Wade Furyclaw

Wade Gordon Furyclaw

Wade G. Furyclaw is a Superior Sabertooth Cat from Kratos. He is Ororo Joltzen's violently-aggressive boyfriend who seems to start off being abusive and a big jerk, but he does have a good heart under that attitude, and has contributed to heroic things like battling even nastier crooks and bravely going into burning buildings to save anyone inside, like his most famous rescue in a burning orphanage. Trouble is, his attitude makes people concerned for Ororo's well-being, and it helps little that he has trust issues, but Ororo has proven capable to keep Wade in line when she threats to use her powers to expose some of Wade's 'awkward' moments and sensitivity of his unknown past, and that does the trick, though he does growl menacingly first, but then leaves. But he's not a bad boyfriend, and can become a gentleman if he feels like it or if it's completely needed for his relationship with Ororo. He is hot-tempered just like his 2 other brothers who he's been separated from in his childhood, and he has never started on looking for them since he felt he didn't need them to have a great life, espeically since he hated one of them for causing a personal family tragity ever since. He has a similar personality to Wolverine, as well as superpowers. His powers include super-strength, a titanium skeleton with sharp blade-like claws (Which are shorter than Wolverine's claws), super-endurance, super-agility, a regenerative healing factor, and super-longevity.
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Wade was born with 2 siblings named Ajax Furyclaw and Piet Furyclaw, and 2 parents who lived in an isolated tundrous country close to the Arctic of Kratos. Piet was known to be a troublemaking delinquent for always stealing things and getting the family in trouble with legal issues. But the primary reason for this was that, while Wade's parents were otherwise good people, they were broke and had difficulty in maintaining their children. However, after years of this habit, Piet became a kleptomaniac who stole whatever he pleased. As a result, Wade's parents were viewed as bad influences. Then, after Piet ultimately stole a sacred ring from a respected ambassador of a nearby powerful superior nation, the two lost custody of all three children, and were taken away, leaving the entire family with broken hearts. The brothers were separated, never to see each other again. While Piet would stay an orphan due to the anger that grew due to his separation making him more troublesome, and ultimately disappearing, Ajax was adopted by an adventurous businessman who owned a well-respected corporation, and Wade was taken to a nice and fair, but very strict family. However, even though Wade had a somewhat decent childhood after the previous trauma, it broke Wade emotionally that he was robbed of his parents unfairly because of a delinquent brother. He has since went off into being a freelance individual who formed a difficulty trusting people. He even decided to never look for his brothers again despite the fact that it was Piet who was the cause of their separation, and Ajax did nothing wrong.

Eventally in his adulthood, Wade found himself alone in a world that, while there was no hate or discrimination, was mostly, unsure and cautious about the out of place creature. Wade had little ability to get a job thanks to a lack of patience, and fearful bosses. Even the Kratos royal forces stood at least 10 feet away from him. This further made Wade feel like he couldn't trust people as far as he could've thrown them, if he wanted to throw them, so his already nasty attatude worsened. Eventally, he discovered that thanks to a local pyromaniac with fire manipulation, an orphanage was burning because it failed to pay the villain tribute, and Wade felt that this shouldn't stand, and so he made a bold choice and rescued the orphans despite them being scared of him. While he failed to capture the pyromaniac, he was declared a hero and a respected member of the community, recognized by even Master Algorithm. Even when he saved many lives, his trust issues still haven't improved that much, and thus he remained independent, avoiding having his bad temper ruin his heroic reputation. It stayed like this until he crossed paths with Ororo Joltzen. He at first wanted to AVOID a relationship cause his naterolly bad demeanor would have him accused to be of that of a domestic abuser, and let's be honest, he does have poor social skills, but Ororo's kindness, (and persistence) made him begrudingly but acceptingly see otherwise. Though Ororo was never ACTSELLY hurt ONCE, she and Wade do sometimes get rather STRONG and vocal arguments. Wade, even if he's mad enough, would NEVER dream to harm Ororo, and would sooner take his rage out on a thug then on the one person he can trust. But should he end up meeting up with his brothers, things will change either for the worse or for the better.


Wade is like the Kratosian version of Wolverine. Being a feline, he is naturally agile, has whiskers which pick up vibrations, could hear, see, and smell better, and could see in panoramic vision. His other powers include the ability to lift up to 10 tons even with his long claws, he can endure a massive amount of damage, and he has an increased longevity, being able to live for up to a hundred years. Plus, his senses are much stronger than a normal animal, as he can smell and hear things within a 50-mile radius.

His trademark abilities are his intense healing factor, and his 7-inch retractable metal claws. His healing factor has almost no limits, being able to synthesize any lost tissue, heal wounds, replace limbs and entire organs at a fast rate. However, his healing factor depends on a sufficient amount of cells, so as long as one cell remains, he can fully heal. His skeleton is made entirely of titanium, making his retractable claws nearly indestructible, but regenerative. His saber-teeth are also regenerative, and his bones can be healed along with the rest of his body. He can use these claws as a kind of melee weapon, and can use them to scale walls. Though when he gets in a rage, his power and strength increases and he becomes nearly unstoppable.

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