Wenzi is a Yellow fever mosquito from the Kung Fu Panda world. Being borned directly from Jade Tusk's blood as a donation to her birth mother, Wenzi came to view Tusk as "Her Blood Mother". However, as atypical, Musquitos don't exactly have the greatest reputation, many people deeming her a pest and a flying virus factory. Wenzi was the earliest to have training with Jade Tusk and one who was willing to prove that she is not like standerd Musquitos. And she finally had her chance when she defeated a scorpain warlord that threaten the city and using healing chi to heal all of the wounded had her earned respect at last, along with Tusk viewing it as a perfect exsample why Wenzi is worthy of the title of White Tiger of the Four Constellations. However, Tusk's hopes were dashed when the Constellations refused in due to her relations to the Emperor, who genosided the River Dolphins. Feeling bad for her, Wenzi was the one of the intended four with the closest bond to her, so she aimed to talk to Tusk about it, only to discover that Tusk intents on assassinating her own cousin, Kun Lao, for what he had done, and left before Wenzi can stop her. Thus, it was Wenzi that convinced the other of the intended four to go forth after Tusk into the imperial capital. While the others did their own thing to fight her off or deter her, Wenzi kept around the Emperor and healed him of prior wounds from Tusk's rampage. Then just when Tusk finally had the emperor cornered, it was Wenzi that finally stood up to Tusk, the two entering an intense arguement, till Wenzi brought up that what Tusk is doing is exactly what the Constellations were afraid of. Thus, Tusk began to lose her resolve, and broke into tears and sobs, as Wenzi was the one who comferted her as the others take Tusk away before Soldiers could come. After Tusk's trail and removeal from Chi Master status, Wenzi was the one who had the others still forgive her and remember the good she has done, not to be clouded by the bad. Hence why the four followed her even in her worse days since the takeover by The Jade Cult.

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