It is at the time of the semi-finals of Buckball held place in the Apploosa Buckball statium as sports teams are competing for an ultamate trophy, a mystical giant cup known as the Dream-Maker Cup, a throphy said to grant the deepest wishes of those that physically drink from it. The prospect of winning this trophy has invited teams of other races to get involved. Even otherworlders had come to attend to the sport, all for the common aim of the trophy's powers. However, even the villain teams had send teams of their own to go after the trophy through the sport, and likely cheating, along side that Neighsay was seen couching his usual henchmen and Wind Rider to win the trophy for Neighsay's goals, thus now, the Mane 7 and the Lougers are in for quite a sporting event. But things get crazier when Junjie and his trio ended up coming back in rags holding a mystical basket, of which Snails makes the mistake of grabbing, to Junjie and crew's begging to not to, as Snails ended up being completely covered in rags, looking like a metal mummy, along with Junjie and Friends, as now Snails was pocessed by the anichent spirit of a tyrant sportsking Spinix refered to as King Sportmortamann, and how he wants to use Buckball as how he recongures the world back into his rule. Leave it to Junjie to recklessly bring back anichent evils, am I right?

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