Wackattack the Wacko


Wackattack the Wacko is the unknown 3rd command of the Dragon Hunters seen in the Netflix series Race ot the Edge, and not without good reason. Both Viggo Grimborn and Ryker consider Wackattack a giant embarrisment to the Dragon Hunters, though "An Embarrisment with some benefits worth copeing with", being that Wackattack is undeniably a big and strong man. The reason for the embarrisment is because Wackattack is beyond deludional about a self-imposed "propihey" that Wackattack is destined to become a new norse god. He is also been deemed demented for believing in "A mythical dragon Sanctuary" known as the Hidden World, and that conguring this world would garrentie assendsion. He ends up being deemed only as a deluded fool for believing in this, thus both Viggo and Ryker BARELY even bring him up, nor included him in going after the Dragon Rider gang, to Wackattack's disgruntlement. But little did Viggo and Ryker even realised that, in his youth, he saw for himself that he did witnessed the Hidden World once, and wanted to congure it with his tribe, but he was actselly stopped by teen-aged Stoick and Gobber in when Wackattack had priorly kidnapped a younger Valka to have tried to turn her into his "God Queen" when he assends. Gobber damaged Wackattack's eye and Stoick took Wack's hand, being why he has a chained spike-ball hand. Without his leadership when he was rendered unconjustus, Wackattack's tribe were helpless to the dragons that defended their home and assentually torched his entire tribe alive. Wackattack awoke and saw the charred remains of his clan ships. Watkattack was able to get a surviving ship seaworthy and escaped the hidden world before he was caught by dragon patrols. In time, he would be recruited by the two then younger Grimborns to become a 3rd leader in the then upcoming Dragon Hunters after he was encountered basicly ransacking an entire bar in a fight. Wackattack ever since has hoped that the minute the Grimborns are "No longer slowing [Him] down", he would take over the Dragon Hunters and basicly give his previous plan to congure the Hidden World another simple try. And when he does, he would be the Riders' potaintionally most deadly adversery, 3rd only to Drago Bludvist and Grimmel.
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