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An Outpost in the Artemis Nation

Warface is a world in the DreamWorks Universe which is nicknamed Planet of Warfare since it is known for having over 59 wars in the past. People in this world profit from one thing, and that is warfare. Though they know very well what war can do because people fear it due to nuclear weapons. Thus, nuclear weapons are outlawed, and people on this planet fight without them. This world has good connections with The High Council since they rescued one of their members from a hostile battalion once.


Warface started out as a world with no humans or beings on it. It was just a world that was formed the same way Earth was. There were basic animals inhabiting the place. Then UUniversal settlers from several worlds came and colonized the world in 1867, all being lead by 4 leaders: an American former governor named Bart Artemis, a Russian former military general named Adrian Makarov, an Iraqis former governor named Asad Bahadur, and a Vitnamese former military general named Chao Lang. However, their competition with territory and the argument that there wasn't enough room for four colonies triggered their first war, The Colonial War. The war ended with each of these colonies occupying each of the continents. Though they do establish several outposts and research facilities on the planet's lower frozen continent, Antarccia. But even so, they still faced horrible rivalry for several reasons. Some include better economy, different governmental systems, depleting resources, terrible conditions, and so on. Thus, several wars have gone through. Wars were so common, the people that lived on each of the nations got used to it. The colonies started financing each other through war funds, and because war was so harmful to the environment, reserves were made both over and underground. Military bases off all kinds could be found anywhere, including underground and underwater. Cities were either destroyed or merged, and megalopolises were constructed. The world faced over 59 wars over the world's lifetime. Though all 4 nations still stood tall, and not one side fell to it's knees. They still continue minor battles with each other to this day.

Government and Wars

Each side of the world is controlled by 4 battling nations: The Artemis Nation, the Makarov Nation, the Bahadur Nation, and the Chao Lang Nation, each controlling one of the planet's main 4 continents, and their own territories on the lower frozen continent of Antarccia. The Artemis Nation is an American sector which inhabits the continent of Iokarissa, and they are a democratic nation, having a basic American government and is governed by a president, fighting for having everyone rule rather than having one rule. The Makarov Nation is a Russian sector which inhabits the continent of Thossia, being a communist society which fights for free access to homes and power. The Bahadur Nation is an Iraqis sector which is ruled by a prince and inhabits the continent of Krurus, living in a kind of communist/democracy which fights for the right to have people rule over their own homes and community. The Chao Lang Nation is a Vietnamese sector occupying the continent of Ocaxiura, where they live in a fascist community where they fight for everyone being equal in more ways than one.

Laws on Warface varied depending on the nation. Though all nations share a few key laws. All citizens have the right to bare arms regardless of the age as a means of self-defense. Cities that are attacked usually merge with others, or even grow in size and become megalopolises. Each capital of each nation is a megalopolis. Each city has it's own defense force and underground evacuation center for major attacks. Because wars are common, prices and budgets are cheap so that collateral war damages aren't a big problem. There are also reserves for animals on Warface due to the battles, and can either be found over or underground. Because nuclear weapons are what makes war so fearful, they are outlawed on this world. Each person on this planet even loves games that involve toy guns such as laser tag, water gun fights, paintball fights, and dart gun fights like Nerf wars, thus Nerf on Warface was a big-selling toy company. Gaming arenas focused on gun games take place underground for those who enjoy it. Video game companies are even a successful and profitable subject on Warface since playing one make one feel a war experience.

Each nation has evenly-matched war technology and weaponry, though with different designs. Military bases are either over the ground, underground, or even underwater. Bases here are usually the size of shopping malls, and are heavily guarded. All known military weapons in human history such as guns, poisonous gas, explosives, and so on are used here. Vehicles such as tanks, military carriers, VTOLS, helicopters, jets, planes, and jeeps are usually found fighting. Plus the terrain was altered in almost every corner of the nations for cover and so on. Though technologies are improved in the military just like every other world.

There have been over 59 wars in Warface history. The most notable ones include the Colonial War, which was the first war in Warface history where the four nations fought for claiming the planet, the 9 Warface World Wars which affected Warface on a global scale, the two Grand Wars where 2 of the 4 nations would work together to stop a world-devastating catastrophe, the Game War which is also named 'Fun War' since the fates of the nations rested in a Nerf war, and the biggest of them all, The Apocalypse War, which killed more people than any other war in Warface history, and nearly wiped out all 4 nations.



  • Fortune City- Capital Megalopolis
  • Great Canyon
  • Vanguard Mountains
  • Langley Mountains
  • San Anapolis (Megalopolis)
  • New Arcanum (Megalopolis)
  • New Nerf City (Megalopolis)
  • Autumn (City)
  • Bogard (City)
  • Alexandra (City)
  • El Sobrante (City)


  • New Moscow- Capital Megalopolis
  • Tho Siberia Canyon
  • Arctanos Mountains
  • Tiber Mountains
  • Amber Valley
  • Kondin (Megalopolis)
  • Ivonovka City (Megalopolis)
  • Borok City (Megalopolis)
  • Teggort (City)
  • New Ancux (City)
  • Shabarino (City)


  • Khandam- Capital Megalopolis
  • Baghdad Mountains
  • Arro Mountains
  • Babylon Valley
  • Lux City (Megalopolis)
  • Qaddarim (Megalopolis)
  • Basra (City)
  • Erbil City (City)
  • Almagor (City)


  • Charity City- Capital Megalopolis
  • Na Léng Mountains
  • Thuy Xuong Valley
  • New Ho Chi Minh City (Megalopolis)
  • Cát Ðằng (Megalopolis)
  • Holy Grail City (City)
  • Xom Rach Dun (City)
  • Trinity (City)