Whoppus is an ancient candy-themed demon, the personification of gluttony, and the Darkspawn lord of gluttony. He is a beast who created the infamously-sweet world of Gobstopper as a place to lure children to, fatten them up, and eat them Hansel & Gretel style during the First Cartoonian War. It wasn't until the banishment of the Darkspawn that he was truly stopped, and he was since imprisoned in Gobstopper's chocolate core. However, his influence was still present, and his essence created candy-based inhabitants who made several kingdoms on Gobstopper. Though because of the nutritional risks their world posed to visitors, they passed laws to limit the consumption. Whoppus is still imprisoned in the planet's chocolate core. Whoppus in a sense was the original creator of candy in the United Universes over-all, and candy didn't became as popular as today until they were reinvented and reintrudose into socity does Candy in general became a sensation, tecnecally meaning that his creation can be used for good, it was a matter of it being used for malicious intentions.


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