Wesper Gol Waixer

Wesper Gol Waixer is an Alternate UUniversal Zakktor from Planet Voradin. She is the first member of the Union Against Religious Abuse and the mentor of combat and trainer for Xena the Lost Warrior. Wesper and Xena both share a similar relationship to Twilight and Celestia. Before Wesper became a member of the UARA, she was originally going to be named the new queen of her home-hive on Voradin. However, an entire governmental religious system set up by the planet's dominant species, the Atonts, had threatened their autocratic society. They were visited by a corrupt Atont governor named Govenor Zea Loture, who had claimed ownership of the hive, and decreed that it had to be placed under their new standards by force. Wesper was banished from the hive for protesting, thus then Wesper decided that she and her new friend Xena would help each other to stand up to religious abuse. Wesper trained Xena in the art of combat, and in return, Xena took down Zea and replaced him with his open-minded brother, who abolished the rule. Wesper gives her position as heir to one of her little sisters, as she continued to guide Xena on leading the UARA to this day.


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"What's the matter? You don't know how to talk to a lady, or are you just happy to see me? I'll, assume both."

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