Wivimus Dee Familiar the Shadow Doctor is an Alternate UUniversal Ciminian from Planet Jurus. He is a voodoo witch doctor who long ago aimed to take over the capital city Harrinxi from it's slum city lowclass district, which had low wealth, poor-maintenance buildings, crowded population, and discrimination by the highclass people until it's president, Loverture, did so before him. Jealous that someone with talent like his wouldn't have done that, he sought revenge by summoning voodoo shadow demons that were locked away long ago by the voodoo elders. When he was ostracized from the voodoo community for his pride and greed, especially by his mother Mama Modi, he was cursed to be one with these demons. But he escaped by making a deal with the shadow demons and returned to his body for revenge, becoming a renegade out for revenge, all with these demons on his side wherever he went so long as he kept a special medallion around to increase his power, which could only work if he offered souls as payment for it's use. He thus turned Loverture into a froog and took over the land, hiring all the lowclass people and switching their settings, with some ecstatic and thankful, while others angry that he took their homes on both sides. But soon he got his comeuppance when Loverture gained a girlfriend and they smashed his medallion, costing him his resurrection debt and killing him once more. He managed to pull himself free from the afterlife by using forbidden Ehaexon arts and decided that he was better off somewhere else because he was only living shadow, unable to interact with anything until being cured by Master Crobra. His ability to sense pure darkness allowed him to help Crobra and The Dark Radicals, the last remnants of the Villains Act, find new villains and create The Villain Legion. He is the AUU version of Doctor Facilier.


Born in the lowclass slum cities of Harrinxi, Familiar used to be the mother of the Queen of Voodoo, Mama Modi. But when they were exiled for their background and his father was killed for standing up to them, they retreated into the Bayou of Jurus. Horrified by this murder, Familiar swore to end the oppression and discrimination that Harrinxi had. But Modi, sensing the corruption inside his heart, cut him from this as she saw that he would only use voodoo magic for revenge, no matter who or what it was for. Angry at his own mother's 'blindness', Familiar decided it was time to stop playing games. He worked up his power in secret by stealing his mother's secrets, and aimed to one day end the discrimination himself. However, by the time he was ready, he was too late. The discrimination had already been ended by Harrinxi's current president, Loverture. When his work was wasted, Modi called him back after discovering his crimes, especially since he stole info regarding demons too dangerous to be unleashed, and that he was aiming to unleash them. As punishment, she and the voodoo community cursed him into being nothing but shadow, leaving his body a shell, and becoming one with the shadow demons he was attempting to unleash.

But he was able to make a deal with the shadow demons. They resurrected him with the use of a powerful dark voodoo medallion that he always carries. But in return for this gift, he must provide them souls through this medallion, warning him that should the medallion ever be destroyed, the deal will be off and he will die again. Once he is back to life, Familiar used a voodoo doll of Modi to cripple her ability to use voodoo forever as revenge for 'murdering her own son'. He thus went back to Harrinxi to get revenge on Loverture. He approached his manor and he manages to turn him into a froog, while he used his blood to impersonate him, and make some drastic changes that would not only hurt Loverture's reputation, but allow him to rule Harrinxi, switching the highclass and lowclass places as revenge for his father, and most were angry at this choice, while others were supporting him. But Loverture escapes, and without the blood supply, Familiar's disguise was exposed once it wore out. He curses Harrinxi into becoming nothing but shadow and calls his shadow demons to search for Loverture, with a plan to mind-warp the inhabitants to always see him as Loverture once he gets his blood back. Loverture is able to save himself and his forbidden love interest, Tio, albeit accidentally turning her into a froog as well, as they escape into the Bayou.

With help from a lumitroz friend, Loverture and Tio manage to find Modi and learn of Familiar's weakness: the medallion, which keeps him alive so long as it is undamaged. They manage to steal it, but at the cost of their lumitroz friend's life, whom Familiar stomps dead. He almost manages to sway Tio away from Loverture by telling her the impact Loverture's actions had on the voodoo world, as nobody wanted anything to do with them after they saved them from the shadow demons long ago, and not so much as acknowledging them, almost breaking Tio's heart. But she remembers that her father went through the same thing Familiar's father did: fighting until death for a better tomorrow, and like Familiar's father, her father would not want her to make such a horrible decision. Thus she breaks the medallion, cutting Familiar of his debts and effectively undoing his resurrection. After that, Loverture and Tio get married and clean up Harrinxi, while also correcting mistakes done long ago.

Refusing to die, Familiar cast a forbidden Ehaexon incantation and cast himself off as a living shadow. He was now unable to die and was now a shadow casting it's own shadow. However, he was incapable of interacting with anything and existed as a shadow ghost. Without any way to get his revenge, he had to leave Jurus. But his actions set on Harrinxi had garnered the attention of Master Crobra, who had offered him a deal to use his shadow powers and voodoo to help find him more powerful villains to serve the Dark Radicals. He accepted this deal as gratitude for giving him his own physical body. He has been serving in the Villain Legion ever since.


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