Wasteland Guardian

A Wasteland Guardian yet to be covered with souls of Wastelanders.

Wasteland Guardians are a race of Zillo-Beast eqsed giantic sapient magic capable creatures created by The Amoral Ones to monitor purgatories of universes and dimentions to watch over "Outmoded" residents of those purgatories. Like their masters, they are amoral to the suffering of their residence and will non-discrimimently keep any and all residences in the purgatory realm, and will punish any that became a threat to the reaml by turning such into body tattoos on it's hard-paper-like skin. They weild giant scepters that allow them to control everything within the realm and open portals to other realms should a purgatory resident manage to escape. They also respond to the presence of anything as strong or even stronger then it and would seek to fight that threat and subugate it into it's body, even if it's not a resident of the purgatory as a means to prevent escapes. They have Kaiju level sizes that always ensure that they are never easily challnaged in athority and power. They are immeasurely unbeatable and would always adapt against even any power greater then them, with exception only to their creators the Amorals. They are creatures rightfully feared and respected by all residents of purgatory wastelands the Wasteland Guardians wardened, and this power is virtually never questioned by all that have not gone rogue. They also have sub-race servents refered too as Worxians, or made more famously by Disney's Wasteland as the Beetleworx. Though sometimes they can look like a mismash of concept art, their truer basic form is that of a virtually unrecitniseable creature. At times, the Worx often go to follow the escape purgatorite, follow them for hours, and at the perfect moment, capture the escapee, or in other cases, they hunt for those deemed to be placed in, like in the case of debunked fanon ideals in the fanonverse's case.

Wasteland Guardian Gallery and Lists.

Current Reckitnised Guardians.

  • Disney Wasteland Guardian- A Wasteland Guardian that watches over the made famous Disney Wasteland. It is adorned with many disney concepts.
  • Pixel Wasteland Guardian- A wasteland guardian that watches over the Pixel Wasteland. It is covered with concepts of video games.
  • Debunked Zone Wasteland Guardian- Also refered too as the Debunked Zone Guardian for simplisity. It rules over the Debunked Zone of the Fanonverse with force and absolution and often has it's Worxians to seek out and capture debunked fanons.
  • The Bygoning Guardian- A considerably more benvolent Wasteland Guardian given the rare privilage of goverening an entire universe, albeit what is basicly a giant universeal purgatory for outmoded versons of iconic characters known as the Bygone Universe.
  • Duster, AKA The Mewpurgatory Guardian- Once a guardian of the Old Mewman Home Dimention's Purgatory and had watched over the concepts of mewmans that would've been. But when the Xexaxez began devouring the Mewman Dimention, it also lead to the devouring of the purgatory due to it's connection to the universe being devoured, thus, Duster was retired from his position and was automaticly banished to The Realm of Rejects dimention, in a time before The Hybernation Realm became a concept. Duster came to be friends with Mewstral and Feartrick as a result, and was named Duster. Duster's Wasteland Guardian Abilities have been drumaticly nerfed since his purgatory realm was devoured by the Xexaxez, as such, his ability to make Worxians is limited to a measly one that will only last 10 minutes before disapating back into his magic. But in Duster's redused magic state, he still maintains the naterol strentgh of his kind, being he's still a kaiju level beast. And he now comes packaged with an insitnctual hatred for Xzars and would leap at any chance to defend would-be victims of them, and being an outer god, he doesn't have to worry about being absorbed by touch since Xexaxez can't devour outer gods, espeically not creatures and beings of shared Amoral One creators.
  • The Unholidayer- Formally known as The Holiday Purgatory Guardian, AKA the Purgiday Guardian. A fierce, infamous and near-malevolent Wasteland Guardian with a fearsome reputation in The Holiday Universe, where it collects holiday personifications of obscured/discontinued/failed holidays and take them to "The Purgiday" with it's Worxians refered to as "The Unfestive".


(Disney Wasteland Guardian)

(Pixel Wasteland Guardian)

(Fanonverse Debunker Zone Wasteland Guardian)

(Bygone Universe Bygoning Guardian)

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