Wenby Armatage

Wenby Lelle Armatage

Wenby L. Armatage, AKA Censen Phage, is an Alternate UUniversal Human-Acrillisape hybrid from Planet Uridia. She is the daughter of Awesome Jaxtom and was one of many in his polygamy family that he betrayed when he was starting conquest over the entire Beofynzeny System. She inherited her mother's Cerwan's Mutation, which allowed her to adapt through a process resembling evolution throughout her growth span, in this case harnessing the phase powers of the system's home race, the Teadr 1 Uridians, turning her into the first 'Censen', a term for Cerwan's Mutation beings who have Uridian powers as they are named after the mythical quantum energy beings of the same name. When Jaxtom and his family uncovered their first Uridian Vault, he revealed his intention of overthrowing the Armatage Corporation to his family, and after they declined his offer to join him, he betrayed them and made them slaves to his cause. While his human wives would be sent to the Tranquility Zone, his hybrid daughters would serve malicious roles for him. For Wenby, she would be trapped in an AI construct and act as an AI capable of using her powers to help Jaxtom tap into the Omninet and essentially control it. The AI construct is among the most heavily guarded pieces of machinery in Jaxtom's power, as the security is top notch and anyone who had attempted to reach it was killed. When the Vault Seekers were put under mind-control by Commandant Steelea, their mind-control implants, which were among the most hard-to-remove in the black market, were connected specifically to Wenby as she was programmed to guide them in their quest to find the 88 Vaults for Jaxtom so he can use their technology to better his company, as opposed to their original purpose of said job for money and fame. She is essentially the AUU parallel to Borderlands Guardian Angel, fulfilling the same role and having a similar origin, but has a different fate instead of being killed, as not only was Jaxtom willing to kill his own daughter if anyone was daring to free her by poisoning her with an overdose of Uridium power, but her abilities have grown exponentially since she would eventually be released, as access to an expensive database network have allowed her to grow in power, and essentially become the 'Phage', which, in Uridian legend, is a Uridian who masters limitless phasepowers to be above and beyond training, and only appears every one million years. But when this leads to Jaxtom's first downfall, she ends up getting injected with Uridian DNA when he puts together the U-Surrection, turning her into an unstoppable beast that the heroes will have to cure.


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