Walden Huncus

Walden David Huncus

Walden D. Huncus is an Alternate UUniversal Gruid-Human Hybrid from Planet Uridia. He was the best friend of Awesome Jaxtom even though their two families, who descended from feuding human weapon manufacturers Teel Gosa Huncus and Vecthor Bruce Armatage, who were both orphans raised by Gruids and became famous weapon manufacturers who founded their own companies, both of which ended up in a 190-year feud, and though they made peace, the results were apparent as both companies had similar designs. Walden is among the modern descendants of the Huncus family, and aided Jaxtom in his work. However, when he helped him and his family find their first Uridian Vault, he betrayed him and his family, hooking his daughter into an AI chamber, sold his two polygamous human wives to the Villains Act, left his second daughter to slavery, and he brainwashed Walden into being his right-hand man, assisting him in diagnostics, maintenance, stewardship among the Armatage Corporation, and many other objectives, and thus turning him away from his family and company, especially upsetting his father and head of the Beofynzeny System's Armatage Branch. Wusamble Huncus, into founding the Huncus Rebellion to fight back against Jaxtom's mad expansion of power. Later on, with help from unlikely heroes, he would be freed from his mind-control.


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