Warden Croker

Head Warden Crangon Xanos Croker

Head Warden Crangon X. Croker is an Alternate UUniversal Urweavar-Jakayne Mixed Naroudan from Planet Naroulu. He is the current leader of the Oranos Prison System Wardens (OPSWs) of the prison planet of Oranos, and is respondsable of keeping the prisoners of the planet in check. He, while not at all intentionally evil or fullblown malevolent, just takes his job too seriously and strictly, and abit quick to use excessive force for even a minor violation of the rules on Prisoners. Croker is feared by even Villains Act members who are captured cause of his surprisingly dark nature, borned from having extremely nasty bullies over two things: the fact he was a hybreed, and eventally cause of one particularly nasty pole-hanging that left him afraid of heights, which help little that given his race normally tend to hang out in trees that having a fear of heights is considered logically unsound in terms of their race's standerds. The bullying itself lead to him to become so extreme ever since, and possabley mentally imbalenced. His lazor spear has the power equilent of 400 tazers, capable to knock down even an alternate mammoth beast. Croker views the prisons of Oranos way too impourent to ever suddenly close down for any reason, not even for renovations unless forced, cause he's afraid that particularly tricky prisoners would take advantage of the distraction to escape and resume evil again, or worse that they all do that! That way of thinking worsen when Villains Act members have been taken to Oranos. He knows they're the worse of the worse, and declaired that unless the Grand Council saids so, that they'll never get out of here! He aims to make good on his well-meaning intention of making sure all evil rots in a ice prison, even if it means covering up a tribe of ice ant-mantis creatures and allowing them to suffer starvation to prevent the villains from ever escaping, even when it causes the tribes to get hostile over this and attack soldiers and savatosh prison systems to force him to do otherwise when their only food shorce is a plant that dies from the engry of sin, and he knows that if the Grand Council knew this, he knows they'll "misguidedly" help the oranoians reclaim their planet back by closing down prisons and open up space prisons around the Oranos planet, fearing it would cost jobs, and espeically incrising likelyhood of villains escaping while this setback takes place, so he grown to hate the creatures for the potentional to cause the AUU to go back into choas again, in a well-meaning, but very xenophobic motivations of making sure those creatures never get seen by the Grand Council, even if it would one day, have to envoke the act of geniside, of which his soft-natured Daughter Warden-in Training Chokera disappoves on greatly. Croker is mostly neutrol to the Lougers and Heroes Act, he doesn't approve of the idea of entrusting vigilanties to protact the universe, but isn't ignorent of the good job they're doing "so far".


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  • "I can't let anyone know the truth of Oranos, or all of hell breaks loose!"
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