Warden-in-Training Chokera

Warden-in-Training Chokera Mally Croker

Warden-in-Training Chokera M. Croker is an Alternate UUniversal Urweavar-Jakayne Mixed Naroudan from Planet Naroulu. She is the daughter of Warden Croker who was genetically manipulated into being exactly like her father to avoid genetic imbalances. She is part of the OPSW, Oranos Prison System Wardens. She's generally a nice girl, but can get tough as nails and rough as sandpaper when she thinks is nessersary, like if she had to defend herself. While she's not flat-out ignorent that she's dealing with a prison system full of criminals, she doesn't believe in being un-nessersary harsh to even the worse of them, thinking that it would just fasilitate them to become worse then already. She thinks that if prison-time was at best, neutrol-ish, it would give them a more calmer chance to rethink life choices. While it doesn't work for ALL of them, a pretty good number of them, espeically the likes of General Tex, who already was kinda not completely evil when he was rekindised as an honorable villain, have noticingly started to gain some traces of good behavior, if though some traces of their old nature remains and it would take a prevokeable force to re-awake them. Croker isn't against her more nicer methods, but always tells her not all of the "scum of socity" would take her seriously since she's a guard, being that she is in the job to keep them here, meaning she's automaticly not amiditly popular with prisoners for it. Her time as warden is realitively new for at least a year and a half, and is already an accomplished gaurd. But she knows all to well about the Ant-Mantis Oranoians, and their food crisis concerning the prisoners' sin poisoning them cause of a curse by a war-hating shaman, and is very concerned that Croker is not considering the action of simply making alternate prisons in fear of espeically tricky ones taking advantage of the distractions, and is espeically unfond of his threat of geniside if the situation escalates to a worse level. To solve this problem, she installed Artificial Flying Terrain (AFT) systems in every penal colony and military base on Oranos to lift them off the ground and take the corruptive influence in the prisons off the Cryonoids' agriculture, all against her father's wishes.


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