After facing so many of these so-called 'Evolutionaries', Chief Bogo is starting to wonder why this group is so willing to bring people like Bellwether, Whyte, and Swineton into their ranks, and what purpose they have of inspiring 'evolution of animal society' through terrorist acts like the Night-Howlers and Tame Collars. Bogo decides that something must be done. And no one can better be qualified to figure out the true goal of the Evolutionaries and stop them from doing things worst than what Bellwether, Whyte, and Swineton did: Gazelle the Uniter Princess. Thus, he summons them to Zootopia, and despite their doubts, they nevertheless accept. Thus she and the Lodgers, along with Judy, Nick, and their team, will have to travel to new corners of their world in order to stop the Evolutionaries once and for all. What other Evolutionary members are out there, how worse are they compared to Bellwether, Tyler, and Swineton, and more importantly, who is their leader and what does he want from Zootopia? That is an answer they aimed to seek by pinpointing it on the map convinently found in an old compartment of Swineton's desk and that it matches the ones Bellwether and Tyler kept in simular items. However, they have a weird consistency of having prehistoric looking symbols, meaning that the base is likely located in the old prehistoric mountain "Mt. Preshora", thus the group go inside the mounton and found something they did NOT expect..... A hidden socity of living, sentienceised Dinosaurs living exactly like the Zootopians. This place is called "Dinosica", a socity that's home of dinosaurs and every prehistoric creature imaginable, even creatures from the times before dinos are here, as a result of their ansisters hiding out from various extinction events and managed to coinside perfectly here. Everything related to the Evolutionaires suddenly becomes moot when there's a greater socity involved. However, our heroes have a bit of a hard time when the socity's border patrol Ankysaurus attacked them, calling them "Moderns!", as the group end up going through quite a mess into the city and were proptly captured! Fortunately, they were recovered by a local pop-star who sympathies with "Moderns" and agrees to keep them under her care. When our heroes explain why they came here, their caretaker doesn't seem to even know what the "Evolutionaires" are, even after being told in full what they're capable off. Reguardless, she offers some help by directing them to find a cop in the DPD, "Dinosica Police Department" and get help from there. However, this is happening synmomimously with a dino verson of the main Zootopia adventure taking place. This event could help the Lougers pinpoint them to the Evolutionaires, espeically when it's noticed that Dino and Pre-Mammels have went missing, both pred and prey, and a Judy-Eqsed Dino and a Nick-Eqsed Dino are the closest they have to any direct help to find either the Evolutionaires or at least the member who's here and possable mastermind of the entire opperation.


Introduction of Dinosica


Misfits vs. Border Patrol


The 'Gazelle' of Dinosica


Tracy's First Day


Meeting Trevor Jurassic


  • Mammoth: (They were seen scooping ice cream and making fast food, yet unlike the elephants, they had gloved trunks)...
  • Tracy: (She came in searching for the Troodon)... Where is he?
  • Mammoth: Listen, pal, I don't know what you're doing skulking around during daylight hours, but I don't want any trouble here. So hit the road!
  • Troodon: I'm not looking for any trouble either, sir, I simply wanna buy a super-sizer... For my little boy. (He shows him a little apparent baby in a mammoth costume)... You want the regular or spicy? (He chooses the spicy)...
  • Tracy:... (Sighs)
  • Mammoth: Look, bud, is there any Troodon fast food joints in your part of town? (Tracy stopped at the sound of that)
  • Troodon: Oh, yes, there are. It's just that my boy, is a goofy little stinker. He likes all things mammoth, wants to be one when he grows up. Got him all 5 Ice Ager movies, got him all the mammoth themes in the room, and even trusts them as the legendary creatures they are. I even got him a little mammoth costume. (The 'child' shows it to him and toots) Isn't that adorbs?
  • Tracy: Aw!
  • Troodon: Who am I to crush his dreams? Especially around his birthday?
  • Mammoth: (Sighs) Look, you probably can't read, Troodon, but the sign says 'WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE!' So if you don't leave right now, I will have to call the police!
  • Mammoth #2: You're holding up the line! (The baby toot-cries)
  • Tracy: Uh, excuse me?
  • Mammoth: Hey, hey, hey, meter maid, you ever heard of a line?
  • Tracy: Uh, yes, of course, it's just... I have a question. Are you aware of Mayor Rex's campaign against hate crimes in any form?
  • Mammoth:... What're you talking about?
  • Tracy: Well, first, stereotype in this display seems to be enough to count as a hate crime against a minority. If Rex learns of this, he'll no doubt shut this place down. (The other customers spit their food out at the sound of that) Second, it could ruin your species reputation as legendary creatures. If this little one trusted your species, and saw that you're committing this hate crime on his father because of his species, not only will HE be crushed, but so will you and any other mammoth.
  • Mammoth: "Hey wait a minute, whoa, whoa, whoa! This ain't a race issue! Practicly speaking, the stuff we serve here is too big for him! He'll end up not being able to finish these foodstuffs and at worst it'll make him sick! At best, I'm just trying to avoid a lawsuit!"
  • Tracy: Well, tecnecally, it is STILL a race issue because you don't trust these two to handle giant-sized dodo nuggets! For as far as we could know, these two planned to share the nuggets! You didn't seriously think the little guy could eat it on his own? Now that's not only prejudgemental, but falls into the realm of rude assumptions! And you try to justify your hidden demons by trying to avoid a lawsuit from him? I mean, who's to say he won't sue you for refusing service? And besides, what do you think is honestly worse? A lawsuit, or an angry T-Rex who's mayor and has every legal power to shut down anything he wants? Besides, they can always save what they don't eat, especially when it involves spice, which is a plant product which even a T-Rex wouldn't eat, so don't think that'll save you. I mean, have you heard of what happened to the taco shop because of a discrimitive manager refused service to someone because of the custamer being historicly his kind's predator? Let's just say.... The Mayor did QUITE of a reputation ruining number on him. (The Mammoth gulped) You can say it's not a race issue all you want, but even then, you still owe it to the little lad to be a better representivie to mammoths. And to do that, in return to avoid the mayor ever knowing about this, just do, this one, simple thing..... Sell this good father what he wants for his son, please.
  • Mammoth:... (Sighs)... Anything to avoid an angry Rex... $20.

Defeating Rude Onyx


Tri-Tops' Dismay

  • Tri-Tops: Abandoning your post, inciting a scurry, reckless endangerment of the forces and citizens, but... To be fair... You did stop a high-profile criminal from stealing two dozen edible stromatolites.
  • Tracy:... Well, with all due respect sir, 1. Those aren't edible stromatolites. I mean, they are, but from the smell of it, they seem to have been poisoned by harmful bacteria, but for some reason it smells like algae. Second, I'm pretty sure this is an improvement since I busted those Pyroraptor smugglers, so can you at le-
  • Tri-Tops: SHUT YOUR TINY MOUTH NOW!!! That was sheer luck that you managed to beat Rude Onyx. By all regards, creatures smaller then him usually don't stand much of a chance.
  • Tracy: Sir, believe me, I didn't want to leave my post. But after I saw your men struggle to fight him off, I had to do SOMETHING.
  • Tri-Tops: You could've just as easily, CALL FOR REINFORCEMENTS!!!
  • Tracy: He could've gotten away or even killed someone by the time they would even-.....(Sighs) Sir, all that's beside the point, fact of the matter is, I got the bad guy. That's my job as a law enforcer.
  • Tri-Tops: CORRECTION?! Your job, IS PUTTING TICKETS ON PARKED CARS!! Your basicly meant to be the bane of people who leave their cars for too long on meter parking areas and inspiring harsh lessons that those spaces are public property, and NOT their private parking space! I put you in parking duty to do you a favor. I wanted you to prove your worth, out of due respect for the Mayor, AND the fact he has the powers to fire me himself just as much as the commissioners can! But after all that? I'm gonna have to revoke that deal under grounds that, simply, I cannot trust you.
  • Tracy: Sir, please! What about that Oviraptor partner of his that got away with that one stromatolite before you stopped me?
  • Tri-Tops: He has been dealt with by the REAL cops. He'll be held in a holding cell for a few days, make a bail post, then his overtly rich and over-caring mother will pay that bail and take her wasted son out, and he'll be back out doing his usual nonsense as per-usual. It's not perfect, BUT THAT'S HOW REAL COPS DO THINGS?!
  • Tracy: Sir, I WANT to be a real cop! At least have faith in small creatures like us.
  • Tri-Tops: Do you honestly think the Mayor asked what I wanted when he assigned you to me? You don't get to be a real cop just because you WANT to. If you want it, you have to earn it. Otherwise, what good is a reward if it's just handed out to you like as if life is a video game after you accessed the cheat codes? And in order to earn it you need to be physically fit, (Tracy was gonna say something) AND IN MY STATION'S CASE, in scale. Now, for a Coelo, your at least no easy target, but that only gets you so far against certain scum of socity, ESPEICALLY IF ALL IT TAKES IS JUST ONE STOMP, AND IT'S DONE?! If anyone like you were on-duty cops, you'd be stepped on before you could even fire a gun. Now, aside from the fact that I admit, no fondness for entrusting small creatures with positions worthy only for big creatures, I am not doing this to spite you, because that's the last thing I'd wanna do, if not just because I don't want the Mayor to hear about any possability that I don't treat you with respect! I am doing this because some risks are not worth taking for animals like you. Our police force has rules, and if you wanna remain a part of it, I advise you follow them no questions asked. So either let it go, or turn in your badge, grab your s***, and get out of my building!
  • (Wide-Side): Chief, Mrs. Tethys is here to see you again. She wants to know how progress is going on her missing husband.
  • Tri-Tops: Tell her that we're doing everything we can to find him and I'm in the middle of something here.
  • (Wide-Side): Alright then-... Oh, crap! She's heading for your office sir-
  • Mrs. Tethys: (She comes in)... Sir, a few moments of your time! I overheard everything! Please know that my husband is not just some average Tritylodon. He's a senator for this good city. He wouldn't just disappear. My children and the neighbors are panicking that this may be the work of sinister people who're possibly planning an uprising. He knows this, and he'd inform us if he was going out, because last time he went missing, it was quite nuts.
  • Tri-Tops: M'am, we are aware of his importance to Dinosica, and how much he helped the Permian Sector. But please know that things like this take time. You're gonna have to be patient. I promise you we'll have him safe and sound in a few days.
  • Mrs. Tethys: Well, forgive my skepticism, but I think these guys may be doing well enough to avoid you. It's clear that something is going on, and my husband has something to do with it. There's gotta be someone smart enough and willing enough to find him. I came here because this seemed to pop into my head and I suddenly got worried. (Softly starts sobbing) Who knows what's going on with him? Don't you understand? There's possibly a mean person about to do mean things to good people, and I'm at my wit's end for it. It could DESTROY Dinosica as we know it! So I'm begging you sir, send SOMEONE new to help.
  • Tri-Tops: I assure you, Mrs. Tethys, our detectives are VERY busy, and they're doing well so far. Granted, they're still so far from the case, not because they don't care about it, but, because, it is a netouriously cold case. He disappeared with little RELIEABLE witnesses, no clues, and all known enemies checked out with confirmed alibis! They are just left with little reshorces and clues.
  • Mrs. Tethys:... You sure you can't send in someone who can be even better then your current detectives? It clearly sounds like you need an incredable exbert for this, someone, with undying determination and someone who isn't afraid of anything and anyone, not even the biggest of criminals! Isn't there at least someone, HALF like that!? Are you, honestly sure?
  • Tri-Tops: Yes. But I assure you, as Chief of Police, that senator will be found and be right back to do boring paperwork and political bro-ha-has before you know it! But please consider this, Miss Tetys, until then, it's gonna have to be a little while longer for us to-
  • Tracy: I'll find him! (The two were surprised)
  • Mrs. Tethys:... Oh, thank you! Bless your stars, you wonderful Triassic Creature! (Hugs her, as Tri-Tops was burning mad at such a thing, causing Tracy to lose her smiling face abit and gave a quiet gulp)... Bring him to me and my babies, and inform me on your progress please. Here's my home and phone number.
  • Tracy: (Puts on a smiling face again) I'll do my best.
  • Tri-Tops: Ahem! Mrs. Tethys. Please wait out here.
  • Mrs. Tethys: Okay. Thank you for this, Chief.
  • Tri-Tops: One second, and I will get back to you. (Closes the door)... YOU'RE FIRED!! (As a nearby Mayor Rex heard the yell) F-I-R-E-D!!! FIRED!!!
  • Tracy: WHAT?!? LITTERALLY EVEN AFTER THAT EMOTIONAL SCENE-..... Oh who am I kidding, I knew for your steaming angery face that was gonna happen. But please consider that I was only doing tha poor female a favor! I-
  • Tri-Tops: DID NOTHING MORE THEN GAVE A FALSE PROMISE?! AND THAT'S INSUBORDINATION IN MY EYES?! And you fairly warned, that, I WILL NOT TOLERATE INSUBORDINATION FROM SMALL CREATURES LIKE YOU!!! I warned you that this place had rules, and you ignored me.
  • Tracy: Sir, I was just offering some backup help. I mean, from what she said-
  • Tri-Tops: What she said is IRRELIVENT?! I SAID YOU'RE FIRED!!! As in, you do NOT take the case. Now, I am going to open this door, and you're going to tell her that you're a former meter maid wit delusions of grandeur whos FINALLY out of luck, who will NOT be taking the case!
  • Tracy: But how's she gonna take it?!? If I tell her, it's gonna shatter her!
  • Tri-Tops: Well at least it'll teach her to not accept false promises! She's a small creature who has a lot to lose, and she needs to be patient, as this is REAL POLICE WORK! So, either you do it, or you'll be placed under arrest for treason and- (He opens the door to find Mayor Rex standing in front of the door with a pissed off expression as this played)...
Spongebob soundtrack dramatic cue (a)

Spongebob soundtrack dramatic cue (a)

  • Tri-Tops: AND-AND-AND-AAAAAAND... Mayor Rex! (Chuckles) What an unexpected surprise. You look nice today-
  • Mayor Rex: DON'T TRY TO DISTRACT ME WITH NICE COMMENTS, TOPS! I couldn't help overhearing this outrage! I come here to congratulate Officer Coelies for stopping Rude Onyx, as well as to have the pleasure to hear that she's helping to find Senator Tethys, only to hear THIS?!? UNEMPLOYMENT OF SAID OFFICER?!? What do you have to say for yourself!
  • Tri-Tops: Sir, please understand, it was a means of discipline-
  • Mayor Rex: That's no excuse, Tri-Tops! Understandable you balanced out your views on small creatures by having her prove her worth in parking duty, which is a waste of her talents otherwise, by the way, but after THIS?!? It's clear that you lied to your noble mayor!
  • Mayor Rex: So, you DID keep your promise to see her prove her worth and your basicly just trolling me now, is that it?
  • Tri-Tops: Yes, no, TRICK QUESTION?!
  • Tracy:... He does have a point, sir.
  • Mayor Rex: This is inexcusable, Tri-Tops! Consider your second strike up, and your last chance. And I do mean, ONLY, your last chance. I'm ordering you to reconsider her termination, let her take this case and save Senator Tethys and stop causing an uproar, or you're FIRED!
  • Tri-Tops: SIR, PLEASE-
  • Mayor Rex: NO! That's the deal! You let her have the case she rightly deserves after the improvement of her Pyroraptor bust, or I am telling Mrs. Tethys that you fired Coelies. And you're not gonna like it if I have to tell her. She's gonna demand that you never be in police work AGAIN for this hate crime, and you're going to be shunned by people like Coelies. I am NOT, gonna let miss Tracy lose out on an oppertunity of her being the first small dino in a long time ever since you took the position of chief, just because Karma offered a better way for her to prove her worth! Am I clear?
  • Tri-Tops:... (Sighs) Clear as glass!
  • Mayor Rex: Good boy! Now, good luck out there, Officer Coelies. And Tri-Tops, remember, last chance! Good day to you, sir. (He leaves)
  • Tri-Tops: (As he was shocked, and held this expression)
  • Tracy:... Uh... Sir? Please don't-
  • Tri-Tops: (He holds his hand up)... (Sighs) Alright! The Mayor was right. I haven't been keeping my promise fairly. But know that I'm still holding my breath on your busts being a stroke of luck. So, I will give you 2 days to solve this case and find Senator Tethys. I mean, yes, a case like this normally takes weeks, months, even a year to complete, but since your SUCH a speical little snowflake, giving you that exact time would've been INSULTINGLY generious! And keep in mind, haggling will only make the time shorter! Take it, or leave it!
  • Tracy:.... Thank you, sir.
  • Tri-Tops: BUT... You strike out or fail, or even so much as the senator possabily not even being in a modestly good condition or in any irreverseable damage... You resign!
  • Tracy: Oh... Well... Are you sure that you'll keep true to the Mayor's word?
  • Tri-Tops: I will do it as much as I can. I've seen people like you do clumsy mistakes, so know that I'm respectfully being cautious for your well-being, and offering hope that you can prove me wrong. Besides, Mayor Rex may can stop ME from firing you, but he can't stop YOU, from leaving on your own terms. He doesn't believe to be forceful in terms of if people themselves, don't feel adiquite to do certain tasks. So, do we have a deal or not?
  • Tracy:... (Takes deep breath) Yes.
  • Tri-Tops: Splendid. Wide-Side will give you the complete case file. And be made aware. This is a case that even my best detectives are left scratching their heads like Gaintos! You better be as good as you say, for Ms. Tethys' sake! Or else you will have to cope with the shame, of letting someone down.... Your dismissed.

Hustling Trevor


Dil's Private Nature Club




Meeting Mr. Tiny/The Ring of Mame

Mame's Ring

  • Trevor: (They were tossed in a pit of Asian-style bodies of water, architecture, and structure)... Great work! You forced me to go into a place I was forbidden to go to, and you just made s*** worse! Some cop YOU turned out to be!
  • Tracy: Oh, please! How was I to know that this was a place of which you were familiar with?
  • Trevor: Well, too bad! You have officially doomed us both! As far as I care, you DESERVED to stay a meter maid!
  • Tracy:... You know, you are SOME piece of work! As far as I care, I can see why you're a con artist! YOU'RE SO INTOLERABLE TO PUT UP WITH! With all THAT including being a food hustler, a tax evader, and A VOLLEY OF OTHER STUFF, YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE ON THE STREETS!
  • Trevor: If I were you, I'd watch that tongue! I do NOT tolerate people judging my choice of life as if they know Dinosica like me. I told you, we don't get along, NOR WILL WE EVER IN A MILLION YEARS!! We have our own castes here, and you refused to accept yours. With this attitude of yours, why should you EVER be a big-city cop?
  • Tracy: (As something was watching them) You should know who should watch their tongue, mister! Your type are ALWAYS the same!
  • Trevor: MY TYPE?!?
  • Trevor: Well, whoopsie-daisy, you ended up getting us sent to our DEATHS!!! So, I am going to do what I SHOULD'VE DONE! (The two tussled for the pen) GIMME THAT PEN!!
  • Tracy: NO! LET GO!! (The two argued until Tracy tazed him)... Word of advice! Don't EVER do that to a cop!
  • Trevor:... YOU'RE... NO... COP!!! If I were you, I'd let me bail out of here! Mame could be here any second, and then we'll-
  • ???: Kon'nichiwa, Trevor-Chan! ("Hi, Trevor!")
  • Trevor: Hi, Mame! And then we'll-... (He noticed a giant Mamenchisaurus)... SON OF A ****-S*****G D*** PASTE!!! WHY THE F*** DOES ALL THIS ****** ******* HAPPEN TO ME?!?
  • Mame: (As Trevor went into a semi-censored rant)... Dansei yo, dōzo! ("Men, please!")
  • Rhyniognatha #1: Mōshiwake arimasendeshita! Watashitachi wa sono fukubikō no mondai o mō kakaete iru yōdesu! ("Sorry, sir! We seem to be having that sinus problem again!") (Makes censored beep-like sounds)
  • Trevor:... WITH A GODDAMN DAEODON!!!
  • Mame: Owatta? ("Are you done?")
  • Trevor: (Takes deep breath) Yeah! But before you kill me, can I please ask-
  • Mame grabbed Trevor with his tail and held him up to him
  • Mame: Anata ga kawaī Koerofishisu o saisho ni uchi makasu yō ni tanomunara, anata wa fumeiyo ni machigaimasu. Sore ni, watashi wa shinshi-teki ni saisho ni dansei o uchi makasu dakedesu. Watashi wa on'nanoko ni butsukaru koto o waruku kanji sasemasen. Sore wa kishi-dō, Trevor-Chan to yoba rete imasu! Shiraberu! ("If you're gonna ask me to beat up the cute little Coelophysis first, then you are dishonorably mistaken. Besides, I'm gentlemanly enough to beat the men first. Makes me feel less bad about hitting girls. It's called chivalry, Trevor! Look it up!")
  • Tracy:... What the hell are you saying? I don't speak Japanese!
  • Trevor: IF YOU THINK THAT'S BAD, WAIT UNTIL HE- (Music is heard)... Starts, singing.
JAPANESE - Shiny (シャイニー) w Subs&Trans (Moana Vaiana)

JAPANESE - Shiny (シャイニー) w Subs&Trans (Moana Vaiana)

  • Tracy: (Sighs, and used her acrobatic agility to jump onto a high ledge) HEY, FATSO! (She took out her taser gun, and set it to tranquilizer rounds)... Oyasumi!
  • Tracy: THAT'S ONLY ONE OF THE FEW I KNOW!!! (She fired the gun as the tranquilizer rounds ended up bouncing off of his thick hide)... What? (She fired the tazer as he only flinched)... (Mame continued his song as he now turns his attention to Tracy, where as Tracy gets the stuffing beaten out of her, Trevor begins to feel terrorable about this apawn knowing that Tracy tried to save his life, got a bold face, and noticed something in a nearby puddle)
  • Trevor: HEY! (Mame faced him) I GOT SOMETHING SHINY FOR YOU! (Shows him a jewel)
  • Trevor: Well, how about a deal? You let us go, and it's yours. If not, I'm keeping it.
  • Mame:... Anata ga watashi ni anata o korosu ōkina riyū o ataeta no wa wakarimasu yo ne? ("You do realize you gave me a bigger reason to kill you, right?")
  • Trevor:... Aw, dino-s***! (He was chased around screaming at the top of his lungs)
  • Tracy was equily surprised at this....
  • Tracy: "..... He..... He tried to save me, even after that earlior arguement and, everything I did to him..... A Troodon can be.... Noble? My parents are never gonna believe this.... Along with the, japanese speaking/singing sumo sauropod. Seriously, why does Tiny have that?"

Tiny's Office

  • Kostya:... Sir, I must ask... Why do we have a Japanese speaking/singing sumo sauropod?
  • Mr. Tint stared angerly at Kostya.
  • Kostya: ".... Uhhh, your right sir, it's none of my busines to ask!"

Savage Raptor Chase


Trevor Stands Up For Tracy

  • Chief Tri-Tops: (As the heroes recovered from the Deinonychus attack and the Iguanodon stampede)... Well, this should be good.


  • Tracy: I thought this was just a missing animal case, but turns out, it's way bigger. I believe that Senator Tethys didn't just disappear, but... He may've went savage, along with this Deinonychus.
  • Chief Tri-Tops: Savage? This isn't prehistoric times anymore, Coelies, animals don't GO savage.
  • Nick: Well-
  • Chief Tri-Tops: Serface world problems withstanding!
  • Tracy:... Well, when you see this... You may be surprised. (She reveals Shawn the Deinonychus as he was still unconscious)
  • Chief Tri-Tops:... You cuffed him to a pole?
  • Tracy: (She rushes in) Mr. Sickle? (He wakes up)
  • Shawn:... Uhhgh... What happened? I feel like I just woke up from a nightmare.
  • Tracy:... What?!?
  • Chief Tri-Tops:... Care to explain, Coelies?
  • Tracy: Sir, I swear to Darwin, he almost killed us.
  • Shawn: KILLED YOU?!? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ON ABOUT?!? I am NOT a murderer! I am a dinosaur of the law, and I prefer to stay like that. This is a RIDICULOUS accusation!
  • Tracy: No, I swear, he was acting like a savage, and he almost killed us with an entire pack!
  • Chief Tri-Tops: Or maybe ANY big predator looks savage to you small creatures.
  • Nick:... Harsh, dude!
  • Chief Tri-Tops: SHUT IT, SURFIE! Release him! (They did so) It's clear that this accidental stampede was NO accident.
  • Tracy: Sir, it WAS! I had to lose them so I could alert you.
  • Chief Tri-Tops: (Dubbed as Kerchek) You almost KILLED someone! (Reveals the young Leptictidium). In fact, that Oviraptor from your Rude Onyx escapade was the one who saved her. An insignifigent oviraptor did something FAR better then you did today, Coelies?!
  • Tracy: Sir, I am telling the truth!
  • Chief Tri-Tops: We ONLY get the truth MY way, and MINE alone! Let's go!
  • Tracy: Sir, wait, I'm not the only one who saw it! Trevor was a witness to it!
  • Chief Tri-Tops:... Pfft! You SERIOUSLY think I'm gonna believe a Troodon? Let alone THIS one in particular?!
  • Tracy: Well, he was a key witness, so I decided to have him help.
  • Chief Tri-Tops: Were you seriously that desperate to prove me wrong that you would trust HIM?! This waste of space is the reason why the case was hard to crack?! He's a reknown con artist! Hence why we didn't had any RELIEABLE witnesses?! He, is not a relieable dino, Coelies?! I'd bet he'd sooner waste your time then be an actual aide!
  • Icky: "Well at FIRST he was a pain in the neck, but eventually after seeing Mr. Tiny we got into the right direction and-"
  • Icky: "...... That didn't really help, did it?"
  • Iago: "What do you think dumbass?" (Kicks Icky in the butt!)
  • Icky: "OWWW?!"
  • Chief Tri-Tops: "..... Just when I thought you couldn't be more phathic."
  • Judy: SIR, we were being in the right direction! But then Shawn went crazy and tried to kill us with several other raptors! We all saw it too, the least you could do is respe-
  • Judy:...
  • Tracy: Sir, they're telling the-
  • Chief Tri-Tops: Two days to find the Tritylodon... Or you quit! That was the deal!... (Opens his hand) BADGE! (Everyone was shocked at his behavior, including, of all people, Trevor, who had a flashback)...
  • Tracy:... Sir, I-
  • Chief Tri-Tops: BADGE!
  • Tracy: Sir, please-
  • Chief Tri-Tops: I will not ask again! Badge NOW, or prosecution! (Tracy lay defeated as she prepared to do so)
  • Trevor:.. You planned this, didn't you?
  • Chief Tri-Tops:... What was THAT, Troodon?
  • Trevor: Oh, I'm sorry, did I stutter? I said 'DID, YOU, PLAN, THIS'?!?
  • Chief Tri-Tops: Wha- THE NERVE!? What nerve YOU have got to accuse me of such?
  • Trevor: Simple! Do you think I'm stupid enough not to figure this out? Huh? Is this SERIOUSLY the first Iguanodon stampede that not only happened, but endangered someone? WE ALL KNOW HOW EASILY FRIGHTENED THEY ARE!! So, again, did you know about this?
  • Chief Tri-Tops: I am not gonna stand here and be interigated by a lowly, phathic-
  • Trevor: Answer the question!
  • Chief Tri-Tops:... I am NOT gonna answer a question of a miserable con artist! In fact, I should sooner arrest your miserable tail, then to play your silly little game!
  • Trevor: OH, REALLY?!? Because after that behavior, I'd have to respectfully disagree! I think the evidence is PRETTY clear! YOU SET HER UP TO FAIL LIKE THIS!!!
  • Nick:... I think he may have a point, Chief! You're trying to make her see that you can get to her!
  • Trevor:... ("Did he just read my mind? Questions for later.") My point exactly. It's clear that your infamous beliefs on small creatures being useless are convincing you that you can boss them around because you have the power to back it up!
  • Nick: Exactly! You give her a clown vest and a three-wheeled joke-mobile, and two days to solve a case you guys haven't cracked in forever? Yeah, no wonder she had to get help from a Troodon. None of you guys were gonna help her, were you?
  • Chief Tri-Tops: You, have, THE NERVE, to accuse me of conspiracty against any officer?! Look, I admit no fondness of the idea of a small creature working in the force, BUT TO SUGGEST THAT I WOULD RISK MY TITLE, MY JOB, AND MY HONOR, JUST TO BE RID OF WHAT IS AT BEST A MINOR INCONVINENCE TO ME PERSONALLY?! I only gave her such a hard time because I AM TRYING TO PREVENT THE PRECENT BEING SUED FOR A PREVENTABLE DEATH OF MISS COELIES?! I mean, look at her?! One stomp and it's just a hop-skip-of-jump to a lawsuit designed to make the precent pay for her funeral?! And besides, all I am doing is trying to relieve her of her rediculious childhood fanasies! And you two have the NERVE, THE AUDASITY, TO ACCUSE ME OF SETTING HER UP?! DON'T YOU THINK THAT IT WOULD BE BAD FOR ME TOO IF SHE DIED FROM BEING MAULED BY A "SAVAGE" RAPTOR OR KILLED FROM THAT STAMPEDE?! And on top of that, Troodon, WHY DEFEND HER?! SHE DRAGGED YOUR ASS INTO POLICE MATTERS AND WASTED EVERYONE'S TIME FOR NOTHING?! Now, I am gonna give you a friendly warning to turn around, back away and to not look back, Troodon. This no longer concerns you.
  • Trevor: But it does, Three-Horn! (The Cops and Shawn ohhhh.)..... You can play dumb and innosent all you want, but this is no doubt a chance for you to cheat your way into getting rid of her. So, I advise that you either let her have the 10 hours left to find Senator Tethys and forget this whole thing EVER happened, or risk being fired by Mayor Rex for a hate crime!
  • Judy: (As she had the same face she had when seeing the naturalist club, shocked by his assertion)
  • Shawn:... Ohhh... He showed you GOOD!! And now that you mention it, the last thing I remember when seeing the Senator was that being with him in that limo was the last thing I remember before ending up here. So, yeah, smart move there, Chief!
  • Chief Tri-Tops:... (The Leptictidium child, realizing she was being used, kicked him in the leg as he hopped on one leg holding the other) OW, OW, OW, YOU ARE LUCKY YOUR TOO YOUNG TO BE ARRESTED FOR ASSULT ON A POLICE OFFICER, OW, OW!!
  • Trevor: Then it's settled. Let's all forget that this dino-s*** ever happened, and let Tracy here finish what she started. So, if you'll excuse us, we have a VERY big lead to follow, AND a case to crack. Good day. Good heroes, Officer Coelies? (They left in the van)
  • Chief Tri-Tops:...
  • Wide-Side:... Sir?
  • Chief Tri-Tops: Not one word, Wide-Side! He's right! It's best we forgot this WHOLE thing ever happened! Let's just get out of here, bring this child back to her family, and not escalate things any further. (They left, unknown to them that someone had an iPhone on standby that recorded the whole thing)
  • ???:... Well... Consider yourself done already, Chief, because you just made the biggest mistake of your life!

Discovering The Savagery


Predators Endangered


The Night Howlers' Paleozoic Ancestor


Tri-Tops Blackmailed

Mayor Rex's Office

  • Rex: (As he played the leaked footage of the raptor incident)... You BETTER have a good explanation for THIS, Tri-Tops!
  • Tri-Tops:... WHERE DID YOU-
  • Mayor Rex: I did not instruct you to ask questions! For the remainder of this, you will only speak when spoken to! First off, I am admonished that you did this! You attempted to trick me into an incident where I couldn't punish you for her quitting of her own will, THROUGH A DEAL?!?
  • Tri-Tops: Sir, please-
  • Mayor Rex: I SAID DO NOT SPEAK UNLESS SPOKEN TO!! I said that she do what she can to solve this case. I never said ANYTHING about you making this deal just to cheat her out of the force! This is cruel, and unprofessional act from you! What do you have to say for yourself?
  • Tri-Tops:... (Sighs) Sir, please understand, I was trying to prove myself that she could do this. The last thing I wanted to do was disappoint you!
  • Mayor Rex: Well, you certainly did! This is inexcusable.
  • Tri-Tops: Sir-
  • Mayor Rex: Speak without permission again, and you're fired!... Now, it is understandable how you think less of this city. But this is more like a hate crime. Hate crimes have been despised, and the stereotype system is no means a way for people to get around it. I've had to deal with this problem before I banned the laws limiting predator and prey segregation! I arrest people who deny animals service because of their species, and I've done all I can to get rid of this s*** concerning the oppression that made people like Trevor! He's not even the only one to let his oppression judge his path! It's EASY for ANY animal, surfie or otherwise, to let stereotypes judge their life. If she had actually given you that badge, you would've broken the law! Though that I could get behind, but... I think Trevor may've had a point. You used that stampede as an excuse to commit this hate crime. THAT is all I can stomach, and enough to take away your final strike!
  • Tri-Tops: Sir, please!
  • Mayor Rex: No! You're fired! Turn in your badge, pack your things, and get out of the DPD!
  • Tri-Tops: I was just-
  • Mayor Rex: You're fired!
  • Tri-Tops: I can-
  • Mayor Rex: YOU'RE FIRED! (On communications) Get me security!
  • Tri-Tops:... (Sighs defeated and leaves, as Tracy came in with Trevor)
  • Tracy: SIR! I think we may've found clues as to the savage crisis!
  • Mayor Rex: Ah, Tracy, Trevor. Welcome.
  • Trevor: Wait! (He saw the footage of the stampede incident, and noticed Tri-Tops behind them)... Mayor... Did you just-
  • Mayor Rex: It's nothing personal. I did what I had to do. I did you a favor.
  • Tracy:... Sir! I must ask, where did you get that footage?
  • Mayor Rex: Someone claiming was sent by Celi sent it to me. Apparently, the incident was caught on camera. I gotta thank Celi for reporting this hate crime to me.
  • Trevor:... (The two looked at each other)... Sir... I think you need to hire him back.
  • Mayor Rex:... After what he did to you? You want him to boss you around?
  • Tracy: Okay, look, I admit, what he did was wrong, but he had good reasons! His family was killed by an incompetent Velociraptor gang, and he was betrayed by a Diictodon who used to be his friend. Admit it, Mayor, if you were betrayed by someone smaller than you, would YOU be fond of small creatures like us?
  • Mayor Rex: No, but I'd still respect them.
  • Trevor: I don't think that's the point. If I recall, didn't you have a family that was killed by a gang of Nanotyrannus?
  • Mayor Rex:... How did you know that?
  • Trevor: I met their leader, Nanston Tyrrell. He claimed that his family was of the same family of someone whom you beat in an election. He killed your two sons as an act of revenge against this. He said his family was underappreciated for being 'little kings' and believed it contributed to his loss, and killed them just to prove they could be respected. They were as mistreated as I was, only in a far worse manner.
  • Tracy: I can agree. And his criminal file was pretty legitimate about it. Admit it, you can't see what Tri-Tops sees because you have been trying to avoid hate crimes like that because you say it pains you, and reminds you of that horrible time. He was betrayed by someone smaller than him, and your children were killed by someone smaller than you. Your tragedy is far worse than his, and because of that, you feel that his opinion is something you'd best want to avoid to trigger unpleasant thoughts. As mean as he was, it's clear that someone planted that footage as a blackmail to get him off the case, and KNEW it was easy to manipulate you through this. Have you thought of that?
  • Mayor Rex:... I don't know...
  • Trevor:... Is the footage anonymous?
  • Mayor Rex: All it said was... Celi sent me to bring this to you.
  • Trevor: Well, there you go! You were used!
  • Mayor Rex: (He realized)... (Sighs)... What have I done? (He found that Tri-Tops was already gone)... Uh... Where'd he go? (They went out to find he was long gone)... Oh, no!
  • Trevor: (Sighs) Well, way to go, Mayor!
  • Mayor Rex: Okay, the snark is NOT helping! What exactly did you come to talk about?
  • Tracy: Well, turns out the clues we got pin to these edible stromatolites that may've been spiked with Protocampum savagellate. It's a Class-I algal infection of the Paleozoic Era that makes people go savage. Judy was able to tell us that this specific algae is a distant ancestor of the Night Howlers, and make the same toxin that makes animals go savage, and was extinct and found in microfossils in their world. Here, though, it's used as a pesticide for plants. We think someone's making them eat these stromatolites on purpose, or other means and making them go savage.
  • Mayor Rex:... Speaking of Miss Hopps, where are they?
  • Tracy: They're searching for Roger Eggsuckerson, whom I caught stealing spiked stromatolites when I brought down Rude Onyx. He's gone out of town to where even we can't find him. Is there any place you'd think he'd go?
  • Mayor Rex: Well... Considering all the land places being heavily surveyed, he'd have to go in the most isolated of areas. The only place for the job would be in the oceans of the Paleozoic District, specifically the Cambrian Sector, which is hardly bothered because of it's treacherous underwater society. The place is filled with the most amount of bacteria and algae, so it is no doubt a breeding ground for such. Did you think about that?
  • Tracy: Not really. Protocampum savagellate is a non-aquatic algae, and thrives in the air and denser fluids like blood.
  • Mayor Rex: Well, it's still a possibility. You might wanna get your aquatic gear and check it out.
  • Trevor: HER aquatic gear! I've never done much business in the Paleozoic District unless it's dealers can meet me on land. I can't swim, either.
  • Tracy:... Oh, goddamn it, Trevor, you couldn't tell me earlier?
  • Trevor: It didn't matter earlier.
  • Tracy: (Sighs)
  • Mayor Rex: Just get him a spare, and teach him as much as you can! We're on a time-table here!
  • Tracy:... Come on, then! (They left)
  • Mayor Rex:... (On communicator) Wide-Side! Whatever you do, do NOT let Tri-Tops leave the DPD HQ, under ANY circumstance!... Oh, s***! I forgot, he was sent to records, and a replacement isn't ready yet! DAMMIT! (Growls) I guess there's only one thing to do. Find Celi!

Celi's Boiler Room Office

  • Mayor Rex: YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!! (She was gone, a note saying she was off to dinner)... Please tell me that Carcharus is not-

Senator Carcharus' Office

  • Mayor Rex: ON A BUSINESS TRIP?!? (Carcharus was gone with a note implying such)... (Sighs) Great! As of this moment, I have no access to the DPD besides Tracy and Trevor, the witnesses are out, and whoever's doing this is on the verge of wrecking this good town!!! (Sighs) I guess it's up to those two and the Surfies now! May Darwin help us all!

Confronting Roger

Cambrian Sector, Ocean

  • Tracy: (She got aquatic gear)... (Sighs) Alright! Know that, as the ocean known for being a primordial soup, there's bound to be infectious bacteria down here. These suits will not only allow us to breath down there, but survive the pressure, and filter out ANY infectious bacteria.
  • Trevor: And how're you gonna fix the fact that, again, I CAN'T SWIM?!?
  • Tracy: Perfect time to learn, for all I care! We're short on time, so you need to make the most of it, or sink like a rock and run out of air!
  • Trevor:... (Sighs) Fine! If predators get out of this, then I'll do my best!
  • Tracy: Good. (They got the gear on)... Alright! This is standard-issue police aquatic uniforms. You need to learn how to use it. There's communication devices that will be hard to operate in messed up underwater transmissions upon a certain depth, and that's why they need people from the Paleozoic District to aid. The best thing to do is contact this sector's precinct head. Heads up, he's got a private guard of jellyfish.
  • Trevor: Oh, good! I'm so much more confidant knowing that. And what is HE? An Anomalcaris? Laggania? I hope it's a Marrella, because it'd be nice to talk to them for their elegance.
  • Tracy: He's a Hallucigenia!
  • Trevor:... (He scoffs and laughs) THOSE LITTLE THINGS?!? I could stomp on him by that logic if it wasn't for their spines!
  • Tracy: You know, he's still a good asset. He's one of the few Tri-Tops recruited hesitantly thanks to scolding from Rex. Now stop laughing, and get ready, because things are going to get VERY wet!
  • Trevor: Weak!
  • Tracy: Oh, shut up! (She dived down, and he did so hesitantly)
  • Trevor: (He struggled as Tracy watched embarrassingly)
  • Tracy: (Sighs) You are such a weenie!
  • ???: WATCH IT! (A weenie-like marine worm was seen)
  • Tracy: SORRY!
  • Trevor: Hey, give me a break, this is the first time I've been underwater!
  • Tracy: Well, you better learn soon. We only have 30 minutes of air.
  • Trevor: Again, I'm SOOOO much more confidant knowing that!
  • Tracy: UGGGH! Sometimes, you can always find ways to REALLY annoy me!
  • Trevor: Oh, come on, you know you love me!
  • Tracy: I'm not sure about that.
  • Tracy: SHUT UP!!! IT'S HIS FIRST TIME!!!
  • Trevor: So... Where do you think Roger is?
  • Tracy: He's probably in one of the Cambrian airdomes making a secret living hiding from people who'll question him.
  • Trevor:... I didn't even know the Cambrian Sector even HAD airdomes.
  • Tracy: Well, yeah! The ocean sectors are SUPPOSED to. You SERIOUSLY need to get out of the surface once in a while. Sometimes, it can be nice to see the beauty places like this has.
  • Trevor: Yeah, like the toughness, and the risk of infection and/or drowning.
  • Tracy: Stop being a smartass and let's just head out. (They started paddling, Trevor getting the hang of it, yet still struggling a bit, searching the primitive Cambrian reefs and following air cables operated by all types of trilobite, along with the sight of other Cambrian life in a modern setting)
  • Trevor: (An aquatic vehicle drove past them)... Why aren't we using one of those?
  • Tracy: We don't want Roger to see us coming. Duh. Plus, they're WICKEDLY expensive.
  • Trevor: Sure, that's TOTALLY worth the risk of infe-
  • Tracy: Trevor, please, don't waste your air supply by being a smartass. Besides, we're almost there.
  • Trevor: Right. Sorry. (He plays the song Lost in Love by Air Supply as they approached an airdome)


  • Roger was seen selling contraband to potaintional buyers.
  • Roger: "I got watches, I got happy plants, I got unoffictally released movies, even sneak-peeks into movies that aren't out yet! I can even hook ya up to some real quilify foreign foods! I got this candy hailed all the way from an asian surfie town! (Brings out a Zootopian snack food with Anime stuff on it) You almost CAN'T get this anywhere else."
  • Buyers: "Ohhhh."
  • Roger: "So, who's buying?"
  • Buyer 1: "Ah, yes, see, I'm a reknown watch collecter, and I noticed that you have an outmoded victorian 1901 created stop watch. Those watches almost don't exist anymore. Money is no object, I'll give anything to have that watch!"
  • Roger: "Ahhhhh! I like what I'm hearing! Show me the loot first, then we'll talk."
  • The Buyer brings out a giant bag of money that causes Roger's jaw to drop!
  • Buyer 1: "Like I said, money's, no, object."
  • Roger: "(Puts jaw back up)...... Welly, welly, well, pally boy, you just made a good purchease and- (Sees Trevor and Tracy coming in) DAHH?! (Quickly grabs the money, gave the rich buyer his watch, grabs his merchentise and places it all in his bag) YOU PEOPLE, NEVER SAW ME?! (Runs off!)"
  • Buyer 2: "What was eating him? Well, other then the parasites his kind usually get."
  • The Buyers began to disverse as the first buyer began to admire his new watch.
  • Buyer 1: "Ohhhh, yes my lovely! You'll be every penny well spent. I don't know how you came across that lowly Oviraptor, but don't worry, he traded you for someone who will take better care of you."


  • Roger: RUNNING, RUNNING, RUNNING, RUNNING, RUNNING, RUNNING!!! (He ran as quickly as he could to the aquatic transport until Brontoscorpio and eurypterid forces blocked his entry) WHAT?!?
  • Brontoscorpio #1: Roger Eggsuckerson, you are under arrest!
  • Roger: Oh, for what? For that speciesist comment I said a while ago? I assure you, that was not a complete hate crime.
  • ???: (British-Colombian Accent) I believe it is of greater seriousness! (A Hallucigenia came in)
  • Roger:... (He laughed out loud) YOU'RE supposed to be the leader of the Cambrian Precinct? (Laughs) You couldn't even bust an annelid if it was in it's smallest sections! I could just remove those spines of yours and step on you before you could regenerate them.
  • Hallucigenia Chief: If I were you, I wouldn't judge my species for their size, eh!
  • Roger: You think I'm scared of an ancestor of the modern velvet worm and/or arthropods like you, small fry? I ain't! (A gun cock were heard behind him as Tracy and Trevor came in)...
  • Trevor:... How about now?
  • Roger:... Meep!
  • Tracy: Alright, Roger! We both know those weren't just edible stromatolites I caught Rude Onyx stealing. We know they have Protocampum in them. We'll need the info now.
  • Tracy:... Sub-Chief Walcott?
  • Hallucigenia Chief (Walcott): Ah got this, mate! (He did something like this)
TeamFourStar's Hellsing Best of Alexander Anderson

TeamFourStar's Hellsing Best of Alexander Anderson

Starts at 7:40 to the end

  • Walcott: WHO ARE WE?
  • Cambrian Cops: THE NECESSARY POLICE!
  • Walcott: (Taking out two pistols with bayonets) AND BECAUSE IT'S F*****G FUN!!!
  • Trevor: (He was confused)
  • Tracy: Yeah, Walcott's got... QUITE a history. Either way, we gotta go get Roger! (They chased him)
  • Roger saw a taxi and got in it!
  • Taxi Driver: "You have money?"
  • Roger shows the big bag!
  • Taxi Driver gave an awooga sound!
  • Taxi Driver: "Stepping on it now!"
  • The Taxi drove off in fast speed before the cops can catch up!
  • Trevor: "Oh I hate it when Taxis offer quick escapes?! How did get the money anyway?!"
  • Tracy: Well, you SAID he was a thief and bootlegger.
  • Trevor: Yeah, but he doesn't get that much money from that.
  • Tracy: "Well, I did saw this one guy with a really fancy watch. Could he and Roger be connected?"
  • Walcott: It's clear what we gotta do, eh! Once he reaches the surface, it's gonna be a heluva lot harder to find him! He CANNOT be allowed to use the Cambrian Pool's sacred gifts for evil!
  • Trevor:... You worship the Primordial Soup?
  • Walcott: Less spar, more car! (They got in cop cars and pursued the taxi)
  • Tracy:... Yeah, in the past, he was a GOOD savior of the Primordial Soup. He, like the others, believe that the earliest lifeforms of our world are not to be abused by those they gave birth to, as it was like abusing a god to them. He became a DAMN good cop, AND Sub-Chief to protect it. He's delusional at times, but he has enough sanity to know what's right and what's wrong. He considers things like this a crime against nature.
  • Trevor: And I can agree with that. We GOTTA get the culprits' info from Roger! Who knows how many predators are getting harmed because of this?
  • The Taxi is driving very quickly!
  • Roger thinks: "Oh thank my ansisters, I lost them."
  • Roger began to relax for abit.
  • Leedsicthys Officer: (From outside air dome) STOP! (The taxi stopped before it could reach the seaport)... This is police business. Hand over the fugitive Roger Eggsuckerson immediately.
  • Walcott: Perfect timing, Reed.
  • Reed: Until the fugitive is turned in, no sea vehicle gets in or out. And don't even think about trying to swim-sneak out. Our forces in the Mesozoic Aquatic Precincts have the area surrounded. (Trilobite, eurypterid, orthocones, aquatic scorpion, and xiphactinus officers were scouting the floor, ichthyosaur, plesiosaur, prehistoric shark, and mosasaur officers were scouting the open water, and nothosaur, carbonemys, ichthyornis, and prehistoric sea mammal officers were scouting the surface)
  • Roger:... Oh, f*** me.
  • Kowalski: Well there's something you don't see often in the UUniverses. Prehistoric animals of different time periods occupying the same place.
  • Skipper: Yeah yeah yeah, who cares except nerds?
  • Roger fidgetly got out hands in the air.
  • Roger: "Look, I just want to say I know my rights and I know people who know damn good lawyers, so don't count on throwing me into the slammer yet!"


Coming soon...



  • Tracy Coelies- An optimistic Coelophysis wishing to become a cop who gets dragged into quite an adventure.
  • Trevor Jurassic- A con artist Troodon who's way more than he appears.
  • Queen Para- An attractive Parasaurolophus singer and political activist for dino-old mammal equality, along with that of "Surfies", or the modern animals that roam the surface with dancers consisting of Thylacosmilus, having the voice of Queen Latifah. (Basicly this: link)
  • Comps- Trevor's sidekick and basicly a Finnick dinosaur equilent Compsognathus.
  • Chief Tri-Tops- A Triceratops chief of police that's even more Bogo-like then the original Bogo.
  • Wide-Side- An extremely fat Smilodon who's basicly the Clawhauser of the underground dino world who loves two things, junk food and Para.
  • Mayor Rex- A beloved and benevolent T-Rex (strangely ironic) who dreams of giving the dino/prehistoric society a chance to return to the surface world one day.
  • Celi- A harmless enough looking Archeopteryx working with Rex who has low self-esteem but is highly intelligent.
  • Mr. Tiny- A Microraptor who runs a mafia filled with raptors of all kinds, as well as Short-Faced Bears and their leader Kostya.
  • Mame The Shiny- Mr. Tiny's Japanese Mamenchisaurus Sumo Wrestler whom Tiny uses to win underground fights with other crime bosses, as well as to punish disrespecters Roman style. He only speaks, and sings, in japanese. (Among the lines of this. Link).
  • Dil- The scientifically-accurate Dilophosaurus owner of a naturalist club in the dino world and is pretty much like Yax, but female.
  • Speed- A ground sloth that is like Flash and works in the DDMV (Dino Department of Motorized Vehicles), but is only semi-slow but not anymore faster.
  • Roger Eggsuckerson- An Oviraptor mirroring of Duke Weaselton.
  • Dougal Dix- An Ankylosaurus and the Dino-Mirroring of Doug the Ram, along with friends Gaston the Gastonia and Morris the Euoplocephalus.
  • Mang Leon- A Marsupial Lion and the Dino-Mirroring of Mr. Manchas.
  • Emmy Tethys- A Tritylodon and the Dino-Mirroring to Otterton.
  • Senator Carcarus- A Carcharodontosaurus and a Dino-Mirroring to Senator Whyte.
  • Caver- A Cave bear and Dino-Mirroring to Beartrap.
  • Weatherall- A Nyctosaurus and a Dino-Mirroring to Fowl Weather.
  • Trile- A Trilobite and a Dino-Mirroring to Justin Beetle.
  • Glypus- A Holmesina and a Dino-Mirroring to Arrow-Pine.
  • Tonguesworth- A Euparkeria and a Dino-Mirroring to James Jackson Tongue.
  • Mongy Hyaena- A Hyaenadon and the Dino-Mirroring of Hecktor Heckler.
  • Arthur Pleura- An Arthropleura who is the leader of their world's version of the Feral Monarchs, and apparently gave birth to them.
  • Roughhauser- An Entelodont and Evolutionary member who runs a criminal group enslaved with Tame Collars that wishes to do what Queen Para wants in his own evil way, and his bust leads our heroes further in their mission.
  • Doctor Terrion- A Terror Bird and a Dino-Mirroring to Dr. Peagore.
  • Vinny Varanus- A Megalania and high-profile criminal and murderer.
  • Othniel Sarcophagus- A Sarcosuchus and a Dino-Mirroring to Nigel Nile.
  • Officer Frillzone- A Jurassic Park-style Dilophosaurus and a Dino-Mirroring to Officer Friller.
  • Officer Ickham- An Ichthyornis and a Dino-Mirroring to Officer Legsworth.
  • Officer Lapizuli- A Vulcanodon and a Dino-Mirroring to Officer Jade.
  • Officer Boana- A Titanoboa and the Dino-Mirroring to Officer Anna.
  • Officer Carrion- A Teratornis and the Dino-Mirroring to Officer Buzz.
  • Nanston Tyrrell- A Nanotyrannus T-Rex child murderer who, with his sniveling Parectypodus partner Ecthy, has killed vulnerable baby T-Rex because of their crimes on his family, and successfully escaped the wrath of their parents multiple times.
  • Archy and Masha- An interspecies Archaeoindris and Majungatholus couple and Tracy's neighbors in her apartment building.
  • Austria Pith- An Australopithecus who is a parallel and possible ancestor to Orangu Tanger who, despite not founding Dinosica, reintroduced to them the concept of Night Howlers and Day Dreamers, and died leaving his legacy to make him one of the sole icons of the place.
  • Pedro Mouther- A Pegomastax and ex-partner of Roger.
  • Reed Fisher- A Leedsicthys and police officer of the underwater sectors of Dinosica.


Phil Collins - On My Way

Phil Collins - On My Way

Song To Be Used...

Holy sh*t it's a Dinosaur! WTF (Jurassic Park) XammyMusic Broadway Version

Holy sh*t it's a Dinosaur! WTF (Jurassic Park) XammyMusic Broadway Version

Icky plays an orchestra when they group arrives in Dinosica

Dinosaur - Raptors Stand Together

Dinosaur - Raptors Stand Together

Song To Be Used...

Walk the Dinosaur By Queen Latifah-1488763720

Walk the Dinosaur By Queen Latifah-1488763720

Song To Be Sung By A Queen Latifah-Voiced Dinosaur, also the song that introduces the city

Jurassic Park 3 Raptor Attack Udesky's Death

Jurassic Park 3 Raptor Attack Udesky's Death

Shawn's Attack and Iguanodon Stampede

Velociraptor Practice Robot Chicken Adult Swim

Velociraptor Practice Robot Chicken Adult Swim

Gag Scene

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