Vyctor Ware

Vyctor Malcolm Ware

Vyctor M. Ware is a human gamer from Planet Gamerene and is the last to have carried the legacy of the greatest gamer in gaming events, holding a record of 8 wins. However, he was easily beaten by the sheer skill of the crazily-fun gamer Quse. Jealous that he was beaten by someone he considered 'young and amateur', he swore to beat him, making it a personal goal. Like Quse, Vyctor has his own wife and kids who compete in games with him. His wife, Kayelin, has a big grudge against Quse as well, but it is mainly just a professional one and not a personal one, as she also has a heart and serves as a voice of reason for Vyctor. Eventally, Vyctor would end up making beating a "young upstart" more important than the well-being of his family, albeit the fact that he still provides for them but still wastes too much time for his personal goal, and that would really put him at odds with his marriage. The two families have been competing for the title for 5 straight annual matches, and Quse's family always comes out on top. He never realised that Quse is actselly a huge fanboy of his. It doesn't help that Quse wasn't exactly humble about beating his idol and his over excitment was mistaken to that of a typical "Disrespectful Upstart". Helps little that Quse has mistaken Vyctor's newfound dishonest attempts to take back his title as "Part of a New Bad Boy image", implying that Quse's head "Doesn't have ALL the light's on", though not a true idiot, Quse's over-excited demeanor prevents him from truely understanding people, which furiates Vyctor more.


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