Warlene Von Versegood
Vital statistics
Title Ombrus
Gender Female
Race/Species Gabnit-Jaysren Hybrid (Arvilagus speciauris x Arvilagus jaysreus)
Faction Independent Trader and Scavenger, Heroes Act (Future)
Description Australian-Southern-like Accent, Rough and Rowdy, Inspiring, Dashing and Attractive, Bachelorette, Yellowish-Tan Hair, Wise-Cracking, Tough, Vagabond
Skills and Abilities Natural Rabbit-Like Abilities, Quick Running, Smell, Hearing, Randomizing Weaponry and Paraphernalia, Accurate Marksmanship, Acrobatic Skills, Seductress, Martial Arts, Criminal Strategy Experience, Spaceship, Stealth Master
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Yellowbeam City, Magobah (Gamma Universe, Tobani Sector, Occil System) (Hometown)
Alignment Antiheroine

Warlene Von Versegood is an Alternate UUniversal Gabnit-Jaysren Hybrid from Planet Magobah. She is a rabbit-like hybrid lone ranger, traveler, scavenger, gunslinger, and very loving person who has had a very strenuous life. Raised by foster parents since her biological same-genus parents were killed by bandits, she became an adventurer who grew up watching adventure, action, and violent cartoons when she was young. Then when her foster father was killed by bandits, she took off on her own to pursue her own path. She became a far-travelling vagabond that makes a great living. She has a hundred ex-boyfriends, has a reputation to bandits as the Ombrus, named after the seducing female AUU creature due to being a fine lover and killer. She likes a life of adventure, and she has a blend between a Southern and Australian accent, and is Magobah's best icon as a quick-thinking, fast-sprinting, butt-whooping, acrobatic, gunslinging, and very attractive inspirer for many people to pursue a path like hers. She has several other friends whom she inspired to be as brave as she is, and she conveniently bumps into them multiple times, and they fight alongside her, or she even has to rescue them on multiple occasions. Basically, she's a girl who gets a kick of doing whatever she wants on a planet with little to no laws.


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