaten, Ezzoy Bandits and others are often on the menu. The patterns have become a sign of their status, and though they have no need for them, they wear masks for recognition and for ceremonial purposes. Very much like actual Vrats, this faction will grab and make off with loot. This may lead to interesting decision points as people like the Vault Seekers weigh the benefits of pursuing a Vrat Bandit which has acquired more than a valuable loot item. They were more-or-less hoarders that either kept them as average hoarders or are semi-hoarders that sell them for cash. Additionally, due to their semi-cannibalistic nature, they could regain health by devouring corpses as their mutation heightened their metabolism to immune-digestive system-linking lengths. At the top of this bandit kingdom is Flint, who is very sadistic, insane, and is a comical leader on par with Nuka, and has a lot of itches, scabs, and parasites, yet has a different voice on par with Seth Green. His bandits are mainly found in areas like Sundown, Fyregem, Old Haven, New Haven, among others, yet their main base is in the infamous Trashwater Coast, which is the best hideout because of it's submerged abandoned community of Heapstone, and it's high level of predators, particularly the infamous Sarcohivers. He soon became a member of the Banditry thanks to the organized crime movement made by Gozzog the Corporate. The Vrat Bandits are AUU parallels to the Borderlands Rat Bandits.


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