Willie the giant

Willie the Giant

Willie the Giant is a dim-witted giant from Mickey and The Beanstalk in Fun and Fancy Free, serving the same purpose as in the original fairy tale.


Willie is incredibly powerful, demonstrating amazing magic powers such as flight, invisibility, and metamorphosis. Despite this, he is very childish and not considered very bright, given his fondness for toys and inability to pronounce certain words, such as pistachio. His favorite food is implied to be chocolate pot roast with pistachio, given his overweight appearance. But he can also be very greedy and uncaring such as when he stole the golden harp from Happy Valley and did not care that the land and the people were suffering. However, after the events of the film, he seems to have become more polite and humble, this is most noticeable in his later appearances.

Mickey's Christmas Carol

In the film, he takes the role as the Ghost of Christmas Present. In this depiction, although still bumbling and lacking in intelligence, he is good. He shows Uncle Scrooge the meaning of generosity and warns that there may be trouble ahead for the Cratchit family, and ultimately Scrooge himself.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Willie can be spotted as a poster in a movie theater in Toontown.

Role in the series

Willie has not appeared yet to battle SpongeBob and the Lodge. He starts out as a dimwitted brainless minion of Team Nefarious, but somewhere along the line, he joins the Shell Lodge Squad because Doctor Nefarious couldn't tolerate his stupidity.

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