Officer Wayne

Officer Wayne Buster McGinnis/Williams (Back when he was normal)

Officer Wayne B. Williams/Mcginnis was a German Shepard police officer who worked for the UUPD. He was in the Dragon Realms HQ and in the same division as Officer Axle, was experienced in strategy, has been known to use his sniffing ability to locate evidence, drugs, weapons, and was also good at hacking, making him the top investigator of the police force. His only problem was that his nose is sensitive. Even a punch in the nose can be like disembowling him. However, when his rivalry with his own partner Officer Juan ended up becoming too much, it lead him on the path of self-corruption because he was the son of a criminal, a racist dog named Wily McGinnis, leader of The Ku Fox Clan, AKA TKFC (To avoid confusion with Kentucky Fried Chicken). This lead him to fear that his natural hatred for foxes would have a hand in ending his career. Even if he could try resisting his hatred by becoming a member of the UUPD, as well as putting up with the added torture of child abuse and having a mother that was too deathly afraid of her husband, he was unable to do so and he threw his career and trust away and got sent to prison, with an added insult that when he fell into a vat of exspearimental mutogen, he had to don several cyberconnected parts to replace some parts of his body too badly damaged by the mutogen, while the least damaged still show signs of mutation of a least harmful scale, but still was hard to look at. He tried begging for forgiveness, but even though the Lougers know it's legit and knew he tried to take himself away from being like Willy, they know his mental illness can't be trusted from not making him act out again, as well as Tri-corn not being particularly forgiving to rotten cops as well, so he's kept in prison to this day until a more alternate way to mend his problems is found.


Wayne was born on the Dragon Realms version of England. At the time, foxes were the subject of discrimination, where the foxes were either hunted for sport, or used in slavery operations until it was decided by a sympathetic dog that foxes should have their own rights. But while this helped the foxes dearly, discrimination was never fully destroyed, and one of these examples was the Ku Fox Clan, a xenophobic clan of xenophobic fox-haters that have been around for centuries, even before Dragon Realms coloninisation. Their current leader, and Wayne's father, Wily McGinnis, was known as an infamous killer of foxes.

Though Wayne was told all his life that he was meant to hate foxes, he didn't want to believe it because he stuck to the law that foxes were people too. Though word leaked out of this belief, and struck with disappointment, Wily decided to force Wayne through his ways by showing him that foxes and dogs were meant to be natural enemies, telling him that one day, no matter how much he tried to avoid it, he would be just like his father, even if he had to do it through being as abusive and violent as possable, only serving to mentally traumatize and wound Wayne. Wayne's more supportive mother was too afraid of Wily's brutality to intervene, so she was never any help. Angry with denial, Wayne couldn't take it and ran away from home. But he discovered that his father was killing foxes, and always followed him until Wayne cracked and joined the police force, confronted Wily, had him arrested, and had the entire Ku Fox Clan disbanded for good. The foxes had mixed feelings on his decision. While some foxes enjoyed his sacrifice, others berated him because they hated him for his lineage to a killer though they were never able to prove it thanks to his name change to Williams instead of McGinnis.

Wayne had believed that working with the UUPD would be the perfect way to get over his father's claims that he was born to be a fox killer, and at first he did okay. But then came the day that Chief Bullington, because he thought that Wayne was the fox-sympathizer he claimed he was, made Officer Juan his partner. At first, Wayne was okay with it, albeit worried that Juan would end up being a nuisance since he was warned that Juan was autistic and was prone to be like having a little brother around obcessed with pranks. But the fear ended being true when his limits started being pushed when he was constantly getting pranked by Juan. It drove him to try and get Juan to stop it by saying he doesn't like foxes too greatly because a fox killed his parents, though it opened Juan's eyes and got him to admit he was only pranking him for fun, it ended up driving him to prank Wayne to lighten up his mood, which is NOT exactly what Wayne wanted. His father constantly kept reminding him of what he said every time he got pranked, and every time Wayne shrugged it off believing that it wasn't true. But when Juan goes too far with his pranks, Wayne will slowly start to grow into corruption and become the fox-hater he didn't want to become.


  • "Serve and protect!"
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