Warley Miguel Vessenberg is an Alternate UUniversal Hydrocabiais from Planet Zirciania. He used to be a former war veteran for the late Interuniversal War, and retired afterward. He got married and expected a child. However, once the The Hydrocabiais Extinction Event came and resulted in the death of his pregnant wife in the hands of an unstoppable Apeirogon combat drone, as all he could do was fail to save her and watch her be incinerated. He escaped with his life, and lost his heart, and had it replaced with a elaborate prosthetic. Afterward, he found the New United Sentient Races Alliance and berated them for not responding and demanding to do so, but they refused as they could not risk getting involved in public affairs and risk being made to look bad in the eyes of the blinded people. When he attacked in his upset furious rage, he was exiled to the OUU even after the problem was resolved for his crimes. However, he wouldn't give up so easily as he rounded up other hateful Hydrocabiais to form the new threat, The Sea Squirrel Deviation, meant to get revenge on more than just the Grand Council for what they did to them to destroy their lives, and were the main antagonists of the ZongueBob and Friends Adventures Series Season 2, where ZongueBob and the Loungers, who relocated to the OUU to keep Sonny safe, have to keep them from doing enough harm to make the sea squirrels look awful before the problem was resolved. Warley commands the Deviation from a powerful space station with grand defenses, and is a good manipulator of anything around him, as his image is of a tragic figure ruined by trauma and the worst of suffering, having a tech eyepatch, his arms and legs were replaced with synthetic prosthetics, his heart prosthetic is powerful and gives him increased physical capabilities, he has scars and a tattered body, and a dark foreboding voice of which is actselly just him talking in a very deep voice when his real voice is actselly a relitively normal voice.


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  • "The time has come to kill the masters! The Grand Council to start, but that's not where this story ends."


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