Watership Drown is the 39th Episode of Season 3B of SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles. The Students engage in another flashback story to talk about the time back when Gaster still used to be new to the school. After a chaotic field trip over a trophy, Twilight has scheduled another for Applejack and Rainbow Dash, the Young Six, and the other interracial students including a new mean Changeling named Gaster, this time, into a rafting trip in Equestria's Gallopio River in the Grand Gallopio Canyon in the San Pelomine Desert, where Appaloosa is. This time, the rest of the 7 are present to keep the two from over-competing while Twilight is present to teach about the river's history while the School's other faculty take over. Unfortunately, the trip gets ruined by a sudden swarm of flying barracuda from seemingly nowhere, and attack and kidnapped all patrions of the rafting trip. They are taken all the way to Black Skull Island to be met and confronted with another E.E.A. member, Madam Aquarius, An E.E.A. Chancellor and a lover of water wildlife since a very young age, as well as a past face of Shore. Aquarius is far from being a serious supporter of Neighsay NOR that of the problematic outdated Fear Wars-based mindset most members accepted, and perfectly agreed with those like Yaysay that the E.E.A. needs to be re-evaluated, so it's clear she won't lose sleep of it's disbanding. However, her big problem stems with her sister and fellow chancellor, Wawa Aquarius, who was discovered to be a sympathizer of Neighsay in that, like Twilight, she thinks that Neighsay was a victim of very bad circumstances and not a proven byproduct of a mindset that was in dire need of being replaced, thus leaving her sister into being an outcasted pariah. Thus, Aquarius' desires to threaten the Friendship School are for her sister alone. Thus, she has come to threaten to harm the Young Six and Company for the ultamatium of forcing the Main 7 to close down the Friendship School in wanting to avenge her sister being ruined publicly for being a clear-cut Neighsay sympathizer, even with Aquarius having no love of him herself. She threatens to do this by throwing them into the pit that is home to a giant sea slug named The Supreme Magnificent Slugg, an opera singing Sea Slug monster that flings it's sticky slime to it's victims while singing arias, and attaching victims to it's slimy body as trophies. Now, it's up to the Lodgers and Tempest, who knows the way, to come to the students and the Main 7's rescue before the students become grossly connected to a regular Slimeprono.


Conker Live and Reloaded The Great Mighty Poo Song (Uncensored)

Slugg's song.

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