The heartless beast cleo by sinako777-d501vd4

A Werecat Heartless

In Scooby Doo on Zombie Island, the original Big Bads of the film were Werecats that once assumed the form of dumb, mindless predators to seek their vengeance on pirates who killed their fellow Bastet worshippers. But then, the power over soul draining twisted their mind, giving them a mad obsession over being beautiful and long-lived, and driving them to lure unsuspecting victims to their island and then assuming their monstrous, constantly "sheeawarararara" utterring forms to use their dark powers to satisfy their beauty hunger. But in the Spongebob series, the Werecats are not to be used as the Big Bads because they provide a glaring example of anti-catism, which is something Scroopfan really does not tolerate. However, that does not mean that they will be used at all. You see, in the final battle against Simone and Facilier, the two evil sorcerors combine their magic and innate darkness to summon a Heartless that, as it forms, grabs Simone, Jacques, and Lena and drags them into its forming dark portal, and then turns them both into stupid and mindless werecat pieces of its full form: A giant brown and yellow slitted-pupil cat-like version of the Hunter of the Dark Heartless with Werecat versions of Jacques, Lena, and Simone hideously merged with the beast.

This monster attacked with its long sharp claws and long tentacles. The various werecat faces of the voodoo sorcerers attacked by shooting searing green lasers from their eyes or by shooting long green tentacles from their mouths, which, if successfully ensnared with prey, could fire a beam of darkness that would drain the victim's heart until all their life-energy would be completely drained, leaving the victim a mindless zombie for the Werecat Fusion Heartless to mind control to attack its enemies. When draining its victims, the faces of the werecats would hideously grin and their eyes would glow bright green. The Werecat Fusion Heartless could also summon hordes of Phantom Shadows and Voodoo Zombies to serve it in battle.

However, the Werecat Fusion Heartless, for all it's power, was extremely mindless and could not tell time, which led to its demise when Sora distracted the beast long enough for the time to conduct the ceremony to free Malefor and replenish youth was overdue, causing the Heartless to instantly begin to burn and melt into darkness and bones, before finally exploding in a huge bang of dust and darkness, separating all 3 werecats back into their normal selves, now freed of their curse...and at the mercy of the Shell Louge Squad. Immediately following their defeat, all 3 voodoo sorcerers are placed under arrest and sent to Prison 42, where they are to spend the rest of their miserable lives in jail to wallow in agony for allowing their lust for vengeance and immortality to consume them.

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