Willimber Van Gyant is an Alternate UUniversal Megadyte from Planet Chronicus. He is an ape-like giant with techno-magic powers, a scientological philosophy and habit of studying Teadr 1 artifacts and thaumnology (technological magic). But he suffers not just an idiotic doofus demeanor that is actually controlled by his hidden intelligence, but also has a split personality. One personality is a pacifist with a passion to use thaumnology for good and peace. But the other personality is villainously goofy with a desire to use thaumnology for war and evil. He stole a magical sentient instrument that left an entire kingdom into famine to use it's magic to create a utopia above all the other kingdoms until a desperate peasant named Jace came and returned it, but not without a gruesome fight against Wilby. He has since been trying to kill Jace, who just got too smart and skilled for him. But when the Clam Lounge Squadron helps his good side dominate his evil side, he becomes one of them. He is the AUU version of Willie the Giant, and he carries a trademark ballistic launcher from the ancient crafting of the extinct Gigantoron Armamentare Corporation.


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