Warface is a world in the DreamWorks Universe which is nicknamed Planet of Warfare since it is known for having over 59 wars in the past. People in this world profit from one thing, and that is warfare. Though they know very well what war can do because people fear it due to nuclear weapons. Thus, nuclear weapons are outlawed, and people on this planet fight without them. This world has good connections with The High Council since they rescued one of their members from a hostile battalion once.


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Government and War

Each side of the world is controlled by 4 battling nations: The Artemis Nation, the Makarov Nation, the Bahadur Nation, and the Chao Lang Nation, each controlling one of the planet's 4 continents. The Artemis Nation is an American sector which inhabits the continent of Iokarissa, and they are a democratic nation, having a basic American government and is governed by a president, fighting for having everyone rule rather than having one rule. The Makarov Nation is a Russian sector which inhabits the continent of Thossia, being a communist society which fights for free access to homes and power. The Bahadur Nation is an Iraqis sector which is ruled by a prince and inhabits the continent of Krurus, living in a kind of communist/democracy which fights for the right to have people rule over their own homes and community. The Chao Lang Nation is a Vietnamese sector occupying the continent of Ocaxiura, where they live in a fascist community where they fight for everyone being equal in more ways than one.


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