It had only been brief time since the UIS debacle and the misfits finding themselves bitterly on probationary status and finding themselves basicly trapped in the AUU, and yet it didn't take long for trouble to ster, as Gazelle, Spyro, Cynder, and Merlin, with Icky and Iago accsidently dragged along, found themsleves aducted by some UIS beings, and were taken to the ruined Battu-owned planet of Warwreck. They were greeted by a giant Coraak face on a jumbotron screen, Chairmen Pro-Moe, introducing the captured heroes as the latest "Drafted" fighters for Warwreckers, founded by Fightiguz, as now the heroes are made to fight the toughest champions of worlds that were also selected to win a must-win prize of their planet NOT being the one subugated to have a chunk of their reshorces consvingated to repair Warwreck. Now to our heroes, that means that parts of reshorces of their worlds, if they lose, would get harvested. Now, in a speical event witnessed by the highest ranks of UIS, even their powerful super-mysterious leader and long-living founder, the heroes have no choice but to win this speical event tourniment and find a way to challnage Fightiguz himself into a fight so they would find a way to amend this extreme method to fix a world victimised by the Interuniverseal war without making others pay for a loser's defeat.

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