Watt Girl

Wendy Juliana Watt, AKA Watt Girl

Wendy J. Watt, AKA Watt Girl, is a fictional Superior baby wolf who was published in Kratos' XD Comix. She is a member of the Challenger Children who is scared of the dark, and always has a night-light on when in the dark. Ever since the experiments that gave her and 19 others self-awareness, speech, and the ability to accurately control Superior powers, they have dedicated their lives to defending their new home of New Sparta. Her favorite place to be is inside power lines where she could race through wires, and has even been known in the comics to beat several electric wire racers. She's also the one who keeps the power of the CC recharged. She can control electricity, and can travel through power lines.
  • MCode: Elm


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