Watærspongue, Watær or Wataer for short, is an Alternate UUniversal alien parasite of undetermined origin. All that is known is that this menace was created by a highly-wicked and psychotically sadistic space witch in the form of a Wraemontirian Grimsister named Nexxus, created for the sole purpose of being a harbinger of anger and hatred, as the creature is a mental parasite that, despite looking harmless on it's own, feeds on the darkness in people's hearts, feeding on their anger and hatred to anything in their lives, and manifesting it into pure raw power, as it gets stronger when the host's anger and hatred grows, until the host becomes strong enough to annihilate entire planets. Nexxus released Watær on several planets with the intent to destroy everything as a result of the past reaped upon her Grimsister people, destroying dozens of planets until Nexxus got herself killed, and Wataer being sealed up someplace secret. But it was later supposedly found by Fallen Hero, a socialist madman ruined by tragedy and a cautionary tale of cynical socialist fanaticism or socialism and cynicism in general, but he failed to use it. But it later escaped on it's own, and would one day find a soul as strong as Fallen Hero named Collaterus, and thus become strong enough to fulfill it's master's goals, all while it fulfills Collaterus' goals. It is like DBZ Super Watagash, only it has a different transparent water-like Marvel symbiote-like form, as it was derived from an endling of a race similar to the symbiotes in the past called the Aegords, who, like the symbiotes of the Marvel Universe, were a naturally-peaceful race that often inherit the personality of their hosts, only the Aegords thrived off of things such as adrenaline, extreme emotional patterns, and as such, brought out the best in their host, no matter the mind-set, which resulted in their extinction when they exploited race after race. Wataer was born from the endling who grieved by becoming an evil parasitic monster born from Grimsisters.


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