The Cartoon Wasteland (abbreviated as the Wasteland) is the world in which Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey II take place. It is home to forgotten characters such as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the Mad Doctor and the Shadow Blot. The locations in the Cartoon Wasteland are based on various retired or rejected theme park rides. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was the ruler, however, the Shadow Blot usurped power from Oswald, and ruled as a tyrant with an iron fist. That is until Mickey came and stopped the Blot, and saved Wasteland. This world is only accessible in Yen Sid's Workshop.


A long time ago, the sorcerer Yen Sid began to work on "his latest and greatest creation," a paradise where Disney's forgotten, rejected and abandoned ideas and creations could live happily. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, being the first inhabitant of this new world and Disney's first great creation, took the role as the leader, along with his beloved Ortensia. As more creations appeared- both forgotten cartoon characters and discarded ideas from Disney's theme parks - Oswald took steps to make sure the world was a beautiful and pleasant place to live. He accomplished this with the help of the Mad Doctor and his Beetleworx, as well as the dozens of gremlins with their technical knowhow.

While Oswald and the forgotten Toons worked from the inside, Yen Sid provided help from the outside with the aid of his magic Paintbrush. However, shortly after the sorcerer added his "finishing touches" to his world, Mickey Mouse inadvetently wandered into his workshop and played with the brush, accidentally spilling large amounts of thinner into Wasteland. He likewise unleashed the Shadow Blot on the world, and unknowingly doomed all the characters that inhabit it.

The catastrophic thinner spill caused much of the world to become damaged, polluted and warped. The area known as Wonderland was completely wiped out, being at the epicenter of the thinner spill. The oceans became corrosive to cartoon matter, rising up to swallow some areas beneath the waves (such as Disney Gulch), and the pathways between the many lands were destroyed. What had once been a marvelous haven was now a Wasteland.

No sooner had the thinner spill passed than the Shadow Blot began to terrorize Wasteland. An epic battle for the fate of the Wasteland commenced, fought between Oswald and the Shadow Blot. Most of the Toons sided with Oswald, but the Blot generated armies of Blotlings to be its footmen.

Sometime late in the war, the Mad Doctor defected to side with the Shadow Blot, and lent his Beetleworx to the Blot's agenda. None were quite certain why the Mad Doctor changed alegiences, but it turned things against the inhabitants of Wasteland.

Inevitably, the Shadow Blot's reign over the Wasteland began, and the already warped world became even more nightmarish. Driven to the brink of defeat, Oswald and Ortensia made a last-ditch effort to stop the Blot. Confronting the monster on Mickeyjunk Mountain, they apparently succeed in sealing the Blot inside a large jug - in truth the bottle of Thinner that Mickey spilled on Wasteland - but the Blot manages to steal Ortensia's paint, leaving her lifeless.

With Ortensia as an inert statue, and a second-in-command the Blot made before getting bottled up roaming free, Oswald exiled himself to a fortress on Mickeyjunk to make sure the Blot wouldn't escape. Since then, Oswald has been forced to contend with the Blot's cronies, who seek to free their master, and the Mad Doctor's Beetleworx. It wasn't until Mickey came to undo the damage he did, and save Wasteland, and stop the Shadow Blot from coming to the outside world to wreak havoc.


  • Mean Street (Based on Main Street, USA)
  • Ventureland (Based on Adventureland)
  • Bog Easy (Based on New Orleans Square)
  • OsTown (Based on Mickey's Toontown)
  • Dark Beauty Castle (Based on Cinderella's Castle, with elements of the Beast's castle and Sleeping Beauty's Castle added give it its name. Dark Beauty Castle's appearence is heavily based on Sleeping Beauty Castle (Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant) in Disneyland Resort Paris.
  • Gremlin Village (Based on It's a Small World with elements of Fantasyland)
  • Mickeyjunk Mountain (Based on the Matterhorn Bobsleds and retired Mickey merchandising)
  • Tomorrow City (Based on Tomorrowland)
  • Ventureland (Based on Peter Pan and the Pirates of the Caribbean films)
  • Lonesome Manor (Based on the Haunted Mansion)
  • Disney Gulch (Wasteland equivalent of Frontierland)
  • Rainbow Caverns (based mostly on Mine Train through Nature's Wonderland, and Rainbow Caverns Mine Train)
  • Fort Wasteland (based off of the Fort Wilderness attarction in Disneyland California)
  • The Float Yard (a sort of organised junkyard of forgotten Disney parade floats)
  • Autotopia (based on Disneyland's opening day attraction, Autopia)
  • Blot Alley (inspired by the rejected Disneyland area Edison Square)
  • Wasteland Guardian's Keep- The hideaway and hidden lair of the Wasteland Guardian of the Disney Wasteland. It's castle is made up of many of disney's scrapped, changed, or canceled concepts, as is the creature itself.
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