reguardless of the best efforts of both the leage and louge, the gloomsday machince is in full bloom, and everyone but our heroes and the villain leagers has been gloomed! even Kairi has now lost her cheery demeaner. Qui, because of beiing depressed, though uneffected thanks to Cynder, forceably surrenders the deed of the whole united universes to Professer Gloom. but, can the lougers and leagers correct this still? Also, Professor Gloom is about to get a life lesson from the Villain Leage and Shell Lougers once the Gloomsday machine is destroyed, the happiness in everyone returns and order in the United Universes is restored. Never mess with the powers of Light and Darkness, or they'll join together and become a powerful force that no oc villain should be reckening with.

(This theme makes a remix return.)

Courage the Cowardly Dog - Tower of Dr

Courage the Cowardly Dog - Tower of Dr. Zalost FL Studio Remix

basicly the same song, but remixed.

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