In the Alternate UUniverses, Jomos is an ocean planet in the turmoil of war. The Heroes Act has a mission to go down there and try and stop the war. But they learn that the forces they face may not be as evil as they thought. The war began 12 years ago due to a troubled seahorse-like creature named Xena the Lost Warrior who was charged with heresy and placed under house arrest for it. Angered, Xena founded an athestist organization called the Union Against Religious Abuse, or UARA, to prevent others from being falsely charged with heresy or other religious crimes and punished for it. They believe that religion is just as abusive as political and magical powers, and has excused countless crimes that a non-realijustus socity will never let slide, and want to make sure heretic accusations never happen. They believe that the Jomosians' technology would've stopped the Villains Act early, and think that their law forbidding them to be introduced is nonsense. So they took over a less realijustus side of Jomos in plans to make sure that law is destroyed, but they are accused of high heresy and the Jomosians on the realijustus side winded up declaring war on them. The Villains Act has tried to help the UARA, but the UARA flat out REFUSED and sentually tell them to leave as they are not doing it for power or evil. The Heroes Act go diving to the underwater cities to help stop the war, but they learn a few things along the way. Some of the heroes agree to the UARA's purposes, and want to help because they discovered that Jomos' technology is incredible: Rehabilitator Rays, Artificial Enlightenment, Bliss and Memory Drugs, and Identity-Decoders, which definitely would have stopped the VA early. The other heroes remind them that their mission is not to side with any of the sides and focus on stopping the war. They learn that the law was passed because of the ancestors of a zealot crab creature named Zealord The Zealot, who worried that their world's technology was far too dangerous to be introduced. Zealord was convinced that since hostiles had tried to steal their technology before because of it's psychological manipulation, people would use it for evil. That's why they are forbidden to introduce it, even if it meant the AUU fell into chaos from an over-explosion of villains. Xena's family was busted countless times for going against their homeworld's religion for advancement, and she herself is only trying to prove that they are wrong. She made the UARA to avenge not only her family, but for other families that have been charged with heresy. And they were pretty much successful, all except for their own origin world, which half of it rudely declared war on them. The Heroes Act know that rudely declaring war was absolutely wrong, seemingly justifived reasons or not, espeically when Zosimo offered to make the tec uncorruptable so this problem would be vertually non-existent. However, it was also reveiled that Zealord ignored such requests before, proven he's nothing but a paraniod cowerd controlled by fears of abuse of the tec that's more easily avoidable then he realises, and he must be punished for it. Opposition from the Heroes Act is quickly against Zealord now it is being proven that he's nothing but a paraniod fool who almost doomed the AUU, and brought his people to a needless war because of it. But the trouble is that the AUU Grand Council considers Xena to be the true threat because Warson is a dear friend of Zealord, and Zealord spread lies about Xena being a Villains' Act terrorist pawn and a greedy sellout to them. The entire Heroes Act, especially Xandy, are not at all convinced. They are soon conflicted about which side they should be on: Should they be on the UARA's side and punish Zealord for being too corrupt with his power, or should they be on Zealord's side and let him continue charging the UARA with heresy? To solve this problem, they get help from, of course, the Shell Lodge Squad, as well as The Mane 6, their Merpony friends, and Qui. What will the Original UUniversal heroes decide? What will the fate of Jomos go into? And on top of that, will they do it while preventing The Dark Radicals from succeeding in what the Villains Act failed to do: conquer Jomos. Luckly, a game-breaking Fu-Xi always has some surprises in his metathorical sleves.

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