Willtopians are Outer Gods near identical to Fearbenders, save for Skeksis-like features, but their own realms are an expanse of nothingness that can become a utopia that can give what any trespassers want for eternity, give them immortality, and the nothingness of the dimension can be bent for the trespassers' needs and desires. Like creatures such as Beldam, these creatures live in a dimension where nothing and yet something exists, as they get power by earning trust via telepathy and draining one's will to live and eventually make any who enter want to never leave for all eternity in a utopia where everything is peaceful, cloaking their intentions by claiming their own reality was only a dream. They evolved from Outer God beasts that have no purpose and take advantage of any who have lost their home dimensions and have a Lovecraftian style true form of tentacles and beady alien eyes. Willos often best work within their particular dimention due to how easy they would be over-wealmed by Outer-Gods like Pathmakers and get eaten easily and then Hybernation Realm'd, in due to that when moving they are rather slow moving, even in the inbetween realm, hence why the need to stay in their terratory, the closest time they would ever leave is to harvest cosmic hair clippings of the All Mother in a private dimention ment to hold such things, albeit because of how close it is to their realm.

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