While on the trip in the AUU, the Lougers accsidently get caught by a random portal that took them to a lone dimention where two AUU worlds were seen. They are the lost worlds of Planet Zeagle and Planet Vulaturi, home of the Zeagle and Vulaturi races. The Zeagles are A Teadr 1 Utopian Race of Eagle People of Planet Zeagle that are the seekers of justice and truth and are protecters and guardians for all things sacred and are respondsable of keeping the peace for all walks of life. The Vulaturi, in polor oppisite, are a Teadr 1 Dystopian race of Vulture People that resemble the "Xulture Men of Gravious" only with a sense of thinking and sentience. However, alot of them are tainted by a dictatorship that lead to them stealing tec to get to Teadr 1 without any real effert on their part, so they pretty much retain primitve attatudes. Because of being at war, a very exspearimental teleporter was damaged in the progress and thus lead to both worlds being banished into an invisable inter-dimention within the AUU. Knowing that even with Gazelle that they can't resolve this alone, the Lougers must find away to contact the Heroes Act and the NUSRA/GRO to get some extra help in resolving this, but without giving the currently corrupted Vulaturi a hint that there's a way out after a failed exspeariment through the Lougers, espeically not with a dictator like Suprime Ruler Zaaax around to still lead the Vulaturi astray. Can help arrive in time?

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