The Balrog was what broke the camel's back. The High Council desides this war is to break now! The Villain leader's have picked the Dragon Realms where the very leaders, Mirage, Dark Dragon, Dr. Nefarious, Ke-Pa, and Nuke Munbay in a battle mech, deside to settle this personally (aside from the armies of each leader battling outside the personal battle), and this takes place in none other, then the Mountain of Malefor. This is the perfect oppertunity for all of the heroes and reformed villains to force the leaders into making a periment truce, and no better way to do so then the very mountain of Malefor himself.

(What better final battle theme then the very final battle theme ffrom Malefor himself.)

DotD Soundtrack Malefor Battle (3)

DotD Soundtrack Malefor Battle (3)


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