Vutobus, spirit of strife and destruction

is an Alternate UUniversal Polyzoon from Planet Invervitrax. He is the Invervitraxian spirit of strife and destruction, and is as powerful as Mayhem. Long ago, long before the Interuniversal War or the Villains Act, he ruled Invervitrax in an eternal state of chaos and destruction with his Polyzoon army. But an ancient unknown hero named Master Oroiti came and stood up to the Polyzoons with his amazing magical powers, imprisoning Vutobus' army. Vutobus and his brother, Faethos (The Dark Founder), the Invervitraxian spirit of victory and the defeat of battle, were the only ones left. While Faethos was spared for doing no harm, Vutobus was turned into a mortal bird-frog, unable to exact his revenge. But it's only a matter of time before Vutobus reaches his full power again.


Coming soon...


  • "I only exist for one purpose, and one purpose only: To rule in eternal strife and destruction, and nothing is going to take it from me! NOBODY!!!"
  • "Dream on, mortal fools! Nobody has ever been able to stop me except Oroiti! He's the only one who knows how to do it, and you'll NEVER find him."
  • "You think my brother was, "cruel" as you put it, for starting the Villains Act? Let me tell what something about, the villains act. Firstly, my brother didn't even intended the harm he inflicted, he just didn't count our kind's natrolly corruptable magic to get in the way of his dreams of making this universe like that other one. On top of that, the Villains Act is a faction of bullies, compared to me, and it's nothing even remotely evil when paired to what I've done. I've annihilated an entire village with a simple rainstorm. I've crushed mountains with just a mallet. I've sucked mortal souls with a funnel. I've even been able to use a pair of socks to destroy other heroes who tried to stop me. I'm a GOD! I cannot be stopped!"
  • "I have the arm of a poisonous animal, so one simple punch around the world can leave you hurt AND poisoned at the same time!"
  • "I'm gonna enjoy this!"
  • "I can turn you into silver with just one stare, so BUZZ OFF, TWERP!"
  • "(Twisting a bridge into a helix) Hmm... It's missing something... Ooh, I know! (Makes the bridge invisible) Perfect!"
  • "Now, my dear buddy Mayhem, there is no need to stay friends with that Flutterbitch. Your kind was created by those, Kenya Beings thingies to be choatic, NOW ACT LIKE IT?!"
  • "For starters, stop being so.... Nice."
  • "NO THEY CAN'T! Creatures of choas like us, must inspire only fear and hatred!? We have no time for this, love nonsense!"
  • "You have a choice, May-ham! Learn to re-embrace choas again, or be a useless pet of order and happiness?!"
  • "Now, was that so hard, Mayhem? Welcome back to the family!"
  • "That's it! I am tired of those lony wanna-bes and those heroes trying to ruin my plans! Finish them off for good?!"
  • "What?"
  • "But, you harmed them with your magic, I saw you! ((Mayhem: "Seriously? You never seen a tickle spell fused with magical screams of pain in your life? Besides, I would never hurt Fluttershy, or any of her friends... Cause they're my friends, even IF they're order loving losers.") (Rarity: "Uh, that's very sweet of you.... I think.")) TRAITOR?!"
  • "I could've shared a chaotic kingdom with you. (Mayhem: "Listen, buddy. Just because someone like you and me are meant to be evil and chaotic doesn't mean you don't have the option to riase better then that. Let go of your obession with chaos, and you might find much better enjoyment in kindness.) How could you choose harmony and peace, over me? Esepically your, inferior brother! He's a disgrace to choas beings everywhere?! (Discord pounces on him) (Discord: "Maybe I am, but I'm the disgrace with a brother who's gonna defeat a heartless monster like you! Mayhem?!") (Mayhem charges) Huh? Mayhem, no! THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR DOING?! NO, NO?! (Mayhem grabs Vulbus, spins him around for abit, and tosses him into the portal where the Polygons are trapped, screaming as he would never be seen again!) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo (Ehcoes as the portal closes for good.)
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