The Daisy Guardian of Plants Dasileen came to Fluttershy and friends and warned them of The Flores, which are flower-esque monsters that have been known to trick ponies into surrendering their earthly pocessions to them by disguesing as nice and cutsy flowers and make people serve their every whim, while their true forms are basicly based around a combination between their G1 counterparts which in G4 lore were previously beaten by Mistmane and Audery II, Flowery of Undertale Fame, and the flower boss from Cuphead, as it is revealed that the trio were busted out by Candyroot in another bid to destroy Candy Co. for ever making him like he is, unaware that the Flores plan to turn Candyroot into their newest member because the odds of another oppertunity like Candyroot are considerably short. How will our heroes deal with this problem?

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