Someone has actually shot Tricorn, possibly for her law of forbidding magic. Fortunately, Tricorn can be saved, but is in a momentarly coma cause her prototype cyber brain was destroyed by the bullet, and luckly, at this point in time, Alister was able to finally get that more superior brain ready. Howvere, as a result of people everywhere hating the new law, everyone is a suspect under the investigation by none other then Axle. A heavy penalty awaits the one who shot Senitor Tricorn, and it may be anyone. Anyone who loved magic so much that he or she wanted to make Tricorn pay for taking it away. After a week of investigation, the following suspects are convicted: Merlin, Zuhrontimon, Celestia, Twilight, Yen Sid, Cynder, Quidilin, and even The Dragon Guardians. All these people are the most-likely suspects since evidence points to all of them. Axle and the Lodgers intend to find out once and for all, Who Shot Senitor Tricorn? And what if, the follower that died, didn't really die, but was a complincated conspirity to get rid of Tri-corn by tricking her to pull the most controverseal stunt ever, and was also an attempt to possability have Twilight or Celestia damned as means of personal pay back, what if, it was someone nobody was expecting to be respondsable in the form of a certain, bitch of a centaur who allied with the not so dead follower who actselly hated Tri-corn? The very follower, who was a son of former sectratary Knife-Horns, Stab-Back?

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