The Heroes Act and Shell Lodge go on another mission to Fafreyphus, an Auguran colony said to by mythical in some worlds and locked in a fight between two factions by going from a war to a non-violent feud in the form of the Clone Tournament, in which they use indexed genetic makeup of over a hundred heroes across the AUU to clone their own heroes to fight in the tournament within over a hundred massive arenas using advanced magical abilities and technologies, magical/technological firearms, and anything that the Augurans have. The DNA of these clones are stored so that they can be resurrected into not just one, but multiple clones at once. These tournaments host over a hundred sport types such as gladiator combat, ball sports, vehicular combat, and many others. It's existence was proven real by Hoguen Vola Pym in Samantha's magic school and the Augurans, as it's revealed that the planet may be going to war again, as a traitor within the tournaments' staff, Fatsag Bi Gdick, plans to have the tourniment savatosh in deeming the touriment to be a stupid and hypocritical way to maintain peace and wants to start the path to negosiations, not realising that without the touriments that can't even happened on it's own. It's up to the misfits to prevent dishastor.

Clone Warriors

  • Steelstock- A bustling cybernetically-armored hero from an old Auguran War who has durable bronze armor, increased physical strength, has a translucent durable shield, can deploy energy walls that can return projectiles back to sender, and can actually catch projectiles and rebound them with his arms.
  • Transfu Zhu- An Auguran from a recent Auguran War who wields transfusion explosives and weapons, which are designed to use drained life energy taken by damage and use it to heal him. His invention of these weapons eventually spread to the AUU, yet is rarely used.
  • Plasmblade- A human warrior raised by Augurans who donated his DNA to the Clone Tournament before he left for the Tranqulity Zone. He is distinguished for his large magic plasma blade which he can wield and swin with his increased physical strength, can use magical materials as a weapon, and can cast a dozen magic spells.
  • Deathsoul- An Auguran-demon hybrid from an ancient Auguran War who has the ability to drain souls, teleport and sublimate, manipulate plasma, and wield a war hammer. Formerly an evil monster who worked for the enemy, he was purified with gene therapy and now his DNA is used in the Clone Tournament.
  • Qxyctor- An Auguran cyborg who is known for being a heavy fighter during a recent Auguran War, and died bravely. His ability to wield energy grapple whips and snag people and whip them around with them, as well as his strength, durability, and powers of electricity make his DNA useful in the Clone Tournament.
  • Havocage- An Auguran who was augmented through dark mana experiments and turned into a mighty beast that could channel energy, triple in size and strength, and can temporarily turn invulnerable. A rogue escaped experiment that died during an ancient war, his DNA was eventually used in the Clone Tournament.
  • Kzae-Crae- A Kreeron who fought during a recent Auguran War, and her skills earned her a chance to donate her DNA to the Clone Tournament, where her skills with dual laser katanas, her gymnastic prowess, abilities to turn invisible and create astral clones of herself, and her healing spell can be used for non-violent non-threatening gladiator wars.
  • GOREXE-05- A cybernetic midget Auguran who was incapable of speaking English, and has the ability to use hard-light abilities to construct holo-armor that can wield energy through force fields, teleportation, invisibility, and through repulsor blasts that can mentally be controlled for fire rate, accuracy, and so on. He is a recent addition to the Clone Tournament as he single-handedly ended a war when he was still alive.
  • Spardock- An Auguran who was raised on a world with highly-advanced technology, and thus he wields pulse pistols, pulse rifles, different types of detonators, energy shields, and knows little magic tricks. His skill earned him a chance to donate his DNA for the Clone Tournament.
  • Arrowlene- An Auguran-Human hybrid who is a master sharpshooter and archer that wields magic arrows and a large bow. Her gymnastic skill is legendary, and she wields a grappling hook. Her DNA was donated to the Clone Tournament when she mysteriously went missing.
  • DouBoid- A Yatoran raised by Augurans who fought during a recent Auguran War with the use of 2 of three weapons of choice: pistols, machine guns, and shotguns. He also wields thermal detonators, and knows a ton of spells including healing, shields, and can augment his guns temporarily to do more damage. He is still alive, yet elderly, and had donated his DNA to the Clone Tournament.
  • Armlet- An Auguran who was born without wings, yet makes up for it with her intelligence, and her trusty back-mounted mechanical arm, which can transform into a phaser cannon, can throw plasma detonators, and can deploy gravity nodes and bubble shields. She is still alive but retired, yet donated her DNA to the Clone Tournament.
  • Oideon- A Wilirk raised on Augury who became a potent fighter during an ancient Auguran War with his natural ability to create portals, but his mana can augment these abilities to many degrees. He died during a recent Auguran War, but his DNA was brought to the Clone Tournament.
  • Razeweld- A rabbit/lemur-like mammal who was a former tinkerer at a defunct mechanics company until his skills lead to him beating his corrupt employer with the use of a combat mech, drones, and guns. He then became a former bounty hunter wanted for dozens of criminal deeds, yet when he died defeating his evil former employer again, he donated his DNA to the Clone Tournament.
  • Eeerough- A Holozan from Symmolty who was banished for a crime that took her a heroic deed during a recent Auguran War to redeem herself with. She uses her world's natural ability to wield hard-light construct devices to manipulate light in a variety of ways, and is among many of her kind to use this technology for justice. She sadly went missing, yet her DNA is used in the Clone Tournament.
  • Cynthya- A synthetic Auguran android that was created by Clone Tournament scientists using the consciousness of a noble Auguran warrior of the same name. She is capable of high-speed flight using hard-light wings, can cast magical attacks and self-repair over time, and she can create shields that require a lot of power to maintain.
  • Phloeum- A Plaentoan-Auguran hybrid who was raised an outcast who eventually ran away and was raised by nature. She then bonds with nature itself, and swears to protect it. She became a warrior during a recent Auguran War after her last home was destroyed, and now she lives with other Augurans and has a family of her own. She gladly donates her DNA to the Clone Tournament just to advertise propaganda on protecting the environment.
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