White Bone Demon

Baigujing (Terracotta Body) (Po: AW COME ON!! NOT FAIR!!)

Baigujing the White Bone Demon is a demon from the series Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny. Based on the Baigujing demon of the historical novel Journey to the West, The White Bone Demon is the main antagonist of Season 1B. Long ago, she was a mysterious woman stopping in remote villages to stay, only to consume the citizens leaving behind a stone memento of her deeds. After years of this, she was finally defeated by Sun Wukong and banished to the Spirit Realm with his magic crown. Later, with help from the traitorous imperial advisor Shi Long, she had the Mystical Red Jade of Lenggong and his magic crown stolen from him after he stole it from the goddess Lenggong. But just as Jade Tusk tried to warn her, Baigujing betrayed her and ate her.


White Bone Demon 2

White Bone Demon (Original Body)

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Role in the series

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